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Ek Duje Ke Vaste 8th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Ek Duje Ke Vaste 8th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Sumo brings doc home. Doc checks Nanu. His BP and pulse rate is really high. We might have to admit him in the hospital. This might be because of heart attack. The family members agree but Nanu refuses to go anywhere. Treat me here only. Mama ji requests him but Nanu stays put. Doc assures him he will be well taken care of in hospital. Nanu says I know my body. I don’t want to go there. I wont come back from hospital. Doc gives in. Take care of him and make sure he rests properly. Keep him away from stress and too much excitement. Nanu disagrees. I had planned to do Preeti’s kanyadaan. I will still do it. Doc says ok but be careful about his health. We have to make sure the BP is in control. He gives his emergency number before leaving.


Sumo sends everyone downstairs. Mama ji tells

her to call him if there is any problem. She nods.

Aditya knocks at Shravan’s room. May I? Shravan nods. Aditya apologizes to him for speaking about his mom. I knew nothing. I know I get too much interfering at times but I dint wish to hurt anyone intentionally. If you think my staying here is creating problems then I can shift to hotel. Shravan denies. I am sorry too. I react too much at times. But make sure you don’t talk about this in future. Aditya nods. they shake hands. Aditya does not let go of his. I will stick around. aditya leaves. Pushkar informs Shravan about Nanu’s ill health.

Mami ji is worried if some happens to Babu ji now then the wedding will be stalled. Mama ji tells them to think about his father. nothing should happen to him. Mausa ji goes to pray. Mami ji points out that Mama ji isn’t thinking about his son and daughter. Rachna tells them to stop. We have to think of a solution. Mama ji gets emotional. We heard what babu ji said. Maybe it is his last wish, who knows. Rachna wonders how to take Babu ji to hotel to fulfil his wish in this condition. Mama ji refuses to let his wish, possibly last wish, incomplete. Mama ji has a solution. Shravan walks in just then asking about Nana ji. he rushes upstairs directly.

Nanu is sleeping. Sumo is crying sitting next to him. shravan sees her thus. He is about to go but her sobs stop him from leaving her alone. She too looks at him. He keeps a glass of water before her. She wipes her tears after drinking it. he sits down beside her. Nothing will happen to Nanu. She says he is my only support. who else do I have in this world? What if something happens to him? Shravan thinks if you will wish and want then I am always with you. You only have to change your outlook and recognize my love or we will go far away from each other even after being close.

Kamini gets a call from Mama ji. He tells her about his father’s condition. He would be hurt if he misses the wedding. He wants to do Preeti’s kanyadaan. I would like to request you to change the venue of wedding to our home. She refuses. How can you not understand our respect is associated with it? I cannot help you in this, sorry. We can postpone the wedding for now if it is difficult for you. We will marry the kids later as per your convenience. She ends the call angrily. These are weird people. They try to put everything on us! Aditya has heard her convo.

Tiwari family were already expecting this reaction from Kamini. What to do now? Shravan assures them everything will be fine. Nanu always says we shouldn’t give up. It will happen. What can I do for you now? Should I appoint a nurse or another good doc? Mama ji thanks him. It will be managed. Mami ji shares Nanu’s request with him. He cannot be taken to hotel in this condition. We requested Kamini ji but she disagreed. We want you to make Kamini ji understand if possible. Shravan is in a fix now. I know you must be feeling bad right now but I too am helpless. It is the wedding of Chachi’s son. she has accommodated a lot already. I cannot help you in this situation. Please let me know if there is something else I can help you with. Mama ji reasons that it will be a burden on Babu ji’s heart if he isn’t able to do so. We too will regret it very much. Shravan says please try to understand. It is impossible for me. Sumo says we have made them believe after lots of difficulty that we have made arrangements as per their taste. If we say no now then they will think it to be an excuse for us to back out. He reasons he spoke of what is possible. It isn’t fair to Chachi. Sumo tells her family members not to worry. I will stay here with Nanu. We will coordinate on phone if there is some problem. The wedding will happen in hotel only. Preeti says how I will marry without you and Dadu. You have done so much for me. it is very important for me to have you both here. Please talk to Shravan once. I know he wont say no to you. Shravan and Sumo look at each other. Sumo suggests Preeti to say it herself. Preeti requests Shravan to try talking to Kamini ji once. Shravan apologizes. I have already explained the situation to you. I wont be able to help you in this. Preeti is upset. How can my wedding happen without Suman Didi and Dadu? Sumo goes inside. Shravan requests Mama ji to understand he is helpless. Mama ji nods. Shravan excuses himself.

Sumo is talking to Prita on phone when Shravan comes. She notices him staring at her. What happened? He says you are asking this. what’s going on I your head? Why are you trying to blame me for everything? She says when did I. He points out that she dint have to ask Preeti to ask him once again when he explained his situation already. You have a choice. I have no choice. Why blackmail me emotionally? She asks him if he thinks she fell to that level now. You should look at yourself first. Do you understand or care about anyone’s emotions? He taunts her for understanding everyone. She tries to excuse herself saying I have to take care of my Nanu. He is hurt by her words. You broke relation just like that?

Shravan says you broke the relation of childhood in no second. She argues back.

Shravan asks Sumo if she realises she ruins every relation and everything because of her ego. Think and change for good or one day you will not be left with anything or anyone. I don’t want to argue with you. Let me know if you need any help in Nanu’s case. She clearly tells him off. I don’t want your help in taking care of Nanu. I can handle it myself. He says I think I don’t have to seek your permission for this. I will do what I have to, to care of Nanu. He walks out in a huff. She thinks she tries to come closer to him all the time but every time the distances keep increasing. What has happened to you? Why have you begun to misunderstand me so much? Shravan thinks I try so much yet you get stuck in your ego so much that it scares me. I wonder if papa’s words will come true. Why don’t you realise that the one you are hurting only wants love in your life?

Precap: Shravan comes to check on Nanu at night. Sumo is sleeping on the floor. Shravan looks at her lovingly. I love you a lot Suman. Why do you seem so different when you go quiet?

Update Credit to: Pooja

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