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Sorry for the delay guyz.. I was a lil busy.. And a big thanks to all of u for ur support due to which I could complete 40 epis.. I never thought I would reach this far with my ff.. Thanks once again.. Stay tuned and keep supporting with ur comments.. ? ?


Sha comes to her room and kicks on the bed..
She says to herself- no suhani.. I won’t let u win.. Now u see what I do..
She takes out another pendrive, coincidentally of the same brand and colour from her purse and formats it..

Su thinks she should check sha’s presentation once for the new contract..
Sha comes there after sometime..
Su- I have seen ur presentation, its nice..
Sha thanks her.. Su keeps the pendrive in the drawer.. Sha sees a balm in the drawer..
Su asks sha y did she come and attends the kids..
Just then yuv comes out..
Sha- actually I need balm.. I’m having severe headache..
Su- its the result of thinking too much..
Yuv- what?
Su- nothing.. Balm is in the drawer..
Sha takes it and cleverly puts the correct pendrive in the inner corner of the drawer and the formatted one in front so that its visible..
Su- if u don’t need anything else, u may leave..
Sha leaves angrily..
Yuv- su y do u keep taunting her?
Sha hears this and leaves smirking..
Su doesnt reply..

Yuv- anyways, plz bring my breakfast here.. I have to leave early today..
Su nods and leaves..
Sha sees su going towards the kitchen from upstairs and goes to their room again..
Yuv- do u need something?
Sha- no, just to keep the balm..
Yuv combs his hair..
Sha sees his shirt on the bed and cleverly takes off two buttons..
Sha- nice shirt..
Yuv- thanks.. Suhani had gifted this to me..
Sha feels irked hearing suhani’s name again and again..
He takes the shirt and wears it and then finds two buttons missing..

Sha- what happened yuv?
Yuv- nothing..
Sha- where are the two buttons?
Yuv- I think they fell somewhere..
Sha- see.. They are on the floor.. Wait.. I will stitch them..
Yuv refuses but sha insists..
She asks yuv about needle and thread.. Yuv says he doesn’t know where suhani keeps them..
Sha says she will get them from prat..
Yuv nods and she leaves..

After sometime, su comes with breakfast for yuv..
Yuv tells her about the buttons..
Su- give me the shirt..
Yuv (smiling)- why? Do u have any prob in stitching when I have put it on?
Su nods smiling..
Yuv- I’m getting late suhani..
She brings the needle and thread and begins stitching.. She cuts the thread by biting it with her teeth..
He moves closer immediately and she kisses on his chest without even realising it..
Yuv- thanks.. By the way, even shagun was going to do it for me..
Sha- y? Its my work.. I will do it as many times as required.. Let her do it for someone else..
Yuv- R u sure about ur words?
Su nods smiling..
Yuv- think again..
Su- I’m sure..

Just then, shagun enters saying- yuv I have got it, now I will……
And stops seeing yuv taking off another button and staring at su with love..
Su sees sha but yuv is too busy admiring su..
Yuv- stitch this one too..
Su smiles and asks- r u not getting late now?
Yuv- ya.. I’m getting late.. Plz stitch it fast..
Su refuses..
Yuv- ok shagun must be coming..
Su gets irritated hearing shagun’s name and starts stitching..
Sha storms out of the room angrily..
Yuv has his breakfast and leaves for office..

In the afternoon, yuv and sha leave for the presentation..
Its yuv’s turn to show the presentation.. He finds the pendrive blank and gets worried..
Contractor- we are sorry but we can’t give this contract to u..
They give the contract to the other applicant and leave..
Yuv hits hard on the desk..

As he comes out of the cabin, sha congratulates him..
Yuv yells at her while telling about losing the contract and blames her for that..
Sha tells him that su had checked the presentation, may be she formatted the pendrive by mistake..
Yuv looks on and leaves from there..
Sha (in mind)- now u’r gone suhani..
She smirks..

Yuv calls suhani..
Su- congrats Mr. HDBB..
Yuv- su, which pendrive did u give me?
Su- the one which shagun gave me.. Why?
Yuv- it was blank.. We have lost the contract..
Su- what? I had seen the presentation yuv..
Yuv hangs up the call..

In the evening:
Yuv and sha are on the way to home.. As they come out of the car, sha pretends to get sprain in her leg and screams..
Yuv- what happened?
He looks at her.. She pretends walking with difficulty..
He helps her in walking.. He wraps his arm around her shoulder..
As they enter the house, all ask what happened..
Su sees the scene and is disappointed..
YuvAni’s eyes meet..
Sha sees this and she too holds his hand to show suhani..
Yuv helps sha to go to her room..
Su (in mind)- R u so angry with me yuv?
Yuv leaves with sha..
A tear drops from suhani’s eye and she goes to her room..

Su recalls the way yuv looked at her and helped shagun.. She gets very upset.. Just then, yuv enters the room..
Su looks at him..
Yuv- suhani woh…..
Su interrupts- I’m sorry yuv.. I don’t know how it happened.. Ur anger is justified, but…….
Yuv wipes her tears and says- suhani…. Listen to me.. Ya I’m upset.. But y will I be angry with u? For losing a contract? Never.. Our relation is not so weak.. We have lost one, we will get another..
Su smiles with teary eyes and hugs him.. He too hugs her back and smiles..
This is witnessed by sha who is peeping into their room.. She fumes and leaves from there..

Sha locks the door of her room and says- wah yuv.. U could yell at me but not at ur wife? Its all coz of u suhani.. Now u see what I do..
She calls someone..

YuvAni break the hug as they hear the kids crying..
Yuv takes yuvaan and su takes yuvani..
Yuv (laughing)- u know beta, ur mumma cries more than u..
Su looks at him and smiles..
Su- u know yuvani, ur papa is not only the best papa, but also the best husband..
YuvAni look at each other and smile..

Yuv is in a hotel with shagun.. He is completely drunk.. She takes him to a room and doesn’t turn on the lights.. She makes him sit on the bed and sits beside him.. He slowly interwines his fingers with hers.. Sha cups his face with the other hand.. Suhani is shown waiting for yuvraj in another room in the same hotel..

Suhani slaps Shagun..
Shagun fumes and says- how dare u?
Suhani gives her another tight slap..

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