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Ek Duje Ke Vaste 10th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Ek Duje Ke Vaste 10th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Ramnath asks Shravan about him declining to change the wedding venue. Shravan says you only taught me that family’s happiness is above everything. I love Nanu too but I did what I felt what was right. Ramnath says I am not unhappy but very proud of you for that. I share a different relation with Tiwari ji. It was important for me to do that.

Next morning, Mama ji and Sumo come to give Prasad to Malhotra family. we have come to thank you all, especially Kamini ji. we understand you had dreams and hopes for your son’s wedding but we are really thankful to you for agreeing to our wish. Lala ji says venue doesn’t matter. It is important that people are happy. Hotel weddings aren’t as much fun as weddings that happen from home. Mama ji says you are being generous. We assure you we

wont leave any stone unturned. Take this Prasad and assure us you are with us. Lala ji notices her blank / unhappy expression. He tells Mama ji not to worry. Make preps without any worries. They all take Prasad. Sumo goes to give Prasad to Pushkar.

Sumo walks inside Pushkar’s room. Aditya comes there looking for Pushkar. He turns to go seeing Sumo but she stops him. thanks a lot. Shravan stops outside hearing her words. Sumo tells Aditya she is indebted to him. He is surprised. Aren’t you upset with me for interfering? Sumo denies. Nanu’s biggest wish is going to come true after what you did. How can I be upset? In fact, stranger can at times do what your loved ones cannot! Shravan hears it and feels bad. Aditya turns to go surprising her. he points out that he felt like someone close but she made him realise I am stranger. She says I dint mean it. He agrees to accept it but only if she takes another help from him. It wont hurt your self-respect. She agrees. He takes Prasad happily. A smile appears on his face.

Shravan asks Sumo if she wont give him Prasad or if it is finished. She says sorry. I dint see you. Sumo offers laddoo to Shravan who only takes a small bite. You see a little less these days. it is women’s intentions these days. Loved ones become strangers in no time. She tries to explain she dint mean it on him. He retorts for which she warns him not to argue. He says I wanted to only congratulate you. I said no but papa said yes. Now it will happen the way you want it to. she points out that not her but Aditya did it. He says it was actually papa who did it. But you and Aditya are best friends now. You are very smart, open minded and independent, modern girl. You get what you want always. She gets upset. I thought I wont fight with you but these days it automatically happens when we see each other.

Mami ji gives medicines to Nanu but he says I am not so weak. I will take them myself. She understands he is still upset with her. nirmala ji comes. Mami excuses herself. Nirmala ji asks Nanu about his health. I don’t know why. You looked tensed that day too when you called. There is something you want to say. Nanu shares that he wanted to talk about it after Preeti’s wedding but maybe he doesn’t have much time left. My kids will leave India once I am gone. Sumo will be left alone. She will have to spend her life with loans and loneliness. I have raised an orphan girl with lots of love. I don’t want her to be an orphan again. This is what’s eating me up. Nirmala ji asks him what he wants. Nanu wants Sumo to get married. If she gets such a support, such a family, such parents who stand by her then I will be at peace. It is only possible once she gets married. I don’t know when. Nirmala ji says any family would be really proud to have her. nanu nods. someone will have to look up for her. She agrees. Your worry will be over soon. You will find a good match for Sumo soon. he blesses her.

Lala ji gives his guest list to Kamini ji. he has cut down to 7 from 100. I meet everyone in parties. If we wont cut the list then not everyone will adjust in Tiwari House. Varun and Pushkar give their lists. Aditya jokes with Pushkar. Did you cut off my name? Shravan remarks that it cannot happen as he is the special guest after all. He notices his Chachi sitting all tensed. Kamini says I only hope we find AC, mineral water and clean toilets there. It will save our respect. Lala ji seconds her (acting). Everyone smiles. Shravan agrees to check the preps.

Aditya offers to go with Shravan but Lala ji asks him to take Aditya with him. Shravan gives in. He leaves with Aditya.

Sumo and the family members plan the setup. Everyone is happy as Sumo has all the ideas already in her mind. Preeti asks Sumo to check her dress. Sumo tries to postpone it but everyone insists. Sumo goes to change.

Aditya tells Shravan to go in. I will park the car and come. Shravan greets everyone in Tiwari House. Mama ji and mausa ji say we will check the plan of Mata’s temple. Shravan nods. I will wait for you. He stops in his tracks seeing Sumo wearing the lehenga. Preeti asks him how Di is looking. Shravan looks at Sumo from top to toe. He walks up to her and holds her chin making her look at him. Beautiful! He leans closer and she closes her eyes. Sumo opens her eyes when Preeti asks Shravan again. It was her dream. Aditya replies before anyone can say anything. He keeps on complimenting Sumo. Shravan shakes his head upset. Aditya calls the colour combo awesome. Shravan says it isn’t suiting her at all. The colour doesn’t suit her. Aditya is confused. I don’t understand your choice. He asks Sumo about the dress. She says I will change and come.

Sumo comes to her room. Shravan was so jealous. His eyes said he liked the dress. He got jealous from Aditya so he dint compliment me at all. Thanks Shravan for giving me the idea of bringing you close to me! She smiles.

Shravan asks Mama ji and Mausa ji to look at the list. It is Chachi’s list. She has called very limited friends. She dint want anything to be missing. Mama ji says everything will be done. He asks Sumo if they can have ACs in their entire house. Shravan says how can it be that you will say something to Sumo and it wont happen. She can do anything. Right, Sumo? Aditya answers in her place. It is impossible that what she wants wont happen. I will give her the number of contractor. You can get it done. Mama ji thanks him. Mami ji is thankful to Kamini ji for allowing them to wed the kids from their house. We will do it, right? Sumo agrees. It is a little challenging but we will do it if we have been asked to. We will do it today only. She asks Aditya to come help her. Shravan looks upset. Sumo smiles seeing his discomfort. Sumo and Aditya leave.

Precap: Sumo is fixing something when she drops the hammer. Shravan comes in but Sumo seeks help from Aditya instead. He gives hammer to her. Shravan and Sumo look at each other. Aditya and Shravan talk about some place. Aditya insists that he wants to buy that place anyhow. Shravan asks him why.

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