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Ek Duje Ke Vaaste: Love, Friendship, or Something More? Epi 15

Hiiiiiiiii. Sry sry sry sooooo much for a late update. Hectic life! Don’t worry I actually made two epis into one to make up. So here is the epi:
Epi 15
(Part 1)
Recap: Shravan joins Suman nd Raj on their dinner date. Raj fumes on ShraMan relationship nd breaks the alliance with Suman
Tiwari House- Suman on phone talking to Pushkar
Pushkar: Areh bhabiji…Kaise yaad kiya?
Suman: Bhabiji? Tujhe koi mental problem toh nahi hua?
Pushkar: Nahi bhabiji, mai bilkul thik hu. Oh little excited.
Suman: Toh fir bhabiji kyu lagaraha hai?
Pushkar *teasingly*: Ahem Ahem..nahi pata?
Suman: Kya?

Pushkar: Abeh bhabi jae bhar mein. Sumo, u went on a date with bhaiya nd bataya bhi nahi
Suman *shocked*:Kya!!! I didn’t go on any date with Shravan
Pushkar: Kaal raat…
Suman: It was a date with my ex-fiance Raj. Shravan toh waha koi client se milne aye thi but mere aur Raj ke beech kabab me haadi k tada attak jayi.
Pushkar: Well saaaaab ko pata hai tere aur Bhaiya ke beech kuch hai. So tune waha Raj se saamne Shravan to lekar jay and obv he left life any other guy would. Aur tumdono ne romantic dinner kiya
Suman: Really? Pushkar at least not u! Look Shravan…me…just…
Pushkar: Friends?
Suman: Hmm *confused herself*
Pushkar: *teasing* toh aab sach batade na mere pyaari BHABI
Suman *angry*: Pushkar pls!!! Aur maine bolana Shravan waha client se milne ayi thi
Pushkar: Areh yaar bhaiya kya bhut se milne gayi thi? Koi client shient nahi thi.
Suman fumed in anger even more. What nonsense was it? Why did Shravan lie? He went there to meet her? He did all these drama in front of Raj to make her low? She needed to talk to him…Now…

Malhotra Office
Suman forced the door of SHravan’s office to open nd busted with her words
Suman *yelling*: Shravan Malhotra how dare u play with my self-respect?
Shravan *shocked*: Sumo!
Suman: Answer my question. Why did u do it?
Shravan: Do what?
Suman: Kaal raat?

Shravan: OMG Sumo u r still with the same thing! I said u I’m sorry. I wanted to clear out Raj has no problem with our friendship. Nd guess wht? He did have problem. So he isn’t the right guy for u
Suman: Shravan I was also gonna reject him but u!!! U made HIM reject ME. And u lied. Koi client nahi tha.
Shravan was shocked. His eyes wide open…
Shravan: Tu..tumh…tumhe kisne..yeh saab..
Suman: Kyu kiya aisa? Jhut kiyu bola?
Shravan: Agar mai koi reason nahi deti toh kya bolti waha? Hmm? Sumo I just can’t bump into ur nd ur fiance’s dinner.
Sumo *Softing her tone*: Shravan obv unhe pata chalta humare friendship ke bademe. U were worrying wayyy too much. Besides, u exaggerated sooooo much abt our relationship. What were u trying to prove?

Shravan *looking directly into her eyes*: Simply that I’m insecure.
Those words were enough. She broke all their distance and hugged him tight while he returned the favour giving her comfort. Both knew they just broke the lines between their “friendship.” But neither did his eyes reflect regret nor did she panic. They were tired of their same friendzoned story. But then this relationship didn’t have name. What was this? A different feelings.
Shravan: Sumo, I lost u once. I don’t wanna lose u again. I’m insecure. What if our friendship ends after ur marriage?
Suman was taken back with the new words. He still took her as a friend only. He doesn’t have any feelings for her beyond that friendship they share now. It was hard for her to make words…her innocent heart fell on an invisible trap of love. When her brain was blaming her heart for its stupidity, her mind had the really strong gut that Shravan shared the same feelings for her. It’s just he didn’t accept it. But for now she had to stop struggling with this heart-brain thoughts and face the fact that he is showing her friendzoned identity, nd its better if she lives with it for now.
Breaking the hug, she managed to make a fake smile and said warmly (trying her best to sound peaceful): Don’t worry. Humare friendship to kuch nahi hoga. Pakka promise. We will be friends *takes a deep breath to get rid of her invisible tears* even after my marriage.

