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Destiny- Its All About Life (SS on SWASAN/Rag-San) By Goldie Part 1

Hello Guyz..Its Me Goldie Here agn wid A Short Story on SwaSan..Hope U will Like it..Its something New n Different..Hopefully it will Impress U all..So Here is da Intro n a Character Sketch of the People Appearing in this Short Story..Hope u will Like it..Do Leave ur Valuable Comments in the Comment Box Below n Let Me knw hw u Liked the Intro :)..



Destiny – Its All About Life !!!

Part 01 ( Intro )

Character Sketch :

Sanskaar Maheshwari : An Honest n A Loyal Police Commissioner of Kolkata..A Loyal Husband n a Father too..Matured n Understanding…Love His Wife the Most..

Ragini Sanskaar Maheshwari : 1st Wife of Sanskaar…Has A 6 Yrs Son frm Sanskaar..

Swara Sanskaar Maheshwari : 2nd Wife of Sanskaar.. Lovable n A Matured Lady ..Love Her Husband n Son ( Ragini’s Son ) da Most..Cn do anything fr their Happiness..A Bubbly n A Nature Free Lady..

Aryaan Sanskaar Maheshwari : A Cute n A Naughty 6 Yrs Old Son of Sanskaar n Ragini..Consider Swara as His Own Mother..Aware of the Fact dat Ragini is His Real Mother bt Love Swara da Most since Childhood..

Other Characters :

Annapurna n Durga Prasad Maheshwari : Parents of Sanskaar n Laksh..

Shekhar n Sharmishta Gadodia : Parents of Ragini..

Laksh Maheshwari : Younger Brother of Sanskaar

Sujata n Ram Bose : Guardian of Swara since Childhood..Consider Swara as their Own Daughter..


Maheshwari Mansion

A Big Mansion n a Magnificent Mansion is Shown n its been getting Decorated like A New Bride as if its Some Imp Occasion going to take Place..A Lady is Shown Shouting n Ordering da Servants fr Further Preparations while the Servants r Bzy in Obeying Her Orders…

Lady : Arrey Ramu Kaka..Hurry Up..I dnt want any Mistake in My Son’s n My Daughter In Law’s 6th Wedding Anniversary..It shud be da Memorable One..So Hurry Up n Complete the Decorations asap..

Ramu Kaka : Ji Malkin..Dnt Worry..Sanskaar Baba n Swara Betiya ki Anniversary will be One of the Best..U dnt take Tension.. ( Smiles )

Lady : ( Smiles ) Good..

As Lady was Instructing da Servants a Late 50s Man comes n Calms da Lady making da Lady Smile n Admire da Man n His Care towards Her..

Man : Offo Annapurna ( Yes da Lady is AP ) ..Relax ..Fikar mat karo..Sab hojayega..U take Rest..U knw na if Both Swara n Sanskaar sees U taking Tension fr them n their Function..they will Cancel the Whole Function..for them U r Imp nt their Happiness..

Annapurna : Haa Ji ( The Man is DP ).I knw..bt kya karu ?? Mere Pyaare Bete aur Bahu ki Shaadi ki Saalgira ( Wedding Anniversary ) hai..n main Preparations nhi dekhugi toh kaun dekhega ??

DP: Hmm..Woh toh Hai.. ( Laughs )

While AP n DP were Talking A Cute Little 6 Yr Old Kid comes n Hugs AP n DP Cutely making both Adore da Little Heir of their Maheshwari Family..

Kid : Alley ( Runs n Hugs AP n DP ) Dadu..Dadi..Main Aagaya.M Bak frm School..Whr r My Chocolates ?? ( Innocently )

DP : ( Smiles n Takes in His Lap ) Aww..My Grandson has Come ( Kisses da Kid’s Cheeks ) Welcome Bak My Son..

