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Dreams will come true (Episode 58) – Tragedy

A pin drop silence is pulsating among the students but a loud-cranky voice is explaning on a sub-topic of material science for hours with no end. The moment the lecturer sighs”That’s all!” All the students face glows with toothy smile and rushing out of the class as if birds are freed out the cage. Akshara told Kiran to wait for her in the class area and walk out to the washroom. ON her way back, she bumped into her friend-like acquintance Rahul. She smiled and Rahul huffed; “Akshara I wanna talk to you!” Akshara nodded and furrowed her eyebrows.

Rahul: Actually Sakshi wanted to apologise to you but she is afraid to encounter with you though!


Akshara : Nevermind, I don’t need any apology…. Just wish and hope that she don’t give anymore trouble Rahul.

Rahul: She won’t as she desperately wanted apologise as a repentance of her mistake. Just meet her once personally and she will be happy about it . It’s pretty-much hurt to see her murmuring all the guilty acts she have done.

Akshara: No worries. Even, I have been quite harsh to her the and it’s my responsible to solve the differences between us……. Where is she now ?

Rahul:She is waiting at the physics laboratory at the last floor because she forgotten her file there. You can go and meet her there. I need to go to the management room regarding college’s fees .

Akshara responded with an assuring smile and climbed up the college stairs;
“Thank God!!! She realised her mistake….. I don’t know whether she worths my trust but what if she is truly apologetic for her sins?I should give her a second chance and this is the right time to sort out our enmity! If I prolong this issue then it might evokes more hatred between us and I could sense genuine truth in Rahul’s eyes . How I wish Simran accept the bitter truth that Viren is my better half…I know she is definitely hurt with it but she needs to understand that love can’t be forced…. it’s merely a choice of two hearts to live as one! Akshara waved at Sakshi that shaking legs nearby physics lab; “You wanted to meet me naa! Sakshi smirks “Actually I am sorry for whatever I have done against you…. A gigantic sound of something crashing on the floor is detected and Akshara is puzzled “Who’s in the lab at this time? Sakshi stammers”I….I… don’t know!!! Who can be at this time?!

Akshara out of curiosity opens the door and someone pulled her in strongly.. She is appalled to encounter with a tall, dark-skinned mesomorphic man that grasping her hand tightly. Akshara yells “Who the hell are you?What are you doing here? Sakshi dramatically portrayed herself trembling in fear; “What’s happening here?Who are you??? Leave my friend!” The goon commanded “Get going b***c if not you won’t see this s*xy woman alive! Askhara winced in pain” Leave me!! You don’t know who you are messing with! He laughed “Oh shut your a*s-up!” He circled is arm around her waist and pretended to threaten Sakshi “This is last warning!!! Leave or watch her death! Akshara glared at Sakshi helplessly ; “You please go from here!! Bring someone for HELP! Sakshi obliged; “You will be safe!! She stepped behind and get going in a speedy walk.

The goon pushed Akshara on the wall and slammed the door… She banged herself on the wall but she did not let go her strength. Akshara from a distance throw the metal ruler,micrometer screw gauge and whatever measuring instruments her hands manage to reach. The goon smirks ruthlessly because he isn’t injured. He walks like a predator hunting its prey and crushed her forearm on the wall!
Sakshi and Simran are exhanging high-fives with victorious laugh”Poor lad!!! Unknowingly she fall in our trap and no one going to save the dignity of the class-topper! She will be ranked as the ‘sl*t of the college’ because we will spread rumours that she slept with two men at a time….Now let’s make a move before anyone see us and will come later to do the role-play of being Akshara’s saviour.
Akshara gives up and pleaded him with tears; “Let me go please! I beg you! He stomped on her feet and inhales her rose fragrance ” You are very tempting!” Akshara is digusted and pierced her tongue in rage. He admires her seductively from head to toe and the visible hickeys caught his eye “Wow!!! Love bites on your neck!!!Don’t act pious then! With whom you slept and how much you are paid???!I swear I can pay you double amount… Just let me taste you passionately! ” Akshara couldn’t stand anymore and she spits all her saliva right on his face! He screams”What the f**k????!”