(Part 2)
Tiwari House
It was a week since she dropped by Shravan’s office nd ensured their relationship is just friendship…at least for him it is… Mamiji came up with another guy Rahul whatever, she didn’t care listening to his whole name nd his family background. In short what made point was Mamiji wants her to get married with that Rahul as his family is very rich yet traditional.
Mamiji: Areh Suman tum abtak ready nahi hui? Bolana ladke wale jaaldi ajayenge.
Suman: ladke wale? Abhi shaadi fix nahi hui
Mamiji: Tujhe toh koi problem nahi hai, aur tu aici ladki hai jisi koi mana nahi kad payenge. Heera hai tu heera. Aab jake yeh saree pahenle.
Suman followed obediently. Rahuls family arrived in half an hr nd soon they started having a family conversation where each family kept making false impressions nd praised each other. She wasn’t enjoying it at all.She had 100 reasons to reject this guy. 1) He is so traditional so obv he would prefer her to stay home nd cook food like typical indian woman. 2) He wouldn’t allow her to work nd stay independent. 3) He is a FAMILY BOY so he wouldn’t stand by her side much. 4) Ma aka beta! Worse of all. Nd obv her mother-in-law will b like her mami. 5) If they r so traditional then for sure, they wouldn’t even allow Shravan to be 10 km near her. Brilliant! But then she got 1 reason to accept this proposal…which covers all these flaws…Mamiji is indirectly blackmailing her.
Rahul’s mom: Beti tum kuch bolo
Suman: Nahi mai kya bolu?

R.Mom: Sharmao mat. Hum tumhare honewale sas hai, humse baat nahi karoge toh kisse kadoge? Waise Rahul office janeke baad hum aur tum hi toh gappe shappe madenge.
Suman: Nahi mai bhi PCT jaungi. Par upse zaroor baat hogi.
R.Mom: PCT? Koi kitty party hai kya?
Suman: Nahi mera tiffin centre. *Rahul’s family made a unconvincing look thinking she will work after marriage. She was going to say more abt her work when she noticed Mamiji giving her a eye signal to keep quiet*
Mamiji: Isse yeh toh saaf hogayi ki Suman khana bohat acha banaleta hai.
R.Dad: Beti hum saab ko tum bohat achi lagi. Toh baat pakki samjhu?
Mamiji: Haan haan humari taraf se toh haan hai. Suman ko koi problem nahi hai.
R.Mom: Isse pehle baat age bade hum chahtehain kuch baatein saaf ho jae. 1) Hum saab ko party-sharty pasand nahi. Woh disco shisco hoy a koi kitty party. Toh yeh saab nahi chalegi shaadi ke baad. 2) Humlog bohat shareef hai . Mujhe ummid hai tumhara koi ladka ke sang…..
Her words were interrupted but the most familiar cold rough male’s voice.
Shravan: Sumo….

Everyone was shocked. More than a million of questions started rising on her mind. She clearly remembered she never mentioned anything abt Rahul to him or any other member of the Malhotra family. What does he want now? Not again!!!
If someone was more shocked than her in the room was non other Shravan. His eyes were locked on that one person…the highlight of the room….Suman…her Sumo..He never saw her in a saree before. She looked perfect. For some reason, he just felt like he saw a shadow of his mom on her. He wished the time to stop, everyone to freeze so that he could just spend one life staring at her.
Suman: Shr..Shravan..pls not…again…
Shravan was still looking at her being mesmerized.
Mamiji *nervous*: ShARvan beta tum yaha iswaqt?
Shravan got back to sense: Woh mamiji mujhe Sumo se baat karni thi
In a seconds of his silence, everyone’s eyes grew wide, including Rahul’s whole family. Before anyone could say anything, he swiftly walked to Sumo (her heart beat was increasing with every step he took) and looked straight into her deep brown eyes.
Suman: Shravan yeh Rahul hai

