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DevAnkshi everyone’s fav (intro)

A big room is shown. A girl with a beautiful smile is seen standing near d window of a well designed room. Yes,she is none other than our Sons. Suddenly two arms hold her waist from back. Without even looking she knows who it is
How can she not recognise his touch?
S- Dev,leave me somebody ll come.
D- Only two days to go for our engagement n still ur shying away.
S- I can’t believe it. Only two days to go. It seems only yesterday that u proposed me in the most unromantic way( laughs).
D- Oh really…..

He pins her to d wall n kisses her cheeks. She shies. Suddenly……
Nikki- Sona di…… Ohhh I am so sorry. It seems u both were a little busy.( giggles)
D- What do you want, Nikki?
N- I just wanted Sona di help.But u both enjoy..
S- Nikki wait I am coming…
She starts going. But Dev holds her.
D- She told us to enjoy.Don’t u love her ?
S-yaa but….
D- No ifs and buts it’s time for action. (Smirks)
They both hug and romance.


The main story is yet to unfold. It’s just an intro . plz tell if I should continue. Criticism is also welcomed.

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