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Doo foot ki dinoo(part 2)

HiHi guys i am back wid second update yaa i am late had exams
Its rose day aryan flirting wid girls and varun interepted
Varun – Aryan bhai ab to bass kar stop it man. I haven’t seen shivani since morning i am worried man
Aryan- bro u get lost don’t talk to me she was so pretty i wanted to be wid her man
Varun – Shivani…. Finally u are here . Atleast today u should have come early . Ok meet Aryan
He is my childhood friend joined college today only
Shivani – hey aryan how are u . Omg so many roses U seem to varun friend only how many girls have u proposed since morning
Aryan – no no not even one. I am very decent guy shivani
Varun – Bhai rehende (giggles)
Shivani – now where’s Aradhya she is reson i am late again she is lost somewhere
Bell rings shivani varun leaves for class
Aryan going to canteen and he colides wid a girl
And they share a close moment girl in arms of aryan and all aryan roses fell on her
Girl – are u blind or wat can’t u see me u dumb
Aryan- hey mind ur tongue u should have seen
Girl-shut up and leave me
Aryan – i am not even interested to hold u
Girl – get lost
They both leave
After college varun standing wid aryan and waiting for shivani
Shivani – hey guys meet Aradhya
Varun says hi and aryan was not there
He was seeing flirting wid another girl
Aradhya- hey varun
Varun – i need to go excuse me
Varun leave
Aradhya- rude … He is rude
Shivani no he isn’t
Aradhya – u knw ajj ka din hi kharab hai i am fed up of these guys i fell in canteen becoz of stupid guy chal shivani i leave for library i have some work
Aradhaya looking for books
While at same time aryan is holding hand of girl in corner of library

Aradhya -Cheap man its a library not a loverpoint
Taunted aryan
Girl wid aryan leaves
Aryan comes towards aradhya and sliped


They again were close to each other and started fighting again
She tries to leave aryan stop her and saw a mark on her back

Flash back (two kid playing wid kitchen set)
Aryan -Wife give me my tea
Girl- yes i am bringing
Aryan – be fast
While girl was bringing it she fell and had a injury in her back
That injury was a similar mark that he saw on Aradhya’s back
Precap – Shivani introduced Aradhya to aryan and he huged Aradhya’s there and then

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