Shravan *still looking at her*: Toh mai kya karu? Mujhe tumse kaam hai
Mamiji: Areh ShARvan Rahul Suman ki hone wala pati
Shravan was shocked for a while. She didn’t inform him abt this Rahul. How could she? Was she trying to hide something? Or is he not so important to her?
Shravan: Oh Hi Rahul *looks at him or a while then turns back to Suman* Tumne bataya nahi
Suman: Pehle yeh batao tum yaha kyu?
Shravan: Yaar I need ur help. Woh next Friday ko mere office ka ek employee ki bday party hai. U knw woh saab night parties (Rahul’s family was even more shocked) so I need a partner.
Suman: T..toh? Ki..kisibhi la..ladki ko..lekar jao
Shravan: I don’t wanna go with a stupid girl. U knw if I ask them for just one night, they’ll starting thinking all rubbish stuffs..Toh…
Suman: Toh?

Shravan *seating on his knees and coming the same level as hers (she was seating)*: Will u join me?
Suman fell from the sky. It was the worst environment to talk abt it. She managed to find words somehow
Suman: Shravan yeh tum kya
Shravan: Sumo pls…Mana mat karna. I’ll pick u up nd even drop u. So don’t worry if its late night party.
Suman: Shravan mai nahi…
Shravan *grabbing her hands*: Tum baas Friday ko raat ki 8:00 baje ready rahna. Mai kuch nahi janti.
Rahul: Suman ji yeh kon hai?
Shravan: Don’t worry sirf dost hu. Koi galat matlab mat nikal na. Okay sirf dost, bachpan ka dost. *Looks at Suman and questions whether he was right this time or not when Suman didn’t dare looking at him.*

R.Mom: Shaadi ke baad bhi kya dost rahenge?
Shravan *little harsh*: Kyu? Sumo shaadi kar rahi hai, humari dosti ka sauda nahi.
R.Mom: Yeh kaisi baat hai bhala? Aisi ladki hume bahu ki roop mei nahi chaiye. Late night parties, ladko ke sang dosti, aur kaam bhi karti hai.
Shravan: Bahu? Aapke soch se toh lagta hai aaplogo ek kaam wali chaiyeh. Aur aap logoko Sumo ko reject karne ki koi zaruraat nahi hai. Chalo mai Suman Tiwari ki taraf se yeh rishta thukrata hu. Aur ha, Sumo khana bohat acha banata hai, Lunch banaya hai, khakar jayega.
Rahul: Shravan aap humare family se aise kaise baat kadsakti hai? Mujhe nahi karni Suman ji se. Mama, papa chalye mai yaha ek min bhi nahi rahna chati.
Shravan: Rahul tumne suna nahi maina already rishta Suman ki taraf se thukra dia so tumhari opinion ki zaruraat nahi hai. And….Darwaza is taraf hai. *Points at the door*
*Rahul’s family leaves with anger*

Mamiji: Suman yeh kyat ha? Tuhe rishta manzoor nahi that oh mujhe boldete, ShARvan ko bulakar yeh saab kadneki zaruraat kya thi? *Suman’s eyes went watery*
Shravan: Mamiji Suman ne mujhe nahi bulaya. Mujhe kuch nahi pata tha iss bademe. Mai toh bas usko party ke bademe bolne ayethi. Nd aap ko khush hona chaiyeh ki Sumo uss logoke sang rishta nahi joda. Sumo *turning towards her* Promise I didn’t do it intentionally but yeh ladka se shaadi karneke baad humari dosti toh dur ki baat, tumhari PCT ta sapna bhi bhar me jayengi. Nd I don’t care wht u think of it. By the way ready rahna, I’ll pick u up. Aur haa kuch elegant sa pahenna. Bye
He leaves the house without even listening to any other nonsense.

Precap: Suman gets jealous seeing Shravan with another girl

So finally done with it. Sorry it’s huge! Actually I couldn’t post on given date as I was very busy so I combined to epis at once nd posted it. So its like a bonus epi. Sry the epi was very garbage type so pls forgive me. Ignore all sorts of spelling and grammatical mistakes. I guess I’ll end this ff in few more epis. Don’t wanna drag it. Hopefully 20 epis. Nd if u guys wish I can come up with another ff on EDKV soon.
Love u all
Take care
Ariana (Aru)

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