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Diya Aur Baati Hum 21st August 2016 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 21st August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Arpita saying they can’t use the phone now, all networks are jammed. Sandhya says they will get alert knowing this, we have to catch them. Minister asks commissioner about network jam, and says our calls are imp. Commissioner says sorry, its done to catch a terrorist, there is chip bomb in devmata idol, we have to save million of lives, our officer Sandhya Rathi did this, she wanted to examine idol and you did not allow her, if she examined, she would have not let idol go there, the millions of people are in risk now. The minister asks him to use force and defuse the bomb. Commissioner says our best officers are on duty.


The four guys shoot innocent people on the road. They take a car and flee. Sandhya gets informed about the shootout and terrorists running

towards Ajmer highway. Sandhya tells Arpita that the four guys should not escape. The police staff take the idol to remove chip bomb and praise Sandhya. Babasa tells Bhabho that phone is not connecting. Arzoo says Vansh has come, so Sandhya and Sooraj went to take him. Sooraj comes with Ved and Vansh.

Bhabho asks Sooraj where did he go at aarti time, and sees her crying. She gets worried. The four guys reach a godown and say police is very smart to block all routes. Sandhya, Arpita and police staff reach there. The guys shoot at them. Sandhya asks them to surrender to save lives. The guys shoot at police. Sandhya shoots at them.

Sooraj tells everything to Bhabho. Bhabho gets shocked and cries. Babasa and Arzoo too get shocked. Bhabhoasks what did this happen. Vansh asks them about the murderer who killed his real parents. He asks Sooraj will Ved’s mumma catch them. Vansh says I won’t go from here, they killed my parents, I will beat them, leave me. Vansh faints. Sooraj holds him. Bhabho asks someone to get water. She sprinkles water on Vansh.

A police officer gets shot. Sandhya asks Arpita to take him and leave. Arpita asks how shall I leave you alone with such dangerous terrorists. Sandhya says I will follow up. Arpita leaves with others. Sandhya shoots at terrorists. She sees no movement and goes out to see. The guy asks the other guy to show his talent now, we can’t wait more, force can come here anytime, go for it.

Sandhya looks for them. The guys throw net on her and pull her up. The four guys come out and see Sandhya.

Vikram tells Sooraj that Vansh will get fine if he stays with family. They all reach home. Vansh sees the house and recalls Ankur’s death. He says leave me, this is not my house. Sooraj says this is your house. He recalls the lie and says this is not my family, family does not lie or give child to anyone. Ved says no. Vansh says my mum and dad are dead, this is not my family. Ved says this is our family, I m your brother. Vansh refuses to accept them and says I will go. He runs and Sooraj holds him. Sooraj says we will talk peacefully, I know much bad happened with you. Vansh says you are no one to me, I will die, but not stay in this house.

The guy says its enough of cat and mouse game. They hear police siren. The guy shoots at Sandhya. She closes her eyes. The guys smile and leave from there.

The terrorists shoot people randomly. Bhabho and everyone get shocked seeing the shootout.

Update Credit to: Amena

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