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Ek Duje Ke Vaste 30th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Ek Duje Ke Vaste 30th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Aditya is about to pay the bill when Sumo offers to pay her own bill. Aditya compliments Sumo on her self-respect before Shravan. Shravan tells him to wait a little. You have to know a lot yet. Sumo goes quiet. She leaves with Preeti. Aditya suggests Shravan to leave now as some shopping of husband and wife is to be done by them only. Shravan leaves. Sumo reprimands Aditya on his behaviour. Aditya reasons that it becomes uncomfortable when you need to buy private stuff. Sumo asks him to leave as well in that case. He points out that he is her would be husband. Aditya is surprised. I am your would be husband. She nods. You aren’t my husband yet. You are my would be husband. Stay out of this for now. Preeti calls out for Sumo so she leaves. Aditya looks upset. I will see till when Sumo will fool


me. Time up, Sumo-Shravan!

Preeti has overheard the convo between Sumo and Aditya. She is worried thinking about Sumo’s love for Shravan. Seeing Aditya and Di fight today felt like something is wrong. Sumo DI and Shravan fight as well but they don’t fight like this. This dint feel right. Kamini comes there. Why do you look so tensed? You can tell me if something is bothering you. Preeti denies but Kamini talks all sweetly to her to get some info out of her. Did you buy something for yourself? Preeti declines. Kamini ji asks about Sumo. Preeti goes quiet so Kamini asks her again. Did something happen? I am like your mother only. You can tell me. Is Sumo happy with this wedding? Preeti is bound by her promise to her sister so she dismisses the matter somehow. Kamini ji tells Preeti not to hide anything from her. Sumo is also like my daughter. Preeti agrees. Kamini ji is sure something happened today. it seems to be in my favour.

Mami ji is with Sumo when Aditya joins them. Rachna teases him. you cannot stay away from Sumo so you come here for some reason or other. Aditya says I wanted to talk to her about something important. Mami ji and Rachna leave them alone. Aditya apologizes to Sumo. I dint do right yesterday. Say something now. She says I have become used to it now. You do something like this and then apologise. Don’t you think your sorry’s have lost its value? What has happened to you that you are doing all this? He says I am not doing it. It is my insecurities which is making me do it. I always want to make myself believe Sumo loves me but something or the other comes up. She asks him since when that happened. He replies that it started from the day of Pushkar’s wedding. Say I love you to me once. She says I have agreed to marry you. I am coming with you to Mumbai. What else do you want? He repeats that he wants her to confess her love to him. It is still stuck somewhere. Say it once. She says I will say whenever I will feel like. I need time. He is sure she wont say it as she is still stuck in her past. I wont be able to make space for myself in your heart till your past is there. Sumo is taken aback. Shravan has heard everything from the door and is surprised. Sumo argues that there isn’t anything like that. Please don’t say all this. There is no one in my heart. Aditya stays put. I would have accepted it if it was truth. I wont believe any of your truths. I will find it out anyhow. He walks out of the room. Sumo cries but wipes her tears upon noticing Shravan at the door. Shravan asks her what happened but she says nothing. He is upset at Aditya’s behaviour. You can tell me. She replies that couples don’t share private stuff with their wedding planner. What is it? He shows her something regarding the preps for which she gives her nod. There isn’t anyways much time left. She leaves for PCT. Shravan is in thoughts.

Rachna speaks of how she married her husband. I told him I wont leave my father. You can leave if that’s not what you wish to do. The door is there. Mausa ji says I walked up to the door and closed it from inside. I accepted to stay with my wife’s family as I couldn’t leave such a beautiful girl. Everyone smiles. Shravan comes to tell Mama ji about Mehendi artist coming over. Aditya asks him to join them. we are speaking about everyone’s love stories. You too can tell us yours. Mama ji goes out. Aditya asks Shravan who says I don’t believe in the concept of love. I have no story. Aditya reminds him of his own words a few days back. What happened in your past? Shravan looks pointedly at him. What happened in past, stays in past only! Why are you so curious about everyone’s past? What do you want to know? Aditya says I love transparency in life. I don’t like it when people hide something from me. I have to know everything at any cost! Shravan nods. Just be careful. It isn’t just secret in people’s past. It can be sometimes poison too. Hope you don’t lose yourself while digging up some old secrets. Anyways, I have a lot to do. He excuses himself. Aditya has understood Shravan’s feelings towards Sumo by his words and gestures. I only have to understand Sumo now. I have to bring her feelings to the fore.

Nirmala ji is busy with preps. Aditya comes there. She tells him she has made all the bookings for the guests. She notices him lost in thoughts. What happened? He says it was related to Sumo. She asks him if something happened between him and Sumo. He denies. It is between Shravan and Sumo. She gets hyper. He tells her to relax. They are friends. Don’t think me to be weak. Shravan cannot harm me in any way. He goes to freshen up. Nirmala ji wonders what Shravan would have done. Did he harm Aditya? No, he cannot do that.

Lala ji comes to give shagun’s mehendi for Sumo to Shravan. Your Chachi gave it. Take it with you to Tiwari House. Shravan lies that he has some work to do before going there. I will ask Driver to take it. Lala ji smiles. It is a very big difference to send a girl from your house and to bring her in your house. I am feeling all sad as Sumo will leave us soon. Same must be happening with you too. She is your friend after all. SHravan lies that it doesn’t bother him. Lala ji says you don’t feel it now but you will feel it when you will go to that house and find her room empty. You will look at the things in her room and will miss her badly. You will realise her importance then. One can marry anyone but friendship is a very special bond. I spent our entire life with your Chachi but we couldn’t understand each other the way friends do. I have missed it very much. You wont miss it though. You are lucky to have Sumo. Evil eyes fall on such friendships and they break apart. You and Sumo should be careful. Keep it safe.

Sumo is getting her mehendi done. Prita teases Sumo on the colour of mehendi. The darker it is the more your husband will love you! Mami ji jokes that Prita should have been at her wedding. Mama ji reminds her of their wedding. We have 3 kids as a proof. Mami ji blushes. Preeti asks Aditya to look away so the mehendi artist can write his name in Sumo’s hand. Sumo feels uncomfortable but Aditya instead likes the idea. He even suggests that he should write his name in this case. Everyone likes the idea. He takes a mehendi cone and begins to write his name in Sumo’s hand. Shravan comes in just then. Nirmala ji notices him and gets tensed. Sumo isn’t comfortable with Aditya. Sumo looks at Shravan.

Precap: Aditya and Shravan are in a bar. Aditya says liquor brings out the hidden truths in everyone. Say what’s in your heart today. Shravan says I knew you will say something like this only but I wont disappoint you today!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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