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Dastan–ishq ya nafrat ki (Part 13)

Guys from 2 episode there was no Raglak scene but in this there it is.. ..Here is the next part

Recap.. ….kavita tries killing Swara… .some swasan moment… ..


Kavita in her room… Roaming in the room and talking to herself…

Kavita…. Thank god swara don’t remember anything if she would have remember thn th sanskar would not leave me.

Voice … Who said swara don’t remember..

Kavita…. Swara!!!!

Swara…. U know what kavita i can’t believe u will stoop so low i am not getting why have u tried to kill me what have i done…

Kavita… What have u done .. Ha.. U have snatched.. Sanskar from me..

Swara…. Stop it kavita snatched sanskar from u , sansakr don’t ever see u , how could u say tht i have snatched him from u ….. Whats the relation?????

Kavita…. We r going to marry… But u have comes between us..

Swara…. Seriously… When !! Ooo wait in ur dreams…

Kavita… I bet sanskar will be mine …

Swara…. Bet!!! Why should i keep bet over him…

Kavita…. No u do i will snatch sanskar from u from hook and crook…

Swara…. Ok lets see… (Swara goes from there)

Kavita….. (Angery tone)swaarraa and she throws her phone
(oh god kitna nuksan krti hai ye ??)(oh god she is so agreesive)

Scene changes to the garden….

Ragini was sitting there and seeing to the stars..laksh comes there…

Laksh…. Ragu???

Ragini sees him..

Ragini….are laksh…when did u come

Laksh… When u were lost..

Ragini… No laksh i am not lost i was just seeing the beauty of nature how beautiful it is..

Laksh…. not more than u..

Ragini… U said anything..

Laksh… No i don’t..

Ragini … Ok(she again starts seeing the stars… And laksh was seeing ragini… With a simle..

Laksh(in mind)u have made me crazy ragu … Why i love u so much i don’t know but ya i do i think because of ur innocence in love u… I love u ragini…

Ragini…. U said something laksh..

Laksh. Me ni th…

Just than the rain starts..
ragini gets up and start to going to her room when laksh.. Hold her hand and pulls her towards him…. They share a cute eye lock…
Laksh keeps his hands in ragini’s waist and ragini closes her eyes….

Jaan-e-wafaa hoke bekarar
Jaan-e-wafaa hoke bekarar
Barson kiya maine intezar

(Laksh kisses in ragini’s forehead)..

Par kabhi tune nahin
Yeh tab kaha
Joh ab kaha
Dil bebasi mein
Chupke se rota hai
Kya karon haai
Kuch kuch hota hai
Kya karon haai
Kuch kuch hota hai
(They start dancing…. Laksh kisses her and they both get lost in each other)

Soon ragini realized their position and jerked herself she had tears in her eyes and laksh too had tears ragini runs inside…

Laksh (to herself)what is this laksh , what have u done , what will Ragini thinks , oh shit… Man…

Scene changes

Ragini runs to her room and start crying..

Ragini…. Why can’t u confess it laksh why (crying)i love u laksh i really do….

Scene changes…..in morning…
Swara opens her eyes…. But she has tears in her eyes….
Swara(to herself) why swara why u love sanskar so much., love!!!! , how can i….but i do(Cries more)

Sanskar.. In his room…. (Thinking) what was tht yesterday why i was so afraid…. Why i felt tht someone has taken my life from me , do i love swara… How could i, love always hurts , love=hurt…. No i can’t love her…
Scene ends with sanskar confused face and swara crying face..

Precap….. Laksh propose ragini with the help of swara kavita’s 3rd plan , laksh and sanskar fight

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