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Reincarnation 10…

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“this session ends here..we can’t do it much longer..if anything wrong happen,then his brain will have chances to stay in there permanently”, said the parapsychologist who was busy making teji comfortably wake up..

Arjun n Neil was still in shocked condition..though Neil couldn’t remember a bit he thought about his involvement with each and everything..one question arise in his mind..

” doctor how teji knew about the incidents where he was not present physically”, asked Neil with curiosity..Arjun aslo looked on..

” might be u people tell him later about the incidents and like any memory our brain stored it”, said doctor easily..both Arniel looked confused..
Doctor smiled and continued;” it’s simple ..u did many things in childhood ; but u can’t remember all these things..its like imprinted on our subconscious mind..when someone make u remember or if we tried to find out by accessing, u remember that..same logic applied in past birth revelations..we have everything in our tiny brain units..just we have to make it out”..

Now all came back to home ..teji said a bit relaxed” at least we got to know who is the saviour,our chasini”..

Arjun replied;” we just know that; but we can’t make her force to remember..precisely I personally want her to be out of this battle..she should be at peace,should be live happily like she did before..I’ll fulfil each and every wish of her by providing her tcomforts”..

Neil agreed with Arjun..he said ;” me too..i also don’t want her to involve in this game in this era also..moreover now when she has no clue about what’s the matter..i decided to send her back to our Madame house”..

Trio busy with their discussion when they heard noises from living room…they rushed down n saw radhika was scolding zubin and beat him in between her scolding ..Arjun stopped her n asked;” what happened?? Why r u so mad at him?? Did he disobey u??”.. He gave zubin a threatening look ,he gulped hard with fear..

” I don’t know what’s gotten into zubin..idiot didn’t let me out from office for a second..he kept following me everywhere..even now when I’m trying to back home ,he blocked me…nerve of the man”,whacks..she said angrily as she proceeded to punch him again..

Arjun stopped her and told zubin to went out..he told he ordered zubin to do that..radhika squinted at him n thought something..after a moment she started beating Arjun by saying;” I am ur PA..not ur prisoner..u kept spying on me..i won’t leave u Mr Arjun Mehera”..both started ran like tom n jerry in the whole building..

” they are not going to leave their kiddish behaviour..i just wondering how people’s nature behaviour changed so much birth to birth..once a sensible n responsible persons are behaving like joker n kiddish”, exclaimed teji by smiling..Neil too smiled as they both left to their too…

Sam went to her shooting..but; felt irritated seeing her role cut up very short..her scenes had no importance at all ,moreover her costume was too inconvenient to wear..she complained to the team ; but they didn’t listen to her as per Aditya’s order..but; she was so stubborn to leave it .. She decided to wore n continued her shooting..her scene was like
” an ultra modern beautiful girl stucked in midway of silent road coz of her vehicle broke down..some goons try to molest her; but hero will come to rescue her at edge of the moment”…
But ; to her bad luck instead of fake goons some real hired goons came..before anyone could get the slightest hint as every body were busy in rehearsal samaira was kidnapped..

Radhika was pacing in their room..she felt something weird like something is going to happen..but; couldn’t decipher anything..she opened drawer for her diary; but shocked seeing copper inscription with a piece of paper ..another riddle was written there..she read up everything easily but ; thought brewing in her mind..” I never studied such kind of languages but; I don’t feel any trouble while reading it”.. Later she made up her mind as she was busy solving riddles..after some moments she screamed with excitement which made trio ran into her room..all shocked seeing her in a messy conditions with inscriptions..radhika genuinely asked about inscriptions riddles..neil managed to convince her that they got it from ASI people to solve it.. neil wanted her to solve ,as he knows that rads can solve hard riddles within a moment from her childhood..

She replied;” I thought it might be some mystery related to treasure hunt ; but what is all this nonsense saying devastation n rebirth”.. With that she laughed like maniac saying..rebirth..what the heck ?? Who believed such nonsense in 21st century”…n went on with her laughter…Arjun ‘s face colour off by seeing her laughing..Neil could not say anything to her coz he himself was in confusion..teji looked Arjun n scolded;” stop it chasini..did we teach u to laugh at others belief or making fun out of it??..don’t embarrass others”.. She stopped immediately seeing teji like angry bird for first time..even Neil was startled..but; after all she was radhika..she paused for some moments n started laughing again chanting ‘rebirth game’, displaying various funny acts n moved out to other room…all felt sad …

Neil went to pick up inscriptions saw rad’s explanation written on a paper n he showed others with excitement..she wrote:

” two bloods mean two children having close relations..when one was like demon..he went out for his chosen destruction path by making his evil intensions strong..people should be careful about such devil because he will destroy everything by his evil friends help..&.. Other child was pure and genuine..he should be protected from evil touch..it must be him by using him devil would fulfilled his cruel intentions..at last his accusations scattered everything which will bring on devastation..if only they would able to figure out that person then they would be safe..

