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Suhani holds her lil family pic close to her heart and cries..
She recalls some lovable moments with them..
Suddenly somebody knocks at the door..
Su opens the door and says- please….. End all these.. I want my son back..
She falls on her knees and cries..

Next morning:
Su goes to the kitchen.. She finds sha helping prat..
Sha wishes her gm..
Prat- sha.. I will take yuv’s breakfast to his room..
Sha- aunty, I will carry the tray.. Let’s go..
Prat nods looking at su and leaves from there.. Sha follows her..
Su gets upset and clenches her fists..

Yuv is sitting in the guest room..
Prat comes with sha..
Yuv asks prat hez not hungry..
Prat tells him to talk to su once..
Yuv- what shall I talk when shez not ready to hear anything? She straightaway sent divorce papers.. She didn’t even think that I need her, the kids need her..
Sha grins hearing this..
Prat- beta u……
Yyv interrupts- if she doesn’t need me, I won’t force her to stay..
He takes out the papers and signs..
Sha smirks and says in mind- finally it happened.. Now u will be mine yuv..

Yuv goes out calling su’s name..
Su comes there.. He gives her the papers and says he has signed..
Rags- yuv.. Su.. Think again.. At least about ur kids..
Yuv- no bhabhi.. She feels suffocated with them.. So now they are my kids.. Not hers..
Su looks on..
Yuv- shagun.. Will u marry me? Will u be a mother for my kids?
Su is shocked..
Sha agrees..
Su- fine.. Do whatever u want..
She too signs the papers..
Yuv- I’m going to the hospital to get yuvaan back..
Sha msgs the doc..

After an hour, yuv comes back with yuvaan..
Su gets teary eyed seeing him..
Yuv- now I this lil kid will be in his mom’s arms..
He walks towards shagun..
Sha too walks towards yuv.. But yuv passes by her leaving her behind..
Sha turns to see.. Shez shocked seeing yuv giving yuvaan to su..
Su takes her lil kid in her arms and smiles with tears of joy..

Prat- what’s happening yuv?
Yuv looks angrily at sha..
He goes and slaps her..
Yuv- how could u stoop so low? And how could u think su is alone?
He tells them everything..

In the hospital:
Suhani and shagun come out and su takes yuv holding his hand..
Su (in low voice)- listen to me very carefully.. Sha has kidnapped yuvaan..
Yuv (shockingly)- what??
Su tells him everything..
Suddenly she sees prat and sha coming.. So they start their acting..
Yuv asks su what happened..
Su yells at him- its all coz of u yuvraj………
*FB ends*

Late night:
Yuv knocks at the door..
Su opens the door and says- please….. End all these.. I want my son back..
She falls on her knees and cries..
Yuv sits down and hugs her.. He assures her that all will be fine next morning..
Su apologises for being so harsh to him..
Yuv- I know its all for our son.. So u need not be sorry.. Now listen to me.. Tomorrow we will have divorce..
Su- what??
Yuv- don’t worry.. I have replaced the papers..
Su beats him and says- I was already tensed and u were going to give me heart attack..
Yuv holds his ears like a kid..
She smiles slightly and kisses on her forehead..
They wish gn and he leaves..
*FB ends*

All are taken aback..
Sha- su.. U cheated me..
Su- no.. Its called tit for tat.. Now go and submit the papers to the registrar..
Sha fumes..
Police come there and take her away saying the doc has confessed everything..

After 5 years….

As I came back after jogging, I found my juice on the dining table.. The kids were getting ready for school..
I saw my wife preparing breakfast for all..
I frowned as shez always busy with household responsibilities.. She had no time for me..
Just then, yuvaan went to her and said- mumma, I’m going for bath.. Plz keep my breakfast ready..
She smiled and said- ok beta..
An idea stuck into my mind..

I went to our room and kept my towel on the bed.. As I saw her coming, I rushed into the bathroom and locked it..
After five mins, I said like yuvaan- mumma.. Towel..
And I slightly opened the door a lil..
As she forwarded her hand with the towel, I pulled her in..
She was breathing hard, might be coz I hadn’t turned on the light.. It was too dark inside..

She was sandwiched between me and the wall.. I blocked her way by pressing my hands against the wall..
I said softly- so Mrs Suhani Yuvraj Birla.. U have become so irresponsible towards me.. But now I will make u a responsible wife..
She said softly- yuvrajjjj…..
I felt something fishy and asked- what happened to ur voice?
She freed herself and turned on the light..

I was kinda shocked to see maa there..
I stepped back and said- maa.. U here..??
She stepped out of the bathroom.. I too moved out and found saas-bahu or say maa-beti laughing..
Su hugged maa from behind and said looking at me- maa.. U saw what ur son does?
They burst out laughing..
I tried to suppress my smile..
Maa looked at me and said laughing- both of u talk.. I’m leaving.. Yuv.. U were going to tell about some responsibilities na.. Tell her..
Su interrupted and said sadly- maa, yuv ne aapko kisiko muh dikhane laayak nahi chhoda..
We burst out laughing..
I folded my hands and maa left..

I asked her- what was that?
She replied with attitude- u called mumma, so I sent ur mumma..
I widened my eyebrows and said- very smart..
Su- what did u think? I can’t recognize yuvaan’s voice?
Just then, yuvaan and yuvani called her..

She turned to leave.. I too turned around.. Suddenly she appeared in front of me and kissed gently on my cheek.. And left smiling before I could realize it, leaving a smile on my face too!!

*******THE END*******

Guys I hope u liked the last epi and also the ff as a whole.. I would like to thank all my readers as well as those whose comments not only motivated me but also brought a smile on my face.. Love u all.. I will be back with a new ff after my exams.. ? ?

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