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Ek Duje Ke Vaaste: Love, Friendship, or Something More? Epi 12

Hello….So I fixed my WiFi router nd finally posting the epi. So from now on I will post epis quicker, hopefully, if life doesn’t get hectic again. SO here is my epi (WARNING: LAME EPI -_- )

Recap: Suman calls Shravan early around 4 am to save her from “chuha” Shravan helps geeting the rat out of her house, and they have breakfast together.


Malhotra House

Shravan walks in around 7 am when he encounters Ramnath and Pushkar
Ramnath: Shravan tum office ke liye taiyaar nahi hua?
Pushkar: Aap apni pajamas me kaha se…
Shravan: Woh chuha *bits his tongue*
Ramnath: Chuha?
Shravan: Sry I mean Nanu ko bohat bura sardi aai hai so I just wanted to see him
Ramnath: Par dress toh change kar lete
Shravan: I was worried. Sumo ghar me nanu ke sang akeli thi *Pushkar gives a “toh yeh baat hai” look but Shravan ignores* Agar nanu ko help chaiyeh thi toh
Ramnath: Suman is responsible. I trust her more than any other woman in terms of work. She is bold. Bilkul Tiwari ji ke tada. Not even scared of life
Shravan *smiling mumbled*: Haan par chuha abhibhi zinda hai
Ramnath *confused*: Kya? Chuha?
Shravan: Kuch nahi. Ap dono office jaiyeh I’ll join u in an hr. *Ramnath leaves*
Pushkar (he knows Sumo is scared of rats): Bhaiya iss gharpe bhi kuch chuha hai. Use bhi bhagane help kadenge?
Shravan: Chote tu kar. Mere pass time nahi hai
Pushkar: Apke pass to sirf Sumo ke liye e time hai. *Shravan gives an angry look and leaves*

Tiwari House

Suman goes to nanu’s room with breakfast.
Nanu *emotional*: Suman beta tum kitni badi hogai ho. Woh kuch din pahlei tum daas saal kit hi mere goot me bethkar chocolates khati thi.
Suman: Aapke liye kuch din hoga par sach me toh bohat saal beet gaya.
Nanu: Aab tum bohat zimyadar ho gayi. Kaal to tumhari shaadi bhi ho jaegi aur tum yeh ghaar chodke humesha humesha ke liye chali jaogi *wiping his tears*
Suman *touched by his words*: Nanu nahi mai kahi nahi jaungi. Mai humesha upke pass hi rahungi. Chahe toh shaadi bhi nahi kadungi.
Nanu: Nahi Suman beta, tumhari shaadi ki waqt aagaya. Mere paas kuch rishte hai lakin mai pahle janna chahta hu ki tum kisiko jantiho, ya pasand karti ho kya? Agar koi hai toh mujhe batao.
Suman was shocked and couldn’t believe her ears. This was the time she was always afraid of. Of Course she liked some. Not like, but loved someone…Shravan….but he didn’t feel same for her and she was confident. He liked her back then but now he committed as a best friend and if she shares her feelings, she might lose his friendship once again which she didn’t dare to.
Putting a stone on her heart she nodded a clear NO to nanu.
Nanu: Toh mai rishta dhundta hu.
She meant a no to marriage. She can’t imagine herself with someone else besides Shravan. It sounded more than impossible. She knew her feelings for him grew as time went on. But…it was still a ‘like’ she didn’t love him. She wants to take time for her marriage.

Malhotra Associates (Shravan’s office)

Shravan was leaning against the chair comfortably as he kept glancing at a photo. It was a childhood pic of him and Suman. He was seating while she stood, bending her body and crossing her hands over his neck.
“Sumo, idk my feelings for u. It keeps growing every day. Jaab mera dil kahta tha yeh ishq hai, dimaag kehta tha bachpana, aur aab jaab dimag kahta hai yeh pyaar hai, toh dil manta nahi. Mai kya karu? I wanna confess but what if I really moved on somehow? What if u were nothing but just an obsession to me which I overcame with time? I don’t wanna play with ur feelings. I better keep mum.”

He carefully kept the photo inside his desk when the door banged open. It was Sumo, standing restless, taking deep breaths.
Shravan *rushing towards her with concern*: Sumo tum thik toh hona? *Suman nods a yes* Jhut.
Suman: Agar tumhe patahai ti mai thik nahi hut oh puchte kyu ho?
Shravan: WOhh chill Suman mam. Aj subha hi toh baat kiya tumse haskar. Ek do ghanteme aisa kya hua?
Suman seats on the couch though Shravan kept standing, staring at her with concern
Suman: woh nanu ne…nanu ne….
Shravan: Nanu ne kya?
Suman: Meri shaadi ki baat kar rahe the.

Shravan was shocked. He lost control over his foot and dropped beside her in the couch. Even before he could let his feelings grow for her, it got a barrier. He could not imagine his best friend being someone else’s….someone else’s wife…. He was sure he couldn’t take the responsibility of being her husband as he is still fighting with the decision of his own heart and brain. And now, it was more decisions to take. The decision to get her or lose her. He tried making sentences but nothing formed. With hardship, he found some words flowing out of his mouth

Shravan: Sumo….tumhari shaadi ke baad…humari…
Suman looked at him with hopeful eyes. If he said he loved her, she couldn’t care her feelings for him was a like, love, obsession, or whtever. She would be HIS. Besides, he has been her best friend forever. Nothing can go wrong between them.
Shravan: Humari dost ko kuch nahi hoga na?
She knew she expected too high. Yes, he moved on. Shravan Malhotra moved on from. He wasn’t in LOVE

Precap: Suman goes to a restaurant to meet a guy
I’m sorry for a boring epi. But it was important to let u all know how confused they r abt their like-love transferring feelings. So I won’t ask how was the epi coz ik already it was super boring. S O R R Y
Anyways don’t forget to comment below.
Love u all
(PS: Tomatoes, chappal, cheese, egg, nd every other thing is warmly welcomed)

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