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RECAP-Dev confronts Ishwari. Ishwari realizes the truth.

Today it’s rakhi. Everyone are very happy. Rea and Nikki are running here and there as always. Neha has come home from Ranveers house. RR is yelling at Bhola bhaiya for not doing the work properly. Dev is desparately waiting for Sonakshi. Yes, Sonakshi has come back and Dev has called her. She has decided to talk to Dev in ishwari villa so she agrees to come. Ishwari she is just lost in the deep thought and mamaji is handling the other works of the house for rakhi celebrations.
The celebration is over but Sonakshi has not arrived yet. Dev goes out to call Sonakshi and just then she arrives. Dev goes to her and hugs her tightly like he haven’t met her for decades and finally they are meeting.
Dev- Sonakshi, pata hein maine tumeh kitna miss kiya. Tumeh meri yaad nahi aaiy kya? Bas ek phone call toh karna tha na.[Sonakshi, Imissed u so much. Didn’t u miss me? U should have atleast called me] Sonashi- Sorry Dev maine bhi aapko bahut miss kiya.[Sorry Dev but I also missed u a lot] Dev- Ab tum aa gaiy ho na ab sab theek hoga.[ Now u have come no, everything will be fine now.] Sonakshi- Kyun? Kuch hua gaiy hein kya.[Why? Has something happened.] Dev- Haan tumeh nahi dekha than na to phir kuch kami si lag rahi thi. Ab tum aa gaiy ho na to abhi mein bahut theek hoon.[ I didn’t see u so I was sick but I am all fine now] Sonakshi- Dev…….voh mujhe aap se…kuch.[ Dev actually…… I needed to.] Just then Ishwari arrives. Devakshi break their hug..
Ishwari (in the same rude tone)- Sonakshi mujhe tumse akalae mein baat karni hein.( Sonakshi I needed to talk to u] Sonakshi- Aunty ji voh…….
Ishwari- Sonakshi, mujhe tumse abhi baat karni hein mere kamre mein aao.[Sonakshi I need to talk to u right now come to my room.] Dev acts like he doesn’t know anything. Cuz Ishwari told him to do so.


In Ishwari’s room
Ishwari- Meine tumeh itna sunaya. Yeh kaha kit um mere Dev e layak nahi ho. Itna daanta. Aur phir bhi tum aisa bartaab kar rahi ho?[in the same tone she was talking to her the other day]{ I warned u so much I yelled on u telling u are not a good girl for my Dev. But also u r behaving in tis way?}
Sonakshi- Aunti ji aapko koi galat fehmi hui hein….maine Dev ko aap ke khilaaf kabhi bhi nahi bhadkaya……voh….[ Aunty u r mistaken. I didn’ t tell Dev anything against u] Ishwari- Abhi meri baat khatam nahi hui hein Sonakshi.[ I have not finished Sonakshi] Sonashi- Sorry aunty ji mein bas…………[Sorr aunty I was just…………..] Ishwari- Meine tumeh itna uch sunaya aur phir bhi tum itni ache se bartaab kaise kar sakti ho Sonakshi.{Sonashi was like what?} Sona, meine Dev se us din ke bare mein baat ki mujhe maaf kardo Sona beta maine tumeh bina baat ke…. Pata nahi kya kya keh diya.[Ishwari neels down and starts to cry and asks for forgiveness]Sona, please mujhe maaf kardo.[ I was so rude to u but but u r still so nice to me Sonakshi.Sona, I talked to Dev about that day. Please forgive me Sona I shouldn’t have been mad at u without any reason…… I was so rude to u.] Sonakshi- Aunty ji! Yeh aap kya kar rahi hein. Aap please uthiye.[ Aunty ji what are u doing. Please get up.] Ishwari- Tum itni achhi kaise ho sakti ho beta.[ how can u be so nice.] Sonashi- Aunty ji, mein koi achhi nahi hoon. Aur aap mujhse……[ aunty I am not soooo nice. And why are u…………] Ishwari- Sona mujhe maaf kardo …..mein galat thi …..galat thi mein..tumse achha mere Dev ke liye koi nahi ho sakta.[ Sona please forgive me….i was wrong….i was wrong………. I m sorry there is no one better for my Dev than u] Sonashi- Auntyji aap ko mujhse maafi magne ki koi zaroorat nahi hein. Aap ko sachhai pata chal rahi hein na wahi bahut hein.[ Aunty there Is no need for u to ask me forgiveness. U realized the truth the truth that is enough] Ishwari- Aunty nahi aajse tum meri beti ho aur mein tumhaari maa. Mujhe maa bulao jaise Dev bulaata hein.[ not aunty , from now on u r mu daughter and I am ur mother call me mom as Dev does.] Sonakshi- Ji maa….[ ok mom….] [They both smile. Sona wipes Ishwari’s tears and they hug each other] Dev- Aur mera kya?[and what about me]