AP : ( Smiles n Kisses too ) n Here r Ur Chocolates..Hw cn We Forget wat Our Son has Demanded..After all U r The Most Lovable Member of Maheshwari Family..ARYAAN SANSKAAR MAHESHWARI..Hai na ?? ( Laughs )

Aryaan : ( Laughs Innocently ) Yes Dadi..( Kisses AP n DP n Runs ) Thnk U Dadu ..Thnk U Dadi..Love U

AP/DP : ( Laughs ) Love U Too Beta..

Soon Aryaan Leaves da Hall while DP n AP Admires da Cute Kid n
Reminisces da Past wid Teary Eyes Thnking God fr Such A Wonderful Family..

AP : ( Teary Eyes ) Thnk God Ji..Finally My Family is Out of those Dreadfull Past..n r Happily Living..SWARA has Come in OUR Lives as An Angel n has Managed Everything Perfectly..Sanskaar n Aryaan r nw Happy n r Enjoying their Life Agn..All Thnks to Our Swara..Agr woh nhi hoti toh Pata nhi kya hota Humare Sanskaar aur Aryaan ka ..Hai na ??

DP : ( Agrees wid Teary Eyes ) Haa Annapurna..Swara is indeed An Angel fr all of Us..God Bless Her..

AP : ( Smiles ) Haa..I Wish da Same Ji..

While AP n DP were Blessing Swara In Heart,The Scn Shifts to a Beautiful Room whr A Boy n A Girl wid 7 Months Baby Bump whr Enjoying their Spcl Moments while getting Ready..

Girl : ( Pout Face n Makes da Boy Boy Wear His Upper Uniform Blazer ) Kya SANSKAAR ( Hehe..Yes the Boy is None Other dan Our Hero Sanskaar )..its Our Wedding Anniversary n U r going to ur So Called Second House ?? U Promised Me U will be wid Me n Our ( Touches Her Baby Bump ) Kids Today da Whole Day..Ok Leave Abt Me bt think abt Aryaan n Our Unborm Baby na..They will be Angry wid U ( Pout Face )

Sanskaar : ( Smiles n Turns n Hugs da Girl Carefully ) Aww..My Princess ( No Need to Guess..Who is Sanskaar’s Princess ??..Its Obiviously SWARA ? ) is soo Cute in Her Pout..Sorry Princess..Kya Karu..U knw na My Wrk is like this only..Pata nhi kab aur kaise Ek Imp Case aajaye.. ( Holds His Ears wid Apologies Face ) Plzz Maaf kardo..This Case is Teally Imp..Plzz..

Swara : ( Smiles n Release da Hug ) Its Ok..U cn Ok..I Understand..Go n Do ur Duty First Commissioner Sanskaar Maheshwari..I will make Ur Kids Understand.. ( Smiles n Hugs agn ) bt Do come Soon b4 the Party Strts.i will be waiting fr U..Ok ?

Sanskaar : ( Smiles n Hugs Bak ) Ok Princess.. ( Kisses Her Head ) Take Care of Urself n ( Touches Swara’s Baby Bump ) Our Baby Ok ??

Swara : ( Smiles ) Hmm..Nw ( Release da Hug ) Go Fast.u r getting Late warna My Mood fr Sending U will get Chngd ( Giggles )

Sanskaar : ( Laughs ) Ok Baba..Going.. ( Kisses Swara’s Forehead ) Take Care Princess..

Swara : ( Smiles ) Haa Ok..

Soon Sanskaar Leaves fr Police Station Happily Waving Bye to His Princess while Swara too Waves Bye n goes to a Near By Room Carefully Holding Her Baby Bump n Sits Beside a Lifeless Girl n Reminisces da Past wid Teary Eyes..

Screen Freezes on Swara n da Lifeless Girl …Who is da Lifeless Girl n was Past is Swara Thinking Off ??

Stay Tune to knw da Answers of All ur Questions :)..


So Guyz Here was da Intro n The First Part of the Short Story “Destiny – Its All About Life”..Drop Down ur Valuable Comments n Let Me knw ur Views..Ur Comments/Response will Decide to Continue or Not :)..


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