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DYM – Connection from past Memory – 1

Hey all this is the next new FF from me to disturb you all. It will not be a big one max 10 i guess. This is a new try literally a new try for me and i’m nervous. I want a honest answer whether i can continue or should i need to stop it at once. Twin you gave me my fav my inner peace so i just want to give you a small gift to you, say me how was it rosie and my friends pls say me should i continue or should i stop it ??

Enjoy the ride….


After a tiresome day he enters the house a well furnished, he finishes his dinner with some cornflakes and he gets a call from his office.
Person ; Yup I want only that place for the location , yes there is a huge palace which is being destroyed due to time so I want that to be the perfect one for the research I want to know what has happened to the kingdom. Other side they said something and then he replies ; good ask them to start tomorrow I will join them within a couple of days and after few conversations they held the call.
He after sometime surfing in the net of what happened he went to sleep in the deep sleep he sees……….

A beautiful kingdom………..
The nature was so generous when they were there . There was a horse which was ridded by a soldier and he was accompanied by a beautiful girl. The horse was running at its maximum speed. The girls appearance said she was from the royal family.

Warrior ; Princess you ride the horse I have to take care of the people who are following us. She nodded and took the control of the horse and he turned with his bow in his hand and he shot the arrow and that perfectly hit the soldiers, hand as he did not want to kill anyone but just want to leave them alone and they were riding the best horse which was trained by him a horse which will listen only to him it was his pride a pure black horse which was itself a pride with its run. They were riding inside the deep forest and the water was shouting when they were falling from the mountains cliff and he stopped the horse and they got down from the horse.
Warrior ; Shakthi we will come back so just wait, It nodded in affirmative way and they both went inside a secret passage of the cave which led to the top of the mountain. She holds his hand with one hand and she holds her dress in the other hand.
Warrior ; Princess do you really want us to do this ?? They are only behind me not you, you still have time you can go back and live a happy life but not this.
Princess ; i made a pact on that day life or death it is only with you and i don’t want to go back there after knowing everything warrior, I don’t want to make a deal for my marriage , it is either us or no one. He nods and they proceeds towards the cliff, they go on top of the cliff and they and find an engrave on the stone. They once did that when they were around that top cliff which was their own figure which was carved in the stone by the warrior when she asked him to draw her picture in the stone. They hear the shouting of Shakthi which was making the warrior to alert.

He shouted ; Shakthi……….. on top of his voice which made the other soldiers alert and warrior shouted ; RUN…………… it ran away by tossing the soldiers so that his master can be saved but the soldiers shot him some arrows but the speed of the horse was no near to the shot of the arrows……

Warrior ; My princess radha your parents will never accept our love because u r the princess radha of the kingdom but im a warrier who fights for the kingdom. I did not want to express my heart to u but u were stubborn which made me to confess my heart. We will be separated by our people as we are not of same status…… now dont worry life or death it is only with u.

Princess radha ; Warrior Arjun even I want to say u this. Look they can separate us when we are alive but no one can separate us now. Are u ready ?? He nodded and they held their hands tight. Just then a commando in chief came who was their friend too but he was loyal to the kingdom so he went against. He rushed to them but they jumped of the cliff in front of his eyes when he was about to say something. He shouted ; no………………

He jerks and opens his eyes and finds himself sweating. He drinks some water and looks at the mobile it said it was 5 am. He smiles and says ; stupid night mare and starts for the jog…….

After few days few ……..

There were few archaeological students who were examining the area and one guy found a rock which had some craving on the rock. He called the others and they cleaned the rock and found a girl’s picture in it with a cute smile in her face…..

Who is the warrior Arjun and princess radha……. Who is the commando chief and what did he want to say ?? What happened to Shakthi horse ?? who is the archaeological person ?? Is he related to the kingdom ?? Will they meet again ?? For that please wait.

Thats it guys…. so how it ?? can i continue or stop it ??? pls do comment your views positive or negative . Love you all always stay strong and dont forget to smile.

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