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hi guyz!!! it’s me again. i am writing 3 ff’s for now so plz bear me……………….

so over here i am gonna have both matsh and kkb. so we will see how destiny takes them to their dream world……..
and all 4 lives in usa…….



ranveer: he is an sporty, energitic, hot and cute boy. his parents live in india. he loves ishaani passionately. he studies in stanford univerity. he loves his parents. and friend of abhi and pragya…

ishaani: she is a artistic,intelligent,pretty,creative,inspiring and modern girl. she doesn’t have parents as they died in an accident. she also studies in stanford university. she also love ranveer passionately. and friend of abhi and pragya


abhi: he is an obedient,factual, confident and curious boy. he loves pragya. he also doesn’t have parents but he only has his dadi. dadi lives in india. he studies in harvard university. he is also friend of ranveer and ishaani.

pragya: she is an independent,crazy, encouraging and cheerful girl. she has a sister.she doesn’t have a father only a mother her mother lives in india with bulbul pragya’s sister. she loves abhi. she studies in harvard university.she loves her mother and her sister. she is also friend of ranveer and ishaani.

should i continue???

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