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Ek Duje Ke Vaaste: Love, Friendship, or Something More? Epi 6

Hello everyone. I’m back with another episode…..So here it goes.
Warning: It’s kinda long and pretty boring so don’t keep high expectations
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Recap: Pushkar says Shravan the girl he dated was none other than Suman

Shravan: Haar bath pe Sumo. Sumo yeh, Sumo woh, kya hai Sumo me?
Pushkar: Bhaiya up gussa kyu horahi hai? Maine kuch galat nahi kaha. Sumo such me aisi hai. Woh toh Nirmala aunty ke sang harbar anat ashram jatihai. Isbar woh yaha nahi hai isiliya aunty upko lekar gayi. Sumo toh us anat ashram ka khana ke in charge pe hai. She is exactly what u described. Simple, bold, confident, independent, beautiful….helping.
Shravan *irked*: Ha ha Mother Teresa hai… Don’t compare the girl I met with Sumo. Tumhe kya laga mai Sumo ko nahi pahchan paungi? Or waise bhi woh toh uske family ke sang kahi bahar gayi hai? Toh woh kaise yeh ladki hogi? (No one knows Sumo stayed back due to PCT work)
Pushkar: I don’t know. Shayad mai galat hun. Lakin Sumo bilkul waise hi ladki hai jaise up chahti hai.
Pushkar leaves
Shravan mumbled: Chahti hu nahi chahti thi. Aab woh mere yaado par bhi nahi aaegi. Mai kaal us ladke se saaf kahdunga I like her. Pichle baar ki tadha upni dilki baat dilme nahi rakhungi.

Next Morning Malhotra House

Ramnath to Shravan: Shravan Tiwari ji wapas aagayi. Tum jake use millo aur ha. Sumo ko yaad hai? Tumhari bachpan ki best friend? Agar woh ghar hai toh tum use bhi millena.
Shravan unwillingly gets into the car: I hope Sumo ghar par nahi hai. Mai uska shakaal bhi nahi dekhna chahti. Mai Nanu se milkar kuch baate karkar, us ladki ke pas jaungi. Use upna dilke baat kahne. *Smile*

Tiwari House

Tiwari ji: Suman beta Shravan aj ghar arahha hai, tum PCT maat jao. Uske liye kuch khana banado.
Suman nodded.


Suman to herself: Shravan toh tujhe maaf kardia par tune toh sorry nahi boli. Nahi Sumo, aj woh jitna bhi khush ho, jobhi mood me ho, tuh use sorry bolegi. Akhir tera self-respect ki baat hai.

Shravan walked to the entrance. Those memories….How Sumo and he chased each other. Their good-byes… Hence, he is over all these. He knocked the door hesitantly, just in the hope of…..seeing Sumo after 10 years……no he moved on and now found someone else, he made his heart believe his words and boldly knocked again.
It cracked open hastily. His heart beat fast. “Not Sumo…pls…not sumo…”, he mumbled…and….It was a girl, smiling….Wait what? Uhh it’s her. That girl…that simple girl he likes. What is she doing here? Hold on!!! Is he imagining her everywhere? Okay what’s going on? Shravan was left tangled with hundreds of questions.

Suman: Hi!
Shravan confused: Haaiiiiee *weird smile and hesitation* Tum yaha? (Still unknown of the fact she is Sumo)
Suman: Woh…
Mami ji (inside house): Areh ShARvan beta aagaye? Suman ise andar toh bulao…Das saal baad ayahai
Shravan on his mind: Suman! Kon Suman? Yeh toh woh client ka beti hai. Yeh yaha kya kar rahahai? Aur Suman kaha hai? What’s going on?
Suman: Haan mami ji.
Shravan on his mind: Mamiji!!! Wait kya? *recalls Pushkar’s words “Yeh toh humari Sumo hai”* It was Sumo? The girl…the sooo perfect girl…was Suman Tiwari…Sumo….is childhood friend…who betrayed him…10 years back…and now too….She isn’t even sorry….They encountered before though he was unaware of her identity but she knew him…She never said sorry for what happened….careless
Suman: Tum andar….
Shravan walked inside neglecting her presence and greeted mamiji
Suman was muddled with his sudden behaviour. She found words: Shravan nanu upar….
Shravan walked up the stair not even staring at her for a while. No thank you, no smile in return. Emotionless…