Second one:
It’s referred to neelkant that he should remember everything as right time approached now..he must follow the reality not dream..for remember he should go back to the place where everything started at first place..no need to worry , everything will reveal and repair soon as great warrior reborned to help them..

All seems to be happy with overjoyed..neil asked Arjun;” if the sight from where the statue retrieved was the lost kingdom of our previous birth??”.. Arjun nodded happily n replied;” even they dug out many things..they announced at that time that they found some lost civilization existence there..but ; due to some reason they left it behind..and i didn’t give any damn about that news that time..anyway u can go there anytime as it was under my province”..teji said excitedly;” thanks to chasini,she still had her ability hidden..she solved everything..we will visit tomorrow definitely”..all shared a group hug n rushed for their sleep…neil was super impatient as he was one who wanted to remember everything on his..so he was tossing n turning on bed..

It was 2am..when Arjun’s phone vibrated constantly..he came outside for talk..piyali was sounding scared..she asked if Sam was at Arjun’s place or not??Arjun shocked n immediately left to find her..Arjun went to Aditya’s place..he held his collars tightly n said in threatening voice;”where’s Sam?? I’ll not leave u this time easily..if I’ll not find her till tomorrow untouched,u will see what Arjun Mehera can do??”…

Aditya laughed cunningly;” calm down little brother..anger is injurious to health..and do whatever u want,I am not scared of u …keep ur unnecessary silly threats with u”..as he got rid of Arjun’s hand from his collar..

Arjun just glared him n moved out; but stopped listening Aditya saying;” even we tried to find Sam…but couldn’t..we filed a police complaint also”..he paused for a moment n again said;” don’t worry I don’t have any interest on Sam..but ; radhika will be mine..i won’t repeat such silly mistake again”..his face become hard showing all sheepish devil grins…Arjun couldn’t bear him taking radhika’s name ..he punched hard on his face n stormed out from his place….

Arjun was thinking on midway what to do..though he didn’t liked her but ; she was his first friend..always try to make him happy..at that time his smart watch beeped..he got his idea..he remembered Sam bought same watches for them..it had tracker facilities..he found out the location through GPS n rushed to the place..

Neil couldn’t wait anymore..he can have barely patience to know everything..he woke up teji in night n dragged him with him to sight…

Arjun reached at the place n got shocked seeing his own province..at that devastated sight,in the broken ghostly palace Sam was tied down unconscious..somebody came and ordered the goons around ;” wait till I command u to kill her..she was a lottery for us to get money”..Arjun moved cautiously inside ..as he noticed sam laid down he untied her n tried to get away with her without anyone notice them..but; some time luck didn’t favour..

Neil reached at sight..it was feeling very different compared to his first duty time visit..he felt someone said him ” after u got to know something about ur past,everything will be disclose in front of u”.. As he move steps forward some visions started came into picture..when he moved towards the broken entrance of fort he felt like he rushed forward on horseback while people appreciated warrior neelkant with huge applaud..as he entered inside his memories came back to him as flashes step by step…he saw the devastated court hall where hidden spy meeting organised..his and Arjun’s friendship..his eyes become moist seeing one broken stone structure of three people and right beside that some inscriptions writen..memories of radhika when came to visit him..he was so engrossed with his thoughts n back memories he didn’t saw one of the goon saw him n going to harm him as they knew he was a cop..teji saved him at right moment..they heard Sam’s scream n ran toward them..Arjun was surrounded by goons n two tried to drag Sam with them..neil looked Arjun with full of friendly love n affection..Arjun understood he got some of his memory back..trio fought back with full energy..but ; only neil could fight well as he was trained before in police service…neil beat them black n blue as they tried to get away injured..he hugged Arjun n said” my friend”..tears fall down from his eyes..both closed their eyes as they shared a group hug…the moment Arjun opened his eyes saw one of the goon tried to stab neil from back..within a moment he reminisced how many times neil saved him n his kingdom Astana in previous birth…he flipped him opposite as Arjun got stabbed badly…

After seeing Arjun in that state..that to after knowing many things from past..everything came into his vision clearly..how Arjun never behaved with him with a prince attitude..he was his best friend..fun loving…Arjun told ;” I am happy to get back u..I’ll try to repaid everything u did for me..take care of radhika”.. Arjun’s eyes getting closed as time passed…he was loosing his consciousness…Neil try to make him awake…he looked at the goon with anger filled eyes..his anger rose to maximum point…wind blown like it could blew away everything…could destroy everything within some moments…the imbalanced air flows awaken fear inside others…the person stood in front of them was not only a cop,but a mythical power holder warrior Neel who knew he retained his power……………

Precap: Trap,revelations of past…on the way to new era

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