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I slowly opened the door and went inside.. Su was sitting on the bed.. I locked the door and went towards her.. I sat on the edge of the bed.. I didn’t know what to say.. Or what to do.. Was she ready? I didn’t know..
I slowly held her hand.. She didn’t utter a word.. I closed my eyes, removed her ghunghat and was about to kiss her when somebody screamed- ‘no……’
We moved apart.. Soumya and her team was there..
Su- di.. U all didn’t leave yet?
Bhaw- y su? Spend some time with us too..

The gang laughed and we felt embarrassed..
I looked at her and told her to send them out through gestures..
Soum- yuv u can tell us directly..
They smiled..

I too faked a smile and said- ladies plz leave.. I’m feeling sleepy..
I pretended to yawn..
They looked at each other and burst out laughing..
Rags- let’s go.. Yuv is feeling sleepy..
I widened my smile and thanked them..
They were leaving when soumya came back again and told suhani- give us the good news tomorrow..
Soumya ran and su got up and chased her blushing.. Soumya and all stepped out of the room and I locked the door..

I said- thank God.. They left..
I turned off the lights.. As few candles were burning there to make it more romantic..
Su- ya.. Go and change.. U must be feeling sleepy..
We had an eyelock.. I moved towards her.. She looked down with shy..
We were standing very close to each other..
She said goodnight and turned to leave..
I held her hand and said- don’t u wana give the good news to ur best friend?
She turned towards me and called me shameless..
I placed my finger on my cheek..
She still refused..

I pouted.. She moved closer to me.. I smiled and closed my eyes as I was expecting a gentle kiss.. But she gave a bite on my cheek..
I screamed.. And she laughed..
I said- I won’t leave u..
She ran and I chased her..
(‘Aaj phir tumpe…..’ plays in BG)

Finally she had no place to run.. She stopped and slowly turned towards me.. She was about to say something.. I put my finger on her lips..
I cupped her face.. We closed our eyes.. Our heartbeats increased.. Suddenly it started thundering.. We opened our eyes and moved apart.. She looked at me and hugged me.. I caressed her hair..
I said- if u’r not ready, its ok.. I can wait..
She seemed normal and thoughtful..
I was about to turn around.. She held my hand and surprised me by kissing me gently.. I smiled and she too.. I looked at her.. She nodded and then looked down..
I removed her ear-rings, nose-ring and other jewelleries and then untied her hair.. Her eyes were closed, but there was a slight smile on her face..
I lifted her in my arms and walked slowly towards the bed.. We had an intense eyelock..

I laid her on the bed and got on top of her, pulling the blanket over us.. We consummated our marriage..

Next morning, as the sun’s rays fell over my face, I opened my eyes.. I smiled reminiscing about the last night and cutely messed yuv’s hair, who was still asleep.. He looked like a cute baby.. There was a smile on his face..
I said very softly- I love u yuvraj..
I was about to get up when he pulled me towards him and said- I didn’t hear.. Plz repeat..
I said- plz leave me yuv.. I have to get ready..
Yuv- first u repeat..
I said gently- I love u..

He replied- I love u too..
He kissed on my forehead and went off to sleep again..
I went to get ready..

At the breakfast table, prat asks su for yuv.. Su looks around and sees him coming..
Rags- gm yuv.. Y r u so late today?
He smiles but doesn’t reply..
Menka- yuv bhaiya.. Suhani jiji.. Jiyo jiyo..
Su makes some excuse and goes to the kitchen blushing..
Anuj- bhaiya u also make some excuse if u want..
All laugh..

Suhani’s phone rings.. She takes the call..
Later she joins everyone on the table and says- somu, I have a good news..
Soumya- arey wah su.. U took my words so seriously?
All laugh..
Su- no no.. Not that.. Actually sambhav has got a very big contract in Lucknow..
All are happy for him..

Three months pass by..
Suhani is preparing dinner.. All of a sudden, she faints.. Rags sees and calls everyone.. They get tensed and call the doc while yuv lifts her in his arms and takes her to their room.. He lays her on the bed and tries to wake her up.. But she doesn’t.. He gets tensed..
The doc comes and treats her.. All are waiting outside..
Doc comes out..
Yuv- doc, is anything serious?
Doc- Mr. Birla……
Yuv interrupts- doc plz tell fast what’s wrong.. Don’t hide anything from me.. I will get the best specialist for……

Doc- calm down.. Shez pregnant.. And she has got twins..
All are overjoyed..
They enter the room, congratulate YuvAni and hug each other..
Menka- suhani jiji.. Two balls in one shot??
Su blushes..
All leave except yuv..

Yuv comes and sits beside su and holds her hands..
Yuv- thanks suhani for giving me the best gift of the world..
Su- not gift yuv.. Gifts..
They smile..

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