Dev was jus standing outside and smiling at them.
Ishwari- Tujhe kaise bhul sakte hein……..aaja[ how can we forget u…come] Dev also joins the hug. Devakshi take blessings from ishwari. And now Ishwari has accepted Sonakshi with all her happiness……
After a week Devakshi are engaged. Both families are deciding the marriage date in Ishwari villa. RR is in shock. She is still not able to understand what is happening these days. Anyways,Devakshi are standing in the corner. Dev wasn’t able to romance with Sona so, he pulls her and takes her to his room.
Sonakshi- Dev, yeh aap kya kar rahein hein. Sab log neeche hein. Jaldi chaliye varna koi upar aa jayega.[ Dev what r u doing. Everyone r downstairs. Lets go orelse someone will come.] Dev- Sab neeche hein upar nahi.[Dev holds her waist and pulls her close to her heart] Aur koi aa gaya toh bhi kya hua ab tum meri biwi ho kuch dino mein humaare shaadi ho jayegi.[ they r downstairs not here. And what will happen if someone comes up u r my wife we r going to get married in few days.] Sonakshi- Par abhi tak shaadi nahi hui hein.Kuch aur din baaki hein.[ but we r not married yet] Dev- Toh kya hua mein tumeh apni biwi maan chukka hoon aur baanki toh sirf rasmein hein. Aur mein..rasmon ko nahi manta. [What will happen then I have already accepted u as my wife and only rituals r left. And I ……….don’t believe in rituals.]

Sonakshi- Aap nahi kartein……..par duniya toh kartein hein….[ u don’t believe but the world does] Dev- [pulls her very close…so close that there is no distance between] Par mujhe duniya ki koi parwaah nahi hein.[ but I don’t care about the world] Sonashi- Dev yeh kya kar rahein ho…..chodo mujhe. Aaj al bahut chicoore ho rahe ho…..[ what r u doing leave me………. ] Dev- Mein meri biwi se romance kar raha hoon aur mujhe is mein koi sharam nahi hein.[ I m just romancing with my wife and I m not shy for it] Dev gives a soft kiss on Sona’s lips and slowly it becomes a passionate kiss. Everyone are happy as the date is after 2 days. Dev are Sona are busy in romancing with each other the suhagraat before marriage. And this time Nikki has also not become kabaab mein haddi.
Everyone are happy.

Hello people here Dev and Sona hre happy and now Ishwari is also really happy. Let us wish them happy married life. And lets hope to see Devakshi married on the on screen as well. With this happy moment in the life of Devakshi I hope that we will get to see it early on screen as well. So this is my ending for the feelings for Krpkab and lets hope that we will get to see the happy moment early in the show. Don’t forget to read my FF KRPKAB . I will be updating it soon and for now love everu one be happy and
Bye, Adaaf, Sastriyakaal And see u next time on my ff KRPKAB. Have a good day ahead.

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