He let go his grip and she pushed him away… She rushes to open the door but unfortunately she fails! She frightened and to save herself she grabs the huge metal G-clamp hanging on the wall. She crushed him and barbaraously hit on his head with inexorable force but he proved he his stronger by strangling her neck……She suffered to breath yet fortify him till she floored him with the help of G-clamp. …….He pulls off the clamp from her arm and throws away. ….Akshara felt her pulse in her throat and he pushed her mercilessly till she knocked herself on the wall again….. He managed to stand and banged the round-bottomed flask on the floor and looped her in his arms….

Akshara screams in fear but he coldcocked her on the scattered glass pieces around floor…….Some stabbed her skin and it pierced like a needle around her body that is not covered with clothes and some slapped her bosom with its surface…….She somehow tilted her head to refrain her head from getting injured…. He smiles evilly and nestled on her .. Akshara manage to get hold one of the glass piece and the moment he gaze at Akshara lustfully and his fingers are tearing off her blouse. She quickly penetrated the glass piece in his eye in a lightning speed. He screams in pain and she gathered the little willpower in her and pushed him……

He reached out his hand to hold her but Akshara jerked him and slit his wrist with the glass piece settled on her hand…..She slit his hand many times angrily and the blood oozing vigorously….. He rolled on the floor withering in pain and loosing all his man’s strength. Akshara is panting heavily and she adjusted the torn blouse. She again fail to open the door so she took the metal screw gauge on the rack and hit the door knob heavily….Blood is juicing out from her skin slowly from all the wounds marked around her…..She did not succumb herself to the injury and consistently hammered the knob and finally it gets opened. …

Akshara slammed the door and get rid off the hell but neither she had power to walk nor to visualise the image.She walks like a dead corpse as all her energy drenched out…The moment she reached the staircase, the hope of meeting someone to save herself vanished as none is visible and all gets blackened to her….She failed to survive and tripped on the staircase… Her body rolled from the peak of the stair case until collapsed on the grey cement ground. Neither her blouse nor long skirt preventing her flesh from revealing but her own BLOOD is adorning her figure..
Kiran wandering around the college in the aim of finding her as soon as he find out from a girl classmate that Akshara isn’t present in the washroom when he decided not to wait any longer. He searches to the cafeteria, basketball court and almost all the busy departments to find her. He is worried something might happen to her and he questioned whoever he bumped into regarding Akshara. He decided to find her in in other top floors of college and climbing on the stairs…. He saw a group of students circled the area and he rushed out but blocked by many that he shrugged off each and every shoulder. Sakshi and Simran trembled in anxiety and guilt to see Akshara’s condition so both of them hid themselves among other students.They couldn’t understand how all this happened. Kiran is shocked to see Akshara is lying on a girl’s lap and she is covered with someone’s tuxedo.. He leaped and grabbed Akshara and one of the student told him; “Ambulance is on the way!!Please calm yourself!” Kiran had tears in his eyes and few men in white uniforms lifted unconscious Akshara on the stretcher and Kiran desperately run behind them.He got himself into the ambulance to bring Akshara to the hospital.
One of the lecturer told the security guard to check around the college to find out on how the incident took place and few policemen arrived the area too. The security guard run to the place where police questioning the students; “A man….Man is terribly injured in the physics laboratory…. Police rushed out to lab and the evil goon is also sent out to the hospital… The principal turn out there and police promise to investigate about this case as nothing can be judged out now.
Kiran is all heavy-hearted and don’t know how to even inform Viren.. Tears rolling down his face to look at his unconscious angel…He carressed her hair; “Nothing will happen to you dear!” He muster up some courage to tell Viren…. He dialled up and Viren immediately answered his call..

Viren: Hello!! Wanted to call you guys but you did…Maa is doing well now.She had purging because she mistakenly took wrong medication… She is now resting… Where is Akshu??

Kiran: Akshu ..I am sorry….I failed to protect her……I…….

Viren: Speak up dammit…Where is my Akshara?

Kiran: I don’t know what happened to Akshu but she is brutally attacked….We are on the way to the hospital but she is left unconscious…

Viren is dismayed and his phone escaped through his fingers… Tears flood his vision and he is all muted standing like a lifeless body…..

To be continued

Expected or unexpected??? I am running out of words but one thing is clear life isn’t bed of roses….. Thank you for reading and do tell your opinion because I had a toughest time writing a first tragedy event in my life ??Lots of love and next will be on Thursday ?

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  1. Pity u akshara 🙁
    So bad simran and and sakshi
    A tragedy story 🙁
    Hope akshara is well

  2. U wrote the story like so real
    I can feel it 🙁
    Good job dashni ♥

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