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Ek Duje Ke Vaaste: Love, Friendship, or Something More? Epi 16

Hello sweeties! How r u all? Everything fine? If life is going too gd nd u r worried wht bad might happen, read this epi, too bad will happen nd keep u away from evil things in reality. (just kidding) So here I’m with another epi…

Recap: Shravan breaks alliance of Suman nd Rahul. He informs Suman to join his employee’s bday party with him.

Epi 16

-Malhotra House-
Pushkar: Bhaiya aap Ritik ke bday party pe kisko lekar jarahi hain?
Shravan: Aur kisko, obv Sumo.
Pushkar: OMG finally aap dono ek sang…At least u guys realized ur feelings. So kon pahle confess kiya?
Shravan: Yeh tu kya bakraha hai Chote? Kya feelings, confess? I don’t wanna go with some stupid girl who will later think I will date her nd blah blah blah. Sumo toh best friend hai so no problem introducing her to my employees.

Pushkar: Yah yah u can be like “Hi I’m Shravan Malhotra and this is Suman Tiwari, oh sorry Sumo. We r just besties okay? Koi galat matlab mat nikalna. If we dance on the stage and get lost in our own world doing romance publicly, tabhi koi galat maltab nahi. If we ever get two small kids still we will be just friends. Okay?”

Shravan *killer look*: Chote!
Pushkar*teasing*: Kya bhaiya hu? U r soooo dumb. Agar Sumo ko party pe apne sang apna partner banake lekar jaenge toh saab yehi sochenge ki updono ke beech kuch hai.
Shravan: Okay I don’t really care wht ppl says abt us. Jabtak mai aur Sumo sure hai ki hum dono…
There was a cold silence. He didn’t know what to say..what were they? What was their relationship? He wasn’t sure abt it. Okay he can ask Sumo tht night.
Pushkar: Kaha kho gaye hmm? See u rn’t sure what u both r together. But I am. Bhaiya pls aab toh samajh lijiye.

Shravan: Waise…..tu kisko lekar jaraha hai?
Pushkar *going all pale*: Woh..woh…Pr…Preeti
Shravan: Kon Preeti?
Pushkar: Preeti. Areh Sumo ki bahen. Preeti Tiwari.
Shravan: Oh god don’t say me u both r dating. *Pushkar blushes* Really Chote?
Pushkar: Aab mai chota nahi rahi. Nd I am not an idiot like u. The moment I realized my feelings for her is 1% more than friendship, I confessed. Unlike u, Sumo pe marti hain ap lakin firbhi “we r just friends” bhar me jae apki friendship.
Shravan: Chote bas kad. We really r…
Pushkar: NOT just friends. Okay baba nahi confess karna hai toh mat kijiye. At least let her marry someone. If she doesn’t get married toh mai kaise Preeti ko propose karungi? Bhaiya mera line toh saaf kar dijiye.

Shravan: Preeti ki line saaf Sumo ki shadi ke baad saaf hoga. Tera toh MERI shaadi ke baad hi saaf hoga.
Pushkar: Loh! Hogayi meri shadi. Ap na khud kisise shadi karenge nahi Sumo ko karna denge. Bechri Preeti aur mai toh ek dusreke intezaar mei mar jaenge. *Pushkar leaves making a frustrated face*

-Tiwari House-
Mamiji: Areh Suman beta suno tumhe toh koi sanskari pati nahi chaiye na? Shravan bhi toh yehi kahraha tha. Chalo koi baat nahi. Yeh dekho yeh Ritik hai. *shows a pic of a guy* Yoh bhi ek laywer hai aur modern bhi hai. Tum kaam kadogi ise koi problem naho hogi. Yeh Anuj (Preeti’s big bro who lives in America) ki dost hai. Yeh uska phone no. hai mai chahti hu tum dono baat karlo upne ap. Agar ladka pasand aye toh hume bata dena. *she walked away without listening to Suman’s opinion*

Suman was shocked. Can she take a break? It’s been just a month and everyone is up to showing her different boys. She needs time. But no one cares. Boldly she took the phone and dialled Ritik’s no.

Suman: Hello Ritik ji?
Ritik: Yah kon?
Suman: Mai Suman..Suman Tiwari
Ritik: Oh Suman. Sup? Kaisa ho tum?
Suman: All good. Ap?

Ritik: Suman, don’t be typical Indian girl. Seriously yeh Ritik ji, ap? No just call me Ritik nd use tum. I’m absolutely fine. By the way tomorrow is my birthday. U MUST come to the party.
Suman: Kaal ko mera koi aur plan hai so I guess I’m sorry
Ritik: No wayyyy Suman pls!!! It’s my birthday after all. Pls pls pls. I’ll msg u the address. Yah wear something elegant, no saree okay?
Suman: Ritik…pls…
Ritik: Nothing. Bye. Hope to meet u tmrw. *cuts the call*

Okay now she has to do something. She already competed to Shravan to join him on his employee’s bday party…but Ritik…She called Shravan.
Shravan: Areh Sumo thanks god tumne call kardia. So what are u wearing? I guess I’ll match my suit pins with ur dress.

