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Ek Duje Ke Vaaste: Love, Friendship, or Something More? Epi 14

Hiii…So as most of u were requesting to post this Wednesday so I just managed to wrap up the epi nd here it goes. (Warning: As I did it in a hurry so might not b a BOMB epi, so low down ur expectations. I don’t wanna hurt u)

Epi 14
Recap: Suman goes out to meet Raj. Suddenly someone calls her from behind.


As she turned hearing her name, the only thing that grabbed her vision was a straight tall figure. (U guys knw who he is so I won’t describe him)
Suman *mumbling nervously*: Shra…Shravan?
She had a mixture of multiple feelings growing inside her. Happiness….He is there. Now she can be comfortable and secured. He is her rescuer….Nervousness….Now, wht will he do? Wht if he messes up with Raj? Anger….Why is he so concerned? He didn’t even care abt her….
Shravan *walks to their table and stands against the table just in the middle of where Raj nd Suman was seating. Facing Sumo, he smiled*: Areh Sumo tum yaha. What a pleasant surprise

Raj: Sumo? U mean Suman right?
Shravan: No I mean Sumo. By the way I’m Shravan, *forwarding his hand for a friendly hand-shake* Shravan Malhotra. U r?
Raj: Raj Mehta.
Shravan: Nice knowing u. So Raj, if u don’t mind Mr. Mehta may I call u that? *Raj nods* and Sumo, yaha kaise?
Suman *nervous*: Shravan tum yaha kaise?
Shravan: Oh ek client se milna hai kuch case ke bademe
Suman *trying to avoid him*: Toh jao use milo.
Shravan: Haaa mai bhut se milne jau. He isn’t here yet.
Raj *suspicious*: Mr. Malhotra
Shravan: Call me Shravan

Raj: Ok so Shravan, aap Suman ko kaise…
Shravan: Agar Sumo ko mai nahi jaungi toh kya mera baap jaengi. Never mind, papa bhi Sumo ko janti hai. In fact mera puraaaaa family Sumo ko janti hai. We Malhotras share a great relationship with the Tiwaris. Right Sumo?
Suman nods nervously.
Raj: Mai kuch samjha nahi. Apka Tiwaris ke sang relationship…kya..

Shravan: Mere papa aur Suman ke Nanu ke beech bohat acha rishta hai. In some way, Tiwari family is my second family nd Malhotras r Suman’s. Sumo aur me childhood friends…Iss saal toh 15 years hoga humare dosti ko. Humdono same school ke hai. Uske baad mai London chalagaya lakin….. Dosti STRONG thiii. (Making a tone on the word words) We couldn’t forget each other. *Suman and Raj shares a shocking eye contact where Raj was trying to take anger out on her* 10 saal baad mai wapas agaya aur humdono….*Shravan acting to blush*

Raj: Up bathiye na? Jabtak upka client nahi aati ap bathiye. *makes Shravan seat right beside him* Haa..up bolrahe the ki upke wapas aneke baad updono…
Shravan: Fidse dost bangaye. *smiles as Raj gives a breath of relief. Shravan puts his left hand around Raj’s soulder like buddies do and continued* U know Raj, mujhe laga 10 saal me Sumo mujhe buljaegi, our friendship will end. But nahi mai Sumo ko bhul payi, nahi yeh pagli mujhe. *smiles at Sumo as sh manages to fake a smile at him back* Patahai kyu? Because our SOULS r CONNECTED. *Suman was shocked. Her mouth opened wide. Raj gave a cold glace to Suman removing his soulder from Shravan’s grip* Aise dosti bohat kum milta hai. I’m proud to have Sumo in my life. But…..ladki pagal hai

Raj: Pagal? I guess u have mistaken, mujhe toh Sumo..
Shravan: Suman…
Raj: Haan…Mujhe toh Suman ji bohat simple aur innocent laga.
Shravan: Simple toh hai. Suman na? Haan Suman simple, innocent, modest, hai. Lakin sirf SUMAN. Maine toh SUMO ki baat ki. Lemme make it clear. She is Suman Tiwari to her family and every normal person. But to ME, (ignoring Pushkar) she is Sumo wrestler. Jhaali, pagli, musibaat, tufaan.
Suman: *angry on Shravan* Shravan tumhara client nahi ayegi? Tumhe use ek call to dena chaiyeh. Nd I guess u should leave me and Raj alone. Privacy naam ki koi cheez bhi hai.

