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Diya Aur Baati Hum 17th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 17th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Sandhya asking commissioner does he not find this strange that thief returned the idol in a day. Arpita says whats strange in this, maybe the thief changed his mind and returned idol, you are finding it strange as I cracked this case, I got this idol from trustee’s house. Sandhya says maybe idol was planted there. Arpita says we got 50 lakhs from him, no one will keep money at home. Sandhya says maybe his intention is bigger than 50 lakhs. Arpita says agreed to you, but Sooraj’s statement is not planted, you call your husband and ask him his statement, who asked him to give this statement. Arpita plays Sooraj’s statement.


Sandhya says statement is right, Ved told Sooraj as trustee refused Ved to have Devimaa darshan, its rule, I don’t find this a robbery

case, its not a simple case, its complicated and we should think on this again. Commissioner gets his senior’s call. Senior asks why did you not place idol back in temple, report to me soon.

Commissioner tells Sandhya that people got to know we have the idol with us, we can’t be late and have to keep idol back, else people will be very angry in ghaat aarti. Sandhya says yes. Arpita gives her statement to media and says we caught the thief, temple’s trustee has cheated devotee’s belief and stolen the idol, I m glad this case is solved in less time, ghaat aarti will be celebrated well, thanks to everyone, we will always be there for your protection. Rathi family sees news. Meenakshi says its great, but Sandhya should have done this.

Bhabho says what matters is that idol is recovered, and thief is caught. She asks Meenakshi to come. Bhabho drops the aarti plate. Meeenakshi says its big abshagun, the diya and baati we made for ghaat aarti got ruined. They get worried.

Trustee tells Sandhya that he is innocent. Sandhya says police has evidence against you, chances are less, real culprit has to be caught, I will help you. He says I will cooperate, help me. She asks him to think well, did he see anything weird in temple, when he was locking temple. He says I have locked temple, I had keys, how did thief get inside. She asks him to think. He tells her that Devmata idol is more lighter, than other idols, so that’s easy to take it outside. Sandhya says you mean other idols are more heavy and expensive. She goes and evaluates why thief has stolen devmata idol. She says we got the idol and money too, why did robbery happen, is this robbery not a robbery. Arpita is at the temple and asks staff to keep an eye here.

Commissioner calls Arpita. Arpita says Devmata idol is placed, security is tight, don’t worry. Sandhya says there are two benefits by this robbery, it was pressure on police, and registration got double, many people will be coming this time, what benefit can thief has by these points, this is not a thief, its not robbery case, there is something I m not able to see, why will anyone play such game, its big game and its for big danger, what can it be.

Few young guys are shown staying at some place. They all are weird and planned the bomb attack in ghaat aarti. They see news and people praising police. The people gather for ghaat aarti. The guys laugh.

Sandhya sees the people having much devotion and going to ghaat aarti along family. Sandhya thinks they are very excited, but why do I feel there is something wrong this time, but what. The guy says its just 4 hours, they will know the big blast. He asks his friends to count down and blows the candles.

Ghaat aarti begins. Sandhya finds the bomb and gets shocked. She informs Arpita about the bomb in Devimata idol.

Update Credit to: Amena

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