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Ek Duje Ke Vaste 29th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Ek Duje Ke Vaste 29th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Shravan gets Aditya’s call. Aditya asks him how he is or if he is busy. Shravan tells him to come straight to the point. Aditya wants to invite all the school friends of Sumo in wedding. Shravan says you could have asked Sumo. Aditya says I tried but for some strange reasons she dint want to do it. Shravan and Aditya are both boggled about it. Shravan tells him to figure it out himself. Aditya asks him if he would have been interested in it if it wasn’t for him. Tell me if you will invite them or not? Shravan agrees as it is also a part of the wedding.

Kamini ji is with Nanu. You hid such a big news from us. Tell us what all help you need from us. Nanu says it happened too fast. Now you will be a part of it surely. Kamini ji nods. She expresses her wish to meet Sumo who comes home just

then with Aditya. Kamini ji goes to see if her plan is working in the right direction or not.

Aditya shows short dresses to Sumo. She tells that she doesn’t wear such clothes. Why do you insist then? He suggests moving on to new things in life. Why hold onto old things? Sumo replies that she is like that only. This is how it is with me. She gets a call from one of her school friend who congratulates her on her wedding. Her friend shares that Shravan is calling them up and inviting them over. Sumo is taken aback. Aditya was interested in my school friends. Is this happening because of that? Sumo ends the call on some pretext. She turns to Aditya. Did you ask Shravan to invite my friends even when I said no? He nods. I only wanted to make you happy. Sumo says I told you against it clearly. What is there not to understand? Why are you so interested in calling my school friends? He reasons that he was only being supportive. Tell me if you have any secret. She loses her cool. I don’t know what I have done because of which you are doing all this. They end up arguing on the topic and Kamini ji overhears it all. Aditya continues to doubt whatever Sumo says but she asks for space from him. you invite anyone who you wish to but don’t invite my friends. I am requesting you last time. Don’t interfere in my life either now or later! He sits down unhappy. Kamini ji is elated. Shravan has become Devdas there and Sumo is upset here. They are yearning for each other. I only have to unite them. It will be my perfect revenge with Ramnath Bhaisahab then!

Preeti is not happy as Pushkar has to go out of town for some work. He says Sir will then think I have changed after my wedding. She points out that his status has changed from single to married. He sweetly asks for a kiss. His parents and Shravan come in just then. They wish him good luck and also tell him to make Bhaisahab proud. Don’t let him feel you have changed after wedding. Lala ji offers to drop Pushkar to airport. Pushkar reluctantly leaves with him. Preeti is teary eyed.

Shravan tells someone he wants tulips in India in this season at any cost. Call tulips from abroad if you have to. The wedding is of my very special friend. He thinks of the childhood times when he had given roses to Sumo in her birthday but she tells him she prefers tulips over roses. Roses have thorns. He teasingly reminds her she isn’t from Europe. Keep these roses as your birthday gift. She gets irked but he sweetly promises to bring her favourite flowers on her special day. She asks him if he will remember it. He nods. How can I forget them as they are your favourite flowers? She smiles. Flashback ends.

Kamini ji comes and appreciates Shravan on him taking over the responsibility of Sumo’s wedding. At first, I thought you dint do the right thing but I now I think you are on the right path. There are so many things going on in that house. He says what Sumo’s problem is. She is happy with it. Kamini ji says you might feel that ways but I saw something different. I don’t think Aditya is right for her. They have begun to argue already. Tiwari ji has raised her with so much love. don’t know what will happen with her in future. Shravan says you get what you deserve. Sumo is an egoistic and argumentative kind of girl. don’t waste your sympathies on her. She will be out of our lives after her wedding. I don’t care what happens to her afterwards! He leaves. Kamini ji thinks he might say it but her words wont leave him at peace.

Preeti gets Aditya’s call. He complains to her about Sumo. She has no interest in shopping. She did so much for you but she doesn’t want to do anything in her own. I will bring her out on some pretext. You too join us. Preeti says I will take mummy ji’s permission first. Kamini ji comes just then. Preeti tells her about Aditya’s request. Kamini ji notices Shravan coming downstairs. She suggests sending Preeti with Shravan as she is newly married. Aditya doesn’t mind it. He happily agrees for it. Kamini ji asks Shravan if he will accompany Preeti for shopping. It is ok if you don’t want to go. I will go then. Shravan agrees to go. Kamini ji sends Preeti to change into something classy. There are servants to buy groceries. Always remember you are the DIL of this house. Preeti nods. Shravan wonders what Aditya is up to. I am unable to understand what it is.

Sumo sits all blank in the shop. Aditya holds his ears to make her happy but she doesn’t react. She does not wish to buy something expensive. I bought so much in Preeti’s wedding. I will wear something from that shopping only. He says don’t tell me you aren’t keen on buying things. Don’t you like anything? She replies that liking something doesn’t mean you get it all in your house. You look at the moon but it doesn’t mean you will bring it down. Aditya compliments her on her thoughts. Preeti surprises her sister with a hug. Sumo hugs her happily when she notices Shravan. Aditya says Sumo wasn’t shopping with me so I invited her best friend and sister. Aditya shows some dress to Sumo but notices Sumo and Shravan staring at each other.

Shopkeeper says a cheesy line to sell something to Sumo. Shravan ends up smiling. Aditya shows something to Sumo which he has chosen for himself. Shravan tells him the shopkeeper’s dialogue. Aditya says everyone will be jealous as I am stealing such a beautiful girl from Delhi to Mumbai with me. He leaves his stuff with Preeti as he goes to change. Preeti goes to give Aditya his phone as it begins to ring.

Sumo asks Shravan what was the need for him to come here. He replies that he has come to only make sure she is leaving. I took responsibility of your wedding after all. I have to make sure nothing is amiss. The wedding might stop at the last moment. She tells him to stop it. I am starting a new phase of life. Be happy in yours and let me be happy in mine. Aditya comes there. What are the besties discussing? Sumo dismisses it. Aditya asks Shravan how he looks. Shravan tells him he is looking the way he is. People don’t change with clothes. Sumo compliments Aditya which makes him happy. he thanks Shravan for bestie effect on Sumo. I think I should keep you with me. Will you come with me to Mumbai as dowry? Shravan looks angry. Preeti calls Sumo upstairs as the collection is good there. Aditya takes Sumo upstairs with him.

Precap: Aditya asks Sumo to say I love you to him once. She says I have agreed to marry you. I am coming with you to Mumbai. What else do you want? He repeats that he wants her to confess her love to him. It is still stuck somewhere. Say it once. She says I will say whenever I will feel like. He is sure she wont say it as she is still stuck in her past. Sumo is taken aback. Shravan has heard everything from the door and is surprised.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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