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Ek Duje Ke Vaste 4th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Ek Duje Ke Vaste 4th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Sumo finalizes the place for PCT. She asks Mr. Sinha to get the papers. I will read them. I have to shift tomorrow itself. He doesn’t mind. You can shift today itself. I will give you the best service this time. It was still good if it wasn’t for Shravan Malhotra. I have heard about his father but he turned out to be worse than his father. sumo points out that he was at fault. Mr. Sinha says what harm could it have done if he had taken some bribe. I have heard he is your friend. These lawyers cannot be anyone’s friends. They only care for money. I will get him under my trap next time. Sumo says enough. Shravan is not just a good lawyer but a good human being too. You have no comparison with him. He says I know my place well. Tell me clearly if you want this office or not. She asks him

to apologize for what he just said before giving her the place. He says forget about apology. I was helping you earlier but not anymore. Go away. She agrees to handle things by herself. I wont come to you again! He isn’t bothered.

Sumo meets Aditya on her way out. He had a word with Prita so he knows about her problem. She tells him she will manage it. He nods. I know you are really strong but I cannot let you go alone. She gives in.

Shravan is upset with Pushkar for giving some work to Aditya. I will talk to him. He notices Sumo and Aditya passing by from there in a car. Shravan calls Aditya. Where are you? He tells him that he was with Sumo. There is some problem in PCT so I came to help her. Shravan feels bad. He ends the call without saying anything. Aditya’s friendship became bigger to Sumo than mine today. She can take help from him but not me?

Aditya drops Sumo at Tiwari House. She says thanks and begins to go. He offers to help her in preps. She says I have to say something to you as a friend. It would be better if you will try to understand it. as much as I have understood you, you like to help people. It is a good habit but you have to understand that you go a little extra mile in trying to help people. You end up intruding in their lives. Your intentions may be right but some people don’t like it, especially me. I will come directly to you if I need your help. Hope you will understand. He gets Nirmala ji’s call. She figures it out from his tone that he is not in a good mood. She asks about the girl he likes but he diverts the topic. I will meet you in person and talk. Sumo requests him not to feel bad. Whose call it was? He says it was my mom. She asks him why he spoke to her like that. He shares that his mother is eager to see him marry. I have to like someone first. She assures him he will find one. I told you everything as a friend. Please don’t feel bad. Would you have liked it if I hadn’t told you anything and not spoken to you? He understands her points. I know your self-respect is very important to you but don’t reject a good offer from someone who values it. You might reject some really good opportunity. She accepts to take it as a suggestion.

At Tiwari House, guests complain that they dint get tea since morning. Mami ji assures them it was only for today. She notices Sumo coming back. Did you find some place for PCT? Guests have started talking. Hope all your hard work does not go down the drain. Sumo tells her not to worry. I will do whatever I have but I wont let anything go wrong to you. rachna asks Mami ji what Sumo is up to. Mami ji has no clue but is sure it will be good for them only.

Kamini is crying. Pushkar tells her to give Sumo time for all the preps that she has asked her to make. Preeti has no idea about it. Please understand. He leaves it on Shravan to make his mom understand it all. I have given up. Shravan asks his Chachi why she is crying. Kamini says these rituals are only separating me from my son. He cannot say anything to his would be wife. Lala ji wont listen to anything that I say. Everything is happening taking Sumo’s family in consideration. I too have some expectations. I only want it to happen nicely, the arrangements should be good. Everyone calls to ask about it but I don’t say anything. I fear I might say something wrong. I have been insulted enough already. I don’t want to be insulted again. He assures her it will happen the way she wants it to. Your happiness is equally important to us. Everyone’s happiness is important for us.

Prita asks Sumo if she has finalized the place they will shift to. Sumo tells her honestly that they have nowhere to go. I have to ask something from you. you can say honestly if there is any problem. Don’t hesitate. You all have always stood by me in good and bad times. PCT is in the toughest times right now. I need your support really badly. I have no place but PCT is a dream which I cannot leave incomplete or see breaking. I request you all to cook one dish from your homes. We will make them the menu of tiffin. It will be difficult but please manage till we find a place for PCT. The ladies happily agree. Prita says we will coordinate on phone. PCT will continue with its work and timely delivery like always. Sumo thanks them. I will get us all out of this problem really soon. they share a group hug.

Shravan and Kamini are on their way to Tiwari House. They notice the truck leaving with PCT’s supplies. Kamini is elated that the problem is gone. The house will now look like a house where a wedding is happening. The noise of utensils was giving it this feel. They go inside. Mami ji and Rachna are looking after them. Sumo joins them. Mami ji asks them the reason of coming here. Kamini says we are relatives now. We don’t need any reason or excuse for coming here. She takes a small bite of sweet as she is dieting. Kamini says we have come to just check the arrangements. Our relatives and guests are really rich. Many people are coming from abroad. There is no scope of any lax this time. We dint say anything last time but this is really special for all of us. The preps should live up to your promise. 5 star shouldn’t be compromised. Mami ji nods. You wont get any chance to complain. Sumo herself has made all preps. Sumo asks Kamini what she dint like. Everyone liked it very much. We gave our best. Kamini says our best is really different. I don’t want to argue. Sumo tries to know again. Shravan tells her not to speak about old times now. Sumo says I am only trying to know about what was missing or wrong last time. I am not trying to argue. Mami ji handles the situation. Let bygones be bygones. We should be prepared for this time. Kamini nods. She expresses her wish to see the receipts. Sumo asks her if she does not trust them or their words. Shravan says it is for them. Why be worried? Just show them. Mami ji tells Sumo to show them. Sumo shows them receipts. Kamini is relieved. Sumo is hurt. It was only faith between us now but you broke it today. You have hurt me enough. Don’t do it more. Kamini gets Vandy’s call. She hurriedly rushes out followed by Shravan. Sumo thinks you (Shravan) came to check me. Was this what was left between us?

Precap: Sumo says what kind of relations are these if you have to prove yourself time and again. He says don’t take me wrong. You may feel weird but even after your 100% things dint happen the way Chachi wanted. My saying anything wont change anything.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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