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Diya Aur Baati Hum 23rd August 2016 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 23rd August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Sandhya telling Ankur and Ankita that she will punish their murderers. She promises Ankur. Babasa begs to the terrorists and asks them not to shoot innocent people. The terrorist aims at him and says if you don’t want more people to die, so as we want, else we will shoot everyone. Bhabho says we will do as you say, don’t kill anyone. Meenakshi says yes. Bhabho says don’t shoot. Babasa says yes, don’t kill anyone. The terrorists ask them to sit in line. He makes everyone sit and tells them about the device, they will know if they try to call anyone, we will not give chance to apologize, don’t do any mistake if you want to save life. Sooraj thinks Sandhya is finding them everywhere and does not know they have captured us here.


Arpita gives Ankur and Ankita’s

belongings to Sandhya. Sandhya checks that and takes Ankur, Ankita and Vansh’s pic from it. She says Vansh is seeing all this at such young age, and calls Sooraj to talk. Sooraj’s number is off. Sandhya calls on landline and could not connect. She calls Vikram and Meenakshi and get their number off too. She says why is this happening, this never happened before.

The terrorists see the news. Sandhya shows the terrorists face and asks the people to inform police, I promise police is just a call away. Terrorist PP says our plan failed by Sandhya. The terrorist says we will give her prize for her bravery when we get chance, we have to think how will we go out, we will call CM and tell him we kept people at gunpoint, CM will make way for us, govt will fall if the people die here. Sandhya checks network is running fine, why are everyone’s numbers off, are they all fine. She gets worried.

The terrorists see Sandhya’s pic and say who say coincidence does not happen, this is Sandhya’s house, her family is at our gunpoint, our fate is not so bad. They smile and cancel plan to call CM. He aims gun at Sandhya’s pic and smiles.

Sandhya tells Arpita that she will go home, phones are switched off, keep patrolling on, inform me if you find about terrorists. Arpita asks her not to worry. The terrorist ask Sooraj to call Sandhya, she should not doubt there is something wrong here, ask her when is she coming here. Sooraj says she is on duty, I won’t call, kill me. Rocky says it looks Romeo and Juliet’s love story, come on call her. PP gets Vansh there and says I think you have special relation with this boy, tell me you want your wife or child. Vansh hugs Sooraj. Sooraj asks him not to worry. The terrorists say leave him, call Sandhya.

Sooraj calls Sandhya. She asks is everything fine at home, I was worried, why are you not answering, everyone’s phones are not connecting. Sooraj says yes, everyone is fine, there is no network, I will manage, you take care. She asks about Vansh, manage him. He says yes, Vansh is infront of me, don’t worry about him, I won’t let anything happen to her, when are you coming. She thinks why is Sooraj asking this, he never asked this, he knows I m on imp work.

She asks what happened, you never asked me time to return from duty, you are worried for Vansh, I m also worried, I m on the way, I will reach in 15mins. The terrorists smile. Sooraj wishes if I was not helpless, I would have not said this, how to sign you I m lying, I don’t want to invite you in this troyble.

Sandhya reaches home and sees the shadow with the gun. She goes out to inform police and catches one terrorists.

Update Credit to: Amena

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