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Ek Duje Ke Vaste 22nd August 2016 Written Episode Update

Ek Duje Ke Vaste 22nd August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

It is vidaai time. Dabbu wonders why everyone is crying. Will Preeti Didi wont come to meet us? Preeti tells Sumo she is feeling really scared and disturbed. Please come with me. Sumo says there isn’t anything to worry about. Lala ji says I understand your concern. Only the walls of your house are changing. You will get equal love there too. He asks Sumo to come with Preeti. She will feel better. Mami ji too tells Sumo to go. As per the tradition of our house, someone from the family does go with the bride. Dabbu is too young. Everyone asks Sumo to go. Lala ji walks up to Mama ji. I don’t have a daughter but I do understand the pain of parting with your daughter. She is the biggest treasure of every house and father. I assure you she will get the same love and respect in our house


too. Mama ji is touched and relieved. Ramnath wonders where Shravan is up to. Take care of Tiwari ji. call me in case you need anything. Ramnath asks Varun about Shravan but he has no clue. Malhotra family leaves with Sumo and Preeti. Mami ji is in tears. Everyone comforts her.

Malhotra Family comes home. Ramnath is surprised to see the lights off. Lala ji tells Kamini ji to make good preps as their DIL is going to put her first step in the house. He makes Varun switch on the lights. Shravan is already inside. When did you come here? Lala ji says he would have come to make preps to welcome Preeti. Shravan says exactly. Everyone was worrying about vidaai. No one thought who will welcome her. Lala ji notices him to be a little drunk. Shravan says it isn’t something to hide. One daughter is married off and someone else is already going to take the other daughter. He goes to Aditya and notices Sumo standing next to Preeti and Pushkar. This is brilliant. The marriage was released just now and you brought her here already after marrying her off? Aditya says there is time for that. Shravan advises him never to trust two things in life – trust and women. You never know when they will change and go with someone else. No one can tell. It is better to get the girl on time or they will bring wrong time for you. Aditya thanks him for his philosophy. But my time and Sumo aren’t the ones to leave my side. Shravan laughs. Good for you. it was my job to warn you. I did that. Aditya thanks him. Lala ji reminds them to welcome Preeti. Vandy excitedly tells Preeti about Grah Pravesh rituals and its meaning. Sumo keeps looking at Shravan all along. Shravan counters Vandy’s words. You never know when Devi’s (wives) will run away with everything. Varun supports him (playfully) but goes quiet when his mom and Vandy look at him. Kamini ji unwillingly does aarti of the newlyweds after following which Preeti does Grah Pravesh. Everyone goes inside except Sumo and Shravan. They both look at each other. Aditya comes back to take Sumo inside. This all is so exciting. Very soon we will be in their place. Sumo goes with him.

Vandy shows Preeti her room. Lala ji seconds her. This room is yours now. You have a right on this room and this house completely. He notices Kamini all quiet and asks her to talk but she says Preeti is here only. We can talk lifelong. Shravan says Chachi is right. No one understands that my brother wants some alone time with his wife. Lala ji agrees with him. Everyone goes out.

Everyone is gathered downstairs. They speak of how hard it has been. Let us all go to sleep. Ramnath asks Shravan about rest who replies that there is no point of sleeping now. How will I be able to sleep? Everyone looks at him. Shravan speaks of partying. Lala ji tells him to take rest. It is too late. Shravan replies that he was sleeping till now. Now that I have woken up I want to live in reality. We enjoyed in Pushkar’s wedding. We should show how happy we are for Aditya and Suman. We will party now only. So many friends of Pushkar are here only. Lala ji gives in and excuses himself. Sumo turns to go but Shravan stops her. You are the star attraction of marriage. Will you cheat your best friend like this? Wont you give me a chance to celebrate your happiness? Aditya agrees with Shravan. Shravan says your (Sumo’s) would be husband agreed for it. You have to come now. He takes Sumo and Aditya with him. Kamini wonders why Shravan is reacting like this. What is he up to? Ramnath is also tensed.

Pushkar sits lost. Preeti asks him what he is thinking. He speaks of his brother looking different today. I kept wondering what’s bothering him. Anyways, let’s sit. Do you believe we are husband and wife now? You are Mrs. Pushkar Malhotra from now onwards. Ask me whatever you want tonight. I will not say no. She asks him to promise to love her like this forever. Love is very important in life. Life gets bitter without it. He promises her that wont be a problem in their life. She smiles hearing him. He holds her hand romantically.

Shravan pours wine. He offers it to Aditya but he thanks him. I am already high. Shravan agrees. People who aren’t intoxicated drink it. Cheers to me! How did you guys come close? No one got to know anything. Everyone was surprised after the announcement and I was shocked. You cheated me right? Aditya is about to reply when some girl walks up to Shravan, thanking him for his presence in the party. Everyone will feel better now. You are quiet cool. Shravan calls her hot. She asks him for dance for which he readily agrees. Shravan asks Sumo and Aditya to dance together too. It is your day. Let’s see how you look together. After all you are made for each other (Ek Duje Ke Vaaste). Shravan dances with the girl. Sumo dances reluctantly with Aditya. Shravan keeps looking at her all along and how Aditya is holding her hands and her waist. Sumo too sees him staring at her. He holds the girl by her waist now which doesn’t go unnoticed by Sumo.

Precap: Aditya excuses himself for a while. He tells Shravan that he is leaving his Sumo, his amanat with him for some time. Please take care of her. Shravan walks up to Sumo.

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