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Ek Duje Ke Vaste 19th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Ek Duje Ke Vaste 19th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Pundit ji asks who will do the kanyadaan. Mama ji says Babu ji was going to do it but he is unwell. I will do it. Nanu comes in just then with Aditya and Sumo. Everyone gets concerned but Nanu assures them that he is feeling better now. Nothing wont happen to me till I do kanyadaan of both the girls of the house. He does the kanyadaan of Preeti and Pushkar. Shravan is hurt to see Sumo and Aditya standing together. Sumo too gets sad as she notices him looking at her but doesn’t show it.

Preeti and Pushkar take pheras around the holy fire. Everyone looks on happily. shravan and Sumo’s hands touch as they reach for the flower petals at the same time. Title track’s tune plays as they look at each other awkwardly. Shravan withdraws his hand and goes aside. Sumo picks some petals. Aditya

joins her. Shravan smiles for people’s sake. pundit ji explains the meaning of each phera. Aditya asks Sumo to say it now atleast. Weddings are the best platform for romance. Our story will start from here only. Say it please. She says we will talk about it later. Shravan is trying his best to hide his feelings / hurt as he keeps looking at Aditya and Sumo standing together. sumo is also looking directly at him as pundit ji explains the significance / vows couple undertakes with each phera. After pheras, Pushkar ties mangalsutra around Preeti’s neck and fills her hairline with vermilion. the wedding is complete. Aditya keeps asking Sumo to say it now atleast. Pushkar and Preeti seek everyone’s blessings. Kamini tells Preeti to keep her son happy. lala ji adds that she should keep her MIL happier. Everyone smiles. Lala ji says I am really happy today as the family is complete. But all the festivities will be over now. That will be boring. Aditya tells Sumo he wont ask again. I wont be responsible for what I will do next. She is all quiet so he says here I go. lala ji wonders who will marry next. Aditya speaks up. I wont make you all wait for long. It is my turn next. I will waste no time in marriage (chatt mangni aur patt shaadi). Wish me now. Pushkar is surprised. You hid such a big thing from me? Anyways, who is this unlucky girl? Aditya tells them that they know the girl really well. She is everyone’s favourite and Shravan’s best friend – Suman Tiwari. Shravan looks stunned and heartbroken. Sumo notices his expressions. Kamini is taken aback while Ramnath looks relieved. Nanu confirms the news. Aditya and Sumo are going to marry soon. Everyone congratulates them. Shravan’s expressions turn to anger. He walks away. Kamini and Vandy stand tensed.

Sumo excuses herself for a minute followed by Aditya. He asks her why she left everyone. Did you feel bad as I dint ask you before telling everyone? You only pushed me to it. Ok, I am sorry. It was my mistake. Everyone had to know about it sooner or later. Sumo is worried as to what Shravan must be feeling. He must be really hurt. Aditya is confused by her silence. Mama ji shouts after Sumo to get ingredients for vidaai. Sumo goes to get it. Aditya is all the more baffled.

Sumo readies everything for vidaai. She recalls the expressions on Shravan’s face just now and how he broke friendship with her. Why should I think about you? Did you think even once before saying all that? You broke such a deep relation just like that. You finished everything in a second. No, I have been very weak till now but not anymore. She wipes her tears as Mami ji comes. She tells everyone to go out as they wish to congratulate her. Mami ji and Rachna ask Sumo about the news. You dint tell us anything. Sumo replies that it was finalised two days ago only. Mami asks about Aditya’s background. Sumo agrees to tell them after Preeti’s wedding. Mami ji is happy that they will be free soon after Sumo’s wedding. Me, Mama ji and Babu ji will go to USA after your wedding. His treatment will happen nicely there. Sumo nods sadly.

Kamini stands unhappily in a corner. Vandy says looking at you it seems as if a volcano is erupting inside you. Who are you looking so angrily at? Kamini takes Ramnath’s name. He snatched all my happiness and is all happy now. The obstacle is out of his way but I have mine already (Preeti). Ramnath compliments Mama ji on his good luck. It is really difficult to find good matches these days and you got good matches for both your daughters. Mama ji nods. we are indeed lucky though we know nothing about Aditya and his family background. Ramnath says you will. He calls out for Aditya and congratulates him. Tell us something about you. Who are you? Tell us something about you. You are Tiwari family’s relative now and so you are ours too. Tell us something. Aditya shares that his father is no more but his mom is still alive. She is really an angel. The credit of everything goes to her. In fact, you know her very well. Mama ji asks him about her but someone asks Mama ji for some help. He goes. Ramnath asks Aditya again but Varun intervenes before Aditya can answer. Varun asks about Shravan. I wanted to keep some stuff in his car but he is nowhere to be seen.

Shravan stops his car and drinks alcohol. Aditya’s words echo in his head. Some guys notice him. He seems to be a rich guy. They surround Shravan. It isn’t allowed to park car here and drink. Shravan does not react. They judge that maybe his girlfriend ditched him. shravan stares angrily at them. Leave me alone. They ask for tax to park car here. He gives them his wallet. They ask for alcohol. Shravan opens the cap of the bottle and keeps it one bonnet. Take it. He beats them all up as they try to close in on the bottle. He keeps thinking of the wedding announcement and Sumo as he beats everyone up badly. The guys think to save their friend whom Shravan is beating. They return his wallet to him. Shravan lets go. They run away. Shravan says it is all my mistake. Everyone used me, fooled me but it is enough! The old Shravan is dead now. The new Shravan will be as bad as the old one was good. Everyone can go to hell. Now it will be only me!

Precap: Malhotra Family comes home. Ramnath is surprised to see Shravan at home. When did you come here? Shravan notices Sumo standing next to Preeti and Pushkar. He tells his father it is brilliant. The marriage was released just now and you brought her here already after marrying her off?

Update Credit to: Pooja

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