Suman: SHravan…woh…woh mai nahi aasakti…
Shravan: Kya!!! Bak Joke Sumo, it won’t work on me. Now be serious, what r u wearing?
Suman: Shravan I’m serious. I can’t join u tmrw.
Shravan: Kyu? What made u ditch me on the last moment?
Suman: Mujhe…kuch kaam hai…mamiji ne bola hai so I can’t say no to her (She knew she couldn’t let him know abt Ritik to him. He would do some crazy things to stop this marriage too)
Shravan: Aur mujhe mana kad sakte ho. Na?
Suman: Shravan try to understand. Please..

Shravan *frustrated*: Thik hai jao. *taunting tone* Waise bhi mujhe ladki dhudne me problem nahi hogi. U knw girls die on me. Suman Tiwari just missed a wonderful company of the handsome and charming Shravan Malhotra.
Suman: Hogaya? Tumhara handsome aur charming roop tum baki ladkio e samne rakhna. Mere liye tum wohi fatu chashmish ho. *laughs*
Shravan: Izzat lutli yaar. Waise wohi chashmish ke wajase tum school graduate huiho. So be grateful.
Suman: Aab grateful tabhi hongi jaab tum phone rakhogi. I need to go. And sorry again.
Shravan: Chalo bye.

Suman entered the party. She was wearing a turquoise long gown. It was full sleeve yet backless. The hairs were pinned into a loose bun with white lilies tucked at the left. The heavy crystal white ear rings lied on the base of her shoulder. Her face….light make-up…The lips were coral pink nd cheeks sweet blush. Her eyes were perfectly done with thick mascara, liner and matched shades of turquoise.

Suddenly she felt a warmth on her shoulder causing her to turn around. It was Ritik.
Ritik: Hey, Suman right?
Suman: Yes, Ritik?
Ritik: Ritik Agarwaal.

Suman: Happy Birthday. Umm..sorry no gifts…
Ritik: Well MY beautiful lady is here, best bday gift ever!! *laughs* chalo andar chalet hai. I’ll introduce u to everyone.

Ritik introduces her to all his friends. Everyone praises her.
Ritik: Tum toh ajki party ka highlight ho. Oh saab make-up, dress thik karlo. I’ll introduce u to my boss.
Suman: I’m fine the way I am. *fakes a smile. She desperately wanted to leave*
Ritik goes and returns with someone who shared a very common face. And not again!!! Her eyes went wide open so was his. Both knew nothing what to say.
Ritik: *Looks at Suman* Suman is the Shravan Malhotra, oh sry, THE Shravan Malhotra, head of Malhotra Associates, my boss. *looks at Shravan, keeping his hand on her bare back* And sir, this gorgeous lady is my fiancé, Suman Tiwari.

There was an awkward silence. Non knew what to say. While he fumed in anger, she was stuck with his charm. He was wearing a black shirt which was hidden under the white blazer. If noticed carefully to every thread, the blazar pins and the cloth on his pocket square, unknowingly matched the gown of hers…pure turquois. His hairs were perfectly organized. She glanced all over his body, avoid his eyes. She was guilty. She looked down for a while.

Ritik: U guys talk, I’ll have to handle other guests too.
Ritik bends towards Suman’s ear and whispered: Suman, sir ka dhayn rakhna. Pls accompany him until I come back, he doesn’t have a partner. *Suman started at Ritik trying to maintain a distance* I knw u might be wonder how come a charming guy like him doesn’t have a partner. Well….dil a acha hai. Ek best friend hai, uske sang hi..u knw…Strong with his words…Only guy woman man. Anyways pls take care of him. I’ll go. *Ritik leaves*

Precap: Suman jealous seeing Shravan with another girl. Pushkar makes both realize abt their feelings for each other
I knw it was short. I got a huge list of sorry(s) to go through
-sorry for a short epi. It was a late night post
-sorry for not putting Suman jealousy part on this epi. Ik u all were excited but I’m feeling sleepy so next epi…

-sorry for any spelling/grammatical mistake
-if the epi sounds stupid, then sorry for wasting ur time!
Now I’m done. Next epi will be up soon. I’ll end this ff my next week for sure. Don’t worry next epi won’t b the last one. It’s like 3-4 more epis to go. Don’t forget to share ur opinions. (This time no tomatoes, I would prefer eggs!)
Love u all
Take care
Neeti get well soon, my prayers r with u
Ariana (Aru)

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