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Ek Duje Ke Vaste 25th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Ek Duje Ke Vaste 25th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Aditya comes to Sumo’s room but finds her lost in thoughts. Are you tensed about something? Is there some problem or are you missing someone? She asks him why he came here at this hour. He gives her a file. She is happy to read the papers. Thank you. Thank God these Investors are ready to invest in PCT. He nods. did you think I was lying to impress you? She denies. He says I hate lies. I never lie neither do I forgive those who lie to me. I don’t know why I am telling you this.
Marriage is a very pious relation. Let’s clear things between us so there is no misunderstanding between us in future. I will tell you about my past and you can share yours. she isn’t interested but he insists. How was your relation? He tells her to focus. You might have friends. There is Pushkar and

Shravan. Sumo says he was my best friend. Aditya tries to grill her more on this but she is in no mood to talk about it. He tells her to answer her one question and calm him. Was there anything more than friendship between you and Shravan? She gets upset and he apologises. I was kidding. The mahurat is after 5 days or then after 2 months. Can we choose the first date as Nanu is ill? He will feel better. She agrees. He says I will tell everyone we are getting married. He holds her hand. like you dint have any relation, I too dint have any. I would have felt really bad if you had one. But there wasn’t! I will go and tell everyone.

Ramnath is shocked to know Aditya’s truth. When did you got to know? Shravan says he told me last night. You too misunderstood Sumo. She is shrewder, clever than you thought about her. she knew everything yet she became friends with Aditya. She is a very opportunist kind of woman. These women! They have cheated us a lot but not anymore. Now I will play my games and win. It is high time. I have to show these women their place! Ramnath says it isn’t you but your hurt talking. I would suggest you to go to London for a few days. I know I told you against it earlier but now I only am telling you to go away. you will feel better. You will only hurt yourself by staying here. Shravan denies. It hurt when I used my heart. Now I will only use my head. I am not going anywhere. I am the victim. I am hurt and I will run away? Guilty people run away. I am not going anywhere. You promised Nanu that Sumo’s wedding will have with all pomp and show. I take responsibility of it now. I will do it nicely. After this wedding both Sumo and Nirmala Ahuja will be out of my life! I will live up to my word. Ramnath looks tensed.

Mami ji says if the kids wish to marry asap then there is nothing wrong. Babu ji also does not keep well. The sooner it happens the sooner we will go to stay with Anuj. Babu ji will be treated well there. Aditya says it is good then. Nirmala ji tells him to let her think. Mausa ji asks for Aditya’s kundli. Nirmala ji calls her Pundit ji to send it to her. Signal is weak so she goes to another room. Mama ji finds the time too less but Aditya does not wish to wait for 2 months. It will be a long wait then. Shravan tells Tiwari Family he is right. Nothing wont be amiss now. I take responsibility of Aditya and Sumo’s marriage. Sumo looks at him. Aditya thinks this is interesting. Let’s see what he wants to prove by doing this. Mami ji fears Shravan and his mom coming face to face. Everyone gets tensed. Shravan says please don’t look so surprised. How can I be not here when it is about Sumo’s wedding? He greets Nanu. I will fulfil the promise papa made to you about Sumo’s wedding. Nanu says it is enough that you thought so much about us. I was unwell back then but I am fine now. Shravan says Sumo and I share old relationship. I have some responsibility. Nanu says I understand but there are some things you aren’t aware of. It will be good if you stay away from this wedding. Nirmala ji enters and stops in her tracks upon noticing Shravan. Shravan too looks at her. Everyone follows Shravan’s gaze. The atmosphere gets tensed. Shravan says nothing is hidden from me. I know everything. I know Aditya is her (Nirmala ji’s) son but papa promised you. Be it any guy, how does it matter? The promise is to be fulfilled. Nanu says many people’s lives start afresh with marriage. No strain should come in between. Your and Aditya’s relation will have strain. Try to understand. Shravan tries to make him understand but Nanu stays put. Shravan agrees with him finally. He turns to go when Aditya asks him to stop. He announces that even I know everything. He apologizes to his mom as they dint talk about it. I don’t think the relation between me and Shravan matters. Sumo and Shravan are best friends. I think Shravan should be involved in Sumo’s wedding. He asks Sumo if she has any problem with it. She shakes her head. Aditya points out the same to everyone. When Sumo has no problem then why Shravan and I will have any problem? Shravan nods back.

Shravan assures Nanu his past wont affect Sumo’s wedding in anyway. You only have to say yes. Nanu leaves the decision on Nirmala ji. Aditya says mom is happy in my happiness. She wont have any problem. Nirmala ji nods. Sumo says I want a simple wedding with family people only. I don’t want any pomp and show. I think we will easily manage it. I don’t think we would need anyone else. Aditya convinces her to let Shravan help them in wedding. He extends his hand towards Shravan. You have full authority from me and my mom’s side to make all the preps in your best friend’s wedding. Nirmala ji asks Aditya to come. I have to talk to you. She leaves it on Tiwari Family to arrange the wedding their way. She leaves with Aditya. Nanu permits Shravan to make preps. You have promised me so I will trust you. I leave Sumo’s wedding’s responsibility on you. Mama ji gives him pen and diary to start right away.

Shravan is leaving when Sumo closes his car’s door, blocking his way. She asks him what he will get by doing this. What do you want? He asks her what she has to give to Shravan Malhotra after all. She asks him to tell her straight. Why are you doing this? He repeats what he said inside. She tells him to stop his drama. There is no one other than us here. You broke all old ties that day in PCT. He says I broke all my old ties but you joined a new one with me. You will become the wife of my step brother. She tells him to stop it. You neither like NIrmala aunty nor do you like Aditya. No one more than I know how much you hate them! Stop it then! He shouts at her to stop. Why did you agree to marry him when you know this fact already? You only want a reason to hurt me always. She replies that he isn’t that important for her that she will take such a big decision to hurt or please her. He nods. Fair enough! I am also not doing anything to please you or anything. I also want to get you out of my life like your family. I will do anything to get you out of my life! She declines but he calls it a fact. Nobody wants you Suman. She says you have gone mad. You need treatment. He denies. I was mad earlier. Now I am on track. This Shravan Malhotra is dangerous than mad men. Better be careful. He drives away.

Precap: Kamini says I have considered you my son after Nirmala ji left this house. I always know whatever you feel or go through. Now also it is only your broken heart behind you getting ready to marry Sumo to someone else. How can you make her marry someone else when you yourself love her so much? Shravan looks at her pointedly.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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