Shravan and nanu was playing chess when Suman entered with a tray of food. Shravan tried to avoid her but still couldn’t stop his mind from imagining the day when she was feeding those street people.
Nanu: Wah Suman beti tum aajbhi humare liye chae lekar aai? Tumhe yaad hai das saal pehle jab mai aur Shravan shatranj khelte the, tum humare liye chae-biscuit lekar ati thi. Kuch bhi nahi badla.
Shravan: Haan nanu kuch bhi nahi badla *mysterious unsatisfied smile* (Yah she is still that selfish girl he convinced himself)
Suman feeling uncomfortable looking at Shravan’s face: Haan mujhe saab kuch yaad hai *just hoping he’ll understand she is guilty*
Shravan mumbled: Toh fir usdin bhi yaad hoga.
Suman: Yeh lijiye upka chae *handing Nanu a cup of tea* aur Shravan tumhara *giving Shravan the cup which he denied to receive*
Shravan: Mai chae nahi piti
Suman: Bolana saab yaad hai. Yeh chae nahi black coffee hai
Shravan *shocked by her welcoming behaviour* : Shakkar…….
Suman: without sugar *smile and keeps the cup on the table* pelina, okay? *walks out of the room confused by his rude behaviour *
Shravan to himself: Aajbhi nahi badli….so unpredictable

-Lunch time-

Everyone seats in the dining table. Shravan noticed the table was decorated with all of his favourite dishes. He couldn’t stop himself from smiling. He ate all the dishes with great delight. There was something in these dishes. With every bite, he could feel the love. He knew he had some sort of connection with it
Shravan: Wah….10 das beet gaye par ajbhi khane ka swaad ek hai
Nanu: Kyu ki khana banane wala aj bhi dil se khana banata hai *Smiles at Suman*
Shravan: Toh fir uska dil bohat bada hai.
Nanu: Haaa…Suman ka dil toh bohat bada hai
Shravan to himself: Kya? Sumo ne banaya!!! *made a “thrilled out” reaction but tried to hide it*
Suman noticed that as soon as nanu complimented mentioning her name, the smile which covered his face the whole lunch time faded away. Now it was a dull, angry young man. And she, without knowing the reason behind everything, felt guilty. For what? Cooking good food? Or giving him pain 10 years ago? But she understood he was left in a false position as he didn’t reply to what nanu said and she for some reasons, needs to cover him up.
Suman: Haaa..SRK ke tada…bade dil wala
Everyone starts laughing.
Shravan on his mind: *melting* She!!! Kaise gussa rahu ispar? She is still so cute and childish….Aur saab kuch yaad bhi hai….Mera fav dishes bana liya, aur coffee bhi di, bilkul jaise mai chahti hoon *looks at her smiling face* Unjaneme hi sahi par maine Sumo ko firse pyaar kiya. *Thinks of childhood moments they spent together* Saab kuch yaad hai firbhi sorry nahi bola *angry* She isn’t even guilty. Selfish……..immature……
Shravan *completely irked*: Mujhe kaam hai toh sorry jana padega. *Walks out trying not to look at Suman*

Someone calls him from behind, and this voice was very similar…….He knew whom……The so called perfect girl…..his 1st/2nd love……ya fir uska bachpan ka dost……..jo adhe raaste mei use chodiya….. Irrelatively, he turned around and saw her walking to him. Unconsciously, his heart started beating faster. Faster with every step she took…..”Aage math ana….aage math ana….mai phirse tumpar…..”He mumbled until it’s too late….

Precap: Pushkar bangs the door of Shravan’s room open. “Bhaiya upne Sumo ke sang kya kia?”

So finally finishing this epi! It wasn’t long actually…Short… Tbh, I didn’t enjoy this epi myself so u guys r welcome to write weird comments. But pls do comment, I need ur feedbacks. Sry for the mistakes and a boring epi, I promise the next one will be cool. And thanks for reading! Love u all….

L!fE iS sHort, bReaK RuLEs, ForGiVe qUicKly, ki$S sloWlY, LoVE truEly, laUgh unContRollAbly, @nD nEveR reGreT anYthIng tHat mAde yUo $milE.

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