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Hey guys Prathi here, since friendship day is around the corner thought of writing this one!! This one is about friendship and I dedicate this to all of my friends here! Love you guys keep supporting me! I just wrote this one in a hurry don’t mind the mistakes deal!? I dedicate this to those missing people Surbhi, Veni, suha. Hateera you are back wow! This one continues with the current track.

Purab called Abhi and tried to speak to him about Pragya but Abhi was so happy that he was in no mood of speaking to Purab!! At that point of time Purab said, Hey Abhi listen Yaar those devils ( Nikhil, Tanu & Aaliya) have done something to Pragya’s car don’t allow her to use it. Abhi said, Okie Purab I won’t allow her to use it because I am driving it right now. Purab who heard this was shocked beyond belief and asked Abhi, Tell me Yaar where are you now!? I will come and save you. Abhi said, No need Purab this my punishment for making Pragya cry all this while, I have to die this is my punishment (tears rolled down his cheeks while saying this) Purab said, No Abhi don’t do this to us, if you die then Pragya’s sacrifice will go in vain please Abhi tell me where are you!? Abhi thought atleast they should get to see my dead body, but what will be Pragya’s , Dadi’s Purab’s and everyone’s reaction when they see my dead body !? Oh my god I just can’t imagine! His thoughts were disturbed by Purab’s voice on phone. Somehow Purab managed to know where Abhi was from him. Purab who was already on the way turned towards that particular street and started driving searching for Abhi. Abhi thought to himself Bulbul I am coming to you now, don’t worry Purab is there to take care of your Di and everyone else! He reminisces every moment spent with everyone of his family members finally he reminisces moments spent with Pragya how they first met in beach, how they got married, how they proposed each other, How she supported him in all his decisions, how much she cared about him, how much they loved each other.


His chain of thoughts were broken by Purab’s call he picked the call, Purab said, Fasten your seat belts Abhi now! Abhi said, what is the need I am going to die now yaar. Purab said, Can’t you listen to me at least for once!? Abhi fastened his seat belt, just then he noticed Purab’s car in front of him like a barricade and Purab sitting inside it ( Purab actually planned to jump off but it was too close) Before Abhi could do anything he hit Purab’s car with such a force he leapt forward ( Thanks to his seat belt he was saved). Abhi rushed out of the car towards Purab’s car which was in the most worst situation! He opened the door which was rammed by him seconds ago to find Purab unconscious. Ye dosti hum nahi chodenge ( sad version plays) Abhi reminisces every moment he spent with Purab right from his childhood. He had tears in his eyes and was crying badly keeping his head over Purab’s chest.. Suddenly he heard Purab cough, he looked up and saw Purab smiling at him with much difficulty. Purab said, Enough of drama mujhey mar vayengi Kya!? Hat jao yaar mere sene se bohot dard ho raha hai! ( Are you gonna kill me, get off of my chest, it hurts a lot Yaar) Abhi said, Saale tum bhi na! Gabra gaye mein! Purab said, You thought I will die!? No way not now in this birth a d never let you die too. Who will get beatings from Bulbul for leaving her jiju to die! Even if I think of it I will wake up from my death ! Abhi said, Enough is enough now let’s go to a hospital and get you treated first then we both will punish the guilty!! They both share an Hi – fi!! Purab, dhere se dard ho raha hain ( slowly it hurts) they both laugh and leave to hospital while Ye dosti hum nahi thodenge happy version plays

I am posting this around 11 pm monday 1 st of August!
Guys hope you like it please let me know you liked it or not pretty please! Riyashree! Missing your comments very badly dear! Thank you Myna, Riya, Saranya, Lakshmi, Abhigaya,Durga, Maahi, Anjaly, Pinky for the comments for my previous 3 shots guys! Maahi I already wear Chashma for your info.

Crazy girl who cooks up stories.. ?? Craziest fan of Abhigaya???

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