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desperate to know (OS)

heyyy guys iam adina here such a big fan of twinj aka sidmin ….i want to appriciate all the ff an os writers …all the ff’s and os are tooooo gud especiall thanks to crazy ,saby ,sayeeda ,sameera , for such a good ffs . . . . . . . . . . .

heyyy guys but i wanna know that here was an os published recently i think in last month i mean july or in the end of june , iam not able to remember exactly that when it was posted …it was such a nice and a long one os . just loved it …who was the writer of that os and what was the name of thar os .can an one tell me?
here is a short story of that os ……


there was a girl twinkle taneja daughter of rt(the richest man of india) . chinki was frnd of twinkle. she asks twinkle to go to chicagoa (i think so) with his student(i literally dont know he was his student or not but she said that take him with her coz she cant go coz she was 8 months pregnant and that children was with him for few months but now her parent were asking to bring him back to chicagoa to them) just then on the other day twinkle left for the airport without informing her parents coz her parents had fixed her marriage wid a boy named youvraj aka uv without twinkles yes sge was gorrced to get engaged to him and about uv , he love her . . . . . . . . . . .

here twinkle reaches chicagoa and became the am of the business tycoon kunj sarna (bachelor)…holy n slowly both started feeling for eachothers but kunj didn’t know that she was the daughter of a rich man and on one fine day kunj proposes twinkle and she said yes ….then twinj decided to go back to india , when they aarived the media gathers them and started questioning twinkle like twinkle taneja where were u these three months ur whole family and especially ur fuance was very worried for u ..this made kunj shocked and heartbroken, he ran out of there ,twinkle also started running after him and wen near him n said kkuuun. but before she could speak kunj said that no ms twinkle oops sorry ms twinkle taneeejaaa and would be twinkle yuvraj luthra he said with a taunt ….

twinkle was heartbroken at that moment sge left from tjere crying and reached her home where her parents were waiting for him she didn’t even utter a word and ran to her room and started crying badly …..

nex day
twinkles phone started ringing and it flashes kunj …it brought a smule on her face ,she picked up the phone n said hello kunj …kunj said not kunj but sir …kunj sir , i know u r the daughter of the indias ruchest person but u are also my pa…jst for next 7 days b ur contracr is going to be finished in next 7 days . dont forget it…. then u wull b free ….and yeah b ready by 8 . ithink i shiuld remind u v r going to singhania’s party ( lemme tell u kunj came to india to make his business spread in india also .kunj was the owner of a magzien company and he wanted to spread that magziene in india also ) they reached the venue and both were looking stunning ..suudenly the lights went off and mr singhania came with his daughter shanaya…she saw kunj and came to him and staryed talkng wid him . twinkle hu was noticing all this beacme red wid anger suddenly the hist announces the couple dance and kunj asks shanaya hand for dance she readily gived .. twinkle was now not able to bear all this and she asks the waiter for 5 shots then agin 3 like this she almoat drink 20 shots and now she was not able in her senses and went to kunj and shanaya and said to shanaya that u know what a person feels when he or she saw someone dancing wid other .. u bl**dy ..

shanaya was on the peak of anger and said stay in ur limits u r only an am of him nothing else …twinkle added :ohhhh u know who iam ..iam twinkle …twinkle taneja . this made shanaya scared and she said that i hope it will not effect our business *she means rt and his fathers busuness they were partners in shanayas business * twinkle said ni not at all dear.. sahanay said thanks twinkle anf m so sorry ..twinkle said its okay …twinj left for their respective places i mean home ..when they were in car kunj said that u r only my am wid me nothing ..got it …………
kunj drops twinkle home after her hangover an dwhen she reaches home her dad comes and said twinkle please never leave us agin .. u dont want to be married with uv so its okay …he called uv’s mom and said no to them ….twinkle was now feeling good but somewhere she was so tensed for kunj …rt noticed all this and thinka to meet kunj …he met kunj and tell him tje whole story that he forced twinkle to get engaged to uv ,she even didntlike him …… kunj was feeling guilty of not believing twinkle

next day or i can say last day of contract twinkle came and handover her resignation letter to kunj and was about to left when kunj hold her hand and kunj said “twinkle stoooop ” he said twinkle plz forgive me idont believe u plz twinkle plz dont leave me ….. twinkle beacme happy and kunj told him that rt had came to him to clear the misunderstandings ………later they were married and lived a happy life

can nay one tell me the name of this os plz plz plz plz plz

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