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Ek Duje Ke Vaste 23rd August 2016 Written Episode Update

Ek Duje Ke Vaste 23rd August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Aditya excuses himself for a while. He tells Shravan that he is leaving his Sumo, his amanat with him for some time. Please take care of her. Shravan walks up to Sumo. Let’s dance? She says no thanks. He reminds her that they are best friends. Do you remember? Anyways, I expected this from you. You will only remember those who will benefit you. Control + Alt + Del so soon already? Come. She asks him not to do drama but he says I am not doing any. I want to tell my best friend something. I saw women really closely my life. One, my mother; two, my CHachi; third, Bhabhi and fourth, you. Nirmala Ahuja was so ambitious that she dint waste a second to leave her husband and son behind. Her specialty – cheating. My Chachi prays and says evil things to me for her son’s sake. Her specialty – poison.


Bhabhi doesn’t care about anyone till the time you are making her happy. Her speciality – selfishness! You confuse people by talking about your self-respect and emotionally exploit them. You are a reflection of all three of them. You are very talented. She tries to break free but he doesn’t let go. Tell me who is the best among those women? I think it is Vandy Bhabhi. She doesn’t harm or hurt anyone. Varun Bhaiya is atleast happy. she points out that something belongs to her or she needs something. There is no mask. She is like she is. I think women should be like her only. Keep your husband happy in bedroom and make sure your husband gives you whatever you want. Let him and others stay happy. There is no cheating or selfishness. If that doesn’t happen then women can ruin entire house. It is you who can do so. I would suggest you to stay like Vandy Bhabhi after wedding. It will be peaceful for your and Aditya’s life. Sumo says what you will understand about girls and their feelings. You have only understood girls and categorised them as per your understanding. I can also tell you four types of men but I wont do this. This is the difference between a girl and a boy. We know how to look inside a person. It is said we think just the way we perceive. The one with a low thinking wont understand the logics behind things. We have reasons of being helplessness. Shravan taunts her on it. Women take help of that when they want to gain sympathy. He points at a girl. You will see how helpless she is. Watch me for 5 minutes. He asks the girl for dance. He whispers something in her ears for which she agrees and goes upstairs. Sumo looks on. Shravan tells Sumo that that girl went in his bedroom. I hope I don’t have to tell you why. Now I am helpless too. Aditya joins them. Why aren’t you dancing? Sumo says I am very tired. I will leave. Aditya says I will drop you. He tells Shravan he will join him soon. Shravan nods. Be back soon. I will spend time in my bedroom till then. Aditya leaves with Sumo.

Shravan comes to his room. The girl is already waiting for him. I was thinking about you only. He says I know you must be thinking I am the perfect combination of hot and rich and how your life will be set. She says right. Are you trying to impress me? He denies. I am only telling you truth. It isn’t so hard to understand women as they are selfish only. I have understood them a lot in past days. Now you can get out of here. She is taken aback. He says some women are to be chased to win and some come in just like that. I won already so this game is over. I will keep playing more games. Make place and get out. Close the door quietly while going out as people must be sleeping. She comes out of the room and adjusts her saree. Ramnath is shocked to see it. I wanted to keep him on the right path but why do I feel I only took the wrong way while trying to stop him! What are you doing!

Sumo thanks Aditya for dropping her home. He tries to make her smile. She talks on all random topics with him. Aditya tells her to take care of herself. I have to be at the party as Shravan kept it especially for us. Sumo wonders what Shravan is doing. I loved you. If we aren’t together then will you fall this low? Don’t do anything which will make me feel ashamed of the fact that I ever loved you! Please stick on the right path.

Aditya comes home but everyone has left. He joins Shravan in park. Aditya says you are too puzzling. Sometimes I feel I understand you but then at the other times I don’t. You are very interesting. Shravan gives drinks to him. Aditya says I am surprised as you accepted your best friend’s alliance with me so easily. I never saw you both talking too much. Shravan says some movie dialogues. Aditya is impressed. It is true though that that some relations happen just like that. Shravan replies that some relations are joined by heart while some are joined by selfish reasons. Shravan asks Aditya what tricks he used to make Sumo agree for wedding. Aditya says no one could make her agree. I guess my destiny helped me a lot. Who can stop the relations which are meant to be together? (kaise reh sakte ho app un rishton se durr jo bane hi hain ek duje ke vaaste?) Shravan asks him if he really believes in it. Aditya nods. My mother says such connections are made by God. Dint you find any such kismet connection? There must be something. Shravan makes him get up. I am more handsome and talented than you. I found many but I was naive. I dint let anyone come close to me. I dint even think about it for my one. She made me a fool all my life. She made me run after her like a dog by lying and cheating to me. Amazing! Aditya says sorry but Shravan asks him to congratulate him instead. Till now life was playing with me but now it will be other way round. I have understood women finally. Shravan and Aditya speak of their mindsets. Aditya says my mom says because of these misunderstandings only we sometimes ignore our soul mates. Shravan jokes if it is his mom or philosopher. I am intrigued to meet her now. I feel as if I know her a lot. When will you make me meet her? Aditya says why not. I am just like her even though she dint gave birth to me. She never made me feel I am not her son. Shravan says your mother is amazing. She dint give birth to you yet she looked after you like her own. On the other hand, my mother left me just like that. You are lucky. I want to meet her. Aditya agrees. I will show you her pic. Don’t be jealous. She is my first love. Shravan looks at the photo and is astounded. This is your mom? Aditya nods. she is my sweet mom, Nirmala Ahuja.

Preca: Shravan walks away. Kamini asks Aditya what they were talking about. Aditya says we were only speaking about my mom. I showed him her photo and he walked away. Kamini looks at the photo too. Ramnath Bhaisahab it is payback time!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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