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Dastan–ishq ya nafrat ki (Part 12)

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Recap… Swasan romance picnic plan

Everyone was sitting on the different cars …ragini sanskar ..swara and laksh in one car thn kavita shraddha and dhruv in second car and Ap dp and gudia and raju also with them they head to juhu…their they had a beautiful farmhouse with water flowing in front of the farm house…they all reach there…

Swara….waooo…its sooooo beautiful… Really ..

Ragini…hain na swara when ever I comes here I feel so light sach mai

Swara moves towards… The river and was mesmerized with its beauty she was smiling and sanskar was seeing her….kavita saw it and thinks..

Kavita…has lo jitna hasna hai from today…u will only know how to cry(smirk)

At night everyone was doing camp fire ..

Laksh… Hey swara chalo na swimming krte hai come kavi ragu … Chalo..

Swara…. No guyz u go i don’t know how to swim..

Ragini…. Seriously… Its k.. U sit there ok…


They go from there and swara sees the other way when kavita turns back and smirk…

Scene changes swara was standing near the… River when hand comes back of swara and pushes her in the river and she screams ….

Person… So bad swara its ur the end(smirk)
Just than the voice is shown…

Person …. Oh god ye kon aa gya and the person runs from there…

Swara… Help !!!! Help!!!! Pl…ease… Help… (She was drowning… In the water)

Sanskar listen the voice and comes there..


Sanskar… runs towards her and jump in the water to save her and he pick her in his hands…. He puts her down..

All the family members runs to her… They all were tensed seeing her because she was not opening her eyes

Sanskar(in a crying tone)swara plz plz swara open ur eyes swara plz …. I beg u plz..

Ragini…. Swara open ur eyes plz…

Laksh… Swara swara…

Kavita(tensed)(thinking)what if she get up no she can’t , sanskar …. U came in a wrong time …. (Yes the person was kavita, i guess u all know)

All were trying to wake up swara but in vain…
Laksh… I think someone have to give her mouth to mouth breathing..

Ragini… I think u r ryt….

Without waisting sanskar starts giving her mouth to mouth breath… Without seeing the surrounding…. He was crying…. By this kavita was very angry but shraddha stops her…. When sanskar was busy …. Swara moved her hands..

Ragini… Bahi Swara…

Sanskar… Moves back and slowly swara opens her eyes…

Everyone becomes happy but kavita was tensed and angry..

Without seeing the surrounding sanskar hugged swara and starts crying as if someone is taking his life…

Note… Read the song guyz….. Dialogues are also there ….

Baaho ke darmiya do pyar mil rahe hain – (2)
Jane kya bole mann, dole sunke badan dhadkan banee juban

Baaho ke darmiya do pyar mil rahe hain – (2)
Jane kya bole mann, dole sunke badan dhadkan banee juban
Baaho ke darmiya……..

(He was hugging swara very tightly.. And crying)

Khulte badan hote labon kee yeh ankahee – (2)
Mujhse keh rahee hai kee badhane de bekhudee
Mil yu kee daud jaye nas nas me bijliya

(Soon he realizes the surrounding