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Ek Duje Ke Vaste 11th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Ek Duje Ke Vaste 11th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

In the car, Sumo thanks Aditya for his help. Everything went smoothly. You must be happy now that I took your help. He says I dint help till now. I am only doing what Pushkar asked me to do. Sumo stops the car suddenly upon noticing old PCT’s office. He asks her about it. Did you leave something? She nods. He tries to probe her but she dismisses it. He wonders why she got emotional seeing this building.

Aditya gets to know the story behind that building from Pushkar. Ramnath Sir has that property with him. Shravan Bhaiya tried to give it back to her but her self-respect, independence dint allow her to. They in fact had a huge argument. Why you ask? Aditya says nothing. Pushkar warns him not to try to help Sumo. She wont spare her childhood friendship for help. You became her friend very

recently. Aditya nods.

Shravan is in Tiwari House. Preeti gives him water. He asks about Sumo. Did she say when she will come? Preeti denies. She must be in market. Shall I call her? He says I will call her myself then. Shravan is eagerly waiting for Sumo who walks in just then. she is surprised to see him still here. He says I was waiting. She looks at him. he lies that he was waiting for AC. I thought to check. What took you so long? Sumo says it will come tomorrow. you can come to check that tomorrow. I got busy with Aditya. Shravan gets upset and walks out.

Aditya comes to Ramnath’s room. I want to buy your property in Uttam Nagar. Ramnath says what will you with it. It isn’t good for business purpose too. It is really small. Why do you want it? Aditya does not disclose the reason. I need it. Ramnath agrees. All the papers are with Shravan though. He will deal with you on my behalf. Talk to him. Aditya says sure. I will talk to him just now.

Sumo caresses her dress. She thinks of Shravan’s hurtful words and the incident in the morning when she had tried that dress. She smiles at the memory. Preeti comes in just then. I am very nervous. I will get married in 2 days time. I will be in a new, strange house amidst strangers. I don’t know if I will be able to handle it all or not. Sumo says your Pushkar stays there. You will join relations with everyone very soon. He will help you. Fights are bound to happen where there is love. there will be weird demands at times where there is adjustment. Give importance to little things and it will make your life beautiful. Mami ji calls out for Preeti. Sumo asks Preeti to ask the tailor to tighten the lehenga a bit tomorrow. Shravan was right. Preeti gets confused but her mother calls out for her once again. I will get it done. Sumo thinks I will do as you like Shravan.

Aditya and Shravan talk about some place. Aditya insists that he wants to buy that place anyhow. Shravan asks him why. Aditya says I only want that property. Tell me the price. Shravan says you will not be able to pay it. Aditya insists. Liking is important for me over money. Tell me the price. Shravan replies that some things cannot be paid with money. I wont sell that property. Finalise some other place. Aditya tries to say something but Shravan curtly tells him off. Aditya walks out. Shravan thinks that place is of Sumo’s dreams. She has a right over it. only I have the right to return it to you one day.

Sumo is doing preps. Aditya stands lost next to her. She asks him what the problem is. He says your best friend is the best reason of my every problem. I was asking something from him but he gets rude on everything. He acts as if I have snatched something from him. he has some problem with him. She tries to find out what he asked from Shravan. Aditya says I cannot disclose. You are his best friend. Can you please ask him to give me what I want? She wants to know what the matter is but he does not tell her. He goes to pick some garlands.

Sumo begins to fix a nail. Shravan watches her do so. She drops the hammer while doing so. She notices Shravan looking at her. Shravan comes up to her. He even reaches out for the hammer but stops. If I give this to you then it will be like helping you. you don’t take anyone’s help. You are Sumo the fighter. You will feel really bad. Come down and pick it up yourself. Sumo calms herself down. I wont fight today. Aditya notices Sumo coming down. He gives hammer to her. Shravan and Sumo look at each other. He goes upstairs.

Vandy shows off her Maang-tika to Kamini but she is all sitting sad. Kamini tells her not to lower her standard if they are bringing a DIL from middle class family. did you steal it from Driver? Vandy asks her why she is so supset. Kamini says Ramnath Bhaisahab has ruined my happiness. I have had enough. I will break all his dreams just like that. Vandy asks her how she will know what he is seeing in his dreams. Kamini advises her to use her brains sometimes. He will be thinking about his son’s marriage. I will push Sumo in his life like anything. Vandy points out that the current situation between Sumo and Shravan. They wish to kill each other all the time with words. Kamini nods. Vandy says I will be there to help you. Tell me your plan whenever you get an idea. Kamini calls her her real DIL. I will have to bear the other one for no reason. now return this to driver.

Pushkar calls Aditya. You spoke to Sir about PCT’s property? What’s going on in your mind? What are you planning? Aditya shares that he wants to return it to Sumo. Pushkar says you will ruin your friendship this way. She wont take your help. Bhaiya tried it in the past too but she refused to take his help. Aditya laments that before anyone else it is his brother Shravan who isn’t ready to give him that property. I want to return it to Sumo but your brother isn’t agreeing. She will be so happy. How can I give it to Sumo then? Pushkar says Bhaiya tried earlier but failed. Now he wants to give it back to her. Aditya has made up his mind to do this. Shravan wonders how Aditya came to know that that property belonged to PCT earlier. Did Sumo ask him? No, she wont do it ever!

Sumo is speaking to someone about property for her work. Shravan is standing there. She asks him if he wants something. He says I came to meet Nanu but he is sleeping. She tells him to wait a little. He will wake up for his medicine soon. Shravan speaks about PCT. I came to know about your problem. You are looking for a place for PCT, right? She says you know about it. I am fighter Sumo. I can do anything. I will figure things out. He is still concerned. Did you have a word with anyone about place? Can I help? She says don’t you think you can confuse me. You just refused to give me hammer and now you want to help me. Thanks but no thanks! I don’t need your or anyone else’s help. I have told you this time and again. don’t ask me every time. She walks away.

Precap: Shravan gives the property papers to Aditya. I will wait for the moment when you will give these papers to Sumo. You will then know what place you have in Sumo’s life. Aditya brings Sumo to PCT’s old office. Sumo asks him about it. How did you get it? He gives her the papers. Sumo reads them.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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