Shravan: Seriously Sumo? Itna acha? Tumhe suit nahi kadti. Yaar feel free. Tumhine toh batayi Raj tumhara fiancé hai. He should know every bit of u. Right Raj?
Raj: *coldly* Fiance? Well I guess we need to think of our relationship for a while. *Shravan gave a huge breath of relief while Suman stared at Shravan with a killer look*
Waiter: Sir here is ur Prawn Spaghetti and Extra Spicy Thai Soup with thick mushroom. *waiter serves food and leaves*
Shravan: Raj badi bhukkad hai up? Mere tada. Yeh saab akele
Raj: No I ordered for both of us. I mean me and Suman
Shravan: U can’t be kidding. Sumo is allergic to prawn. Use mushroom bilkuuuuuuullllll pasand nahi. Aur spaghetti! She can’t use chopstick. I’ll order for her. *calls the waiter* Excuse me pls bring some butter chicken with garlic naan. Palak pair too. Raj, u must know it’s Sumo’s fav.
Raj was boiling in hot water. It was enough of insult he already bared. Still he controlled himself as he didn’t wish to create a scene in front of everyone.
*Shravan’s phone rings as he excuses himself out from the table*

Suman: Raj, I’m sorry for whatever happened. Shravan mera bachpan ka dost hai. And he is also very childish and immature. Woh bakwaas kar rahatha. Ignore him.
Raj: Dekhiye Suman ji, I’m very ordinary type man and agar apki dost ka baat sach nikla toh I’m afraid I can’t go ahead with this relationship.

A huge burden was off Suman head but still she wasn’t happy. What will her family say? No one will understand. She will kill Shravan. And obv she won’t blame Raj. If any guy was there instead of Raj, they would have done the same. Raj seemed very innocent and she felt guilty hurting him with SHravan’s stupidity.

Suman: U can take ur time. I won’t force u over the decision. But please don’t bring my friendship with Shravan between this matter.
Raj: Well Shravan IS the matter here. Suman ji, sach bataiye, apka aur Shravan ka kya rishta hai? I don’t think it’s just friendship. Shravan is right. Ur souls r connect. Not in terms of friendship but in a way that stands in life with even more significance.
Suman was mum. She didn’t know wht to say. It was true in some sense. Her feelings was almost in that state but then Shravan…..

Raj: Dekhiye, mujhe up bohat pasand hai. I like every bit of ur Suman version and I don’t care abt that special jhaali Sumo which is only visible to him. *Suman nods a no. Sumo is her outer shell to deal with the cruelty of the world. That was just a stronger lady and just not visible to family. But Raj carried on* I feel like we all should be balanced and apka Sumo wala rup mujhe serious moments par bohat help kadegi. U can understand I have no objections. But, I feel like iss rishte se nahi up, nahi mai, aur nahi Shravan khush hoga.
Suman: Nahi Raj aisa kuch nahi…

Raj: I can’t live a life with insecurities. I’m sorry Suman but
Shravan walks back to their table.
Shravan: Guys nice meeting u. I should leave. My client got some emergencies so plan cancelled. Waise Raj, nice knowing u. Haa, mere Sumo ka dhayn rakhna
Raj *angry*: Agar TUMHARI SUMO ki itna hi dhayn rakhna hai toh tumhi shaadi karlo aur upne goodi pe bethakar lullaby sunao. I can’t bare all these. Waiter! Give me the bill. *he pays and leaves*

Shravan: Woah!! Yeh kya tha? *smiling*
Suman: *angry* Jake apne client ko pucho
Shravan: Kyu?
Suman: Nahi tumhara client koh toh yehi restaurant milithi case ke bademe discuss kadneke liye. Aur Shravan yeh kya bachpana tha? U have been making me feel like a stupid in front of him. Humare dosti to laker itna useless bate karneki zaroorat kya tha?
Shravan: Useless? Suman u just cant hide it from a guy u will marry. He deserved to know every bit of u. And also abt US.
Suman: God!!! I could have eventually said him everything abt myself but ur words weren’t convincing. And wht abt us? Shravan no guy would like his wife to be soooooo friendly with another guy.
Shravan: Toh tumhari shaadi ke baad yeh friendship khatam? U r hilarious.
Suman: No I’m not being sarcastic. Mere shaadi ke baat humare friendship obv affected hoga. If u want my husband to love me, keep me happy, u gotta sacrifice some of ur rights. We won’t be so free after tht. He will feel insecure seeing us sooooo close together.
Shravan: What nonsense!
Suman: Jaab tumhe pyaar hogi tab tumhe pata chalega how it feels to see ur love with someone else.

Precap: Suman bursts into Shravan’s office leaving everyone shocked. “Shravan how dare u play with my self-respect?”
Done! K so how was the epi? Ik kinda stupid but I enjoyed making SHravan’s dialogues so I won’t complain. I realized it wasn’t a BOMB as I said so sorry. Additional sorry for other mistakes. The next epi will be up on Friday/Saturday. Depends on how lazy I am while writing it. So……Take care…Lots of love
PS: Tomatoes, cheese, eggs, and all sorts of fruit/vegetables r warmly welcomed. (Might save my grocery cost for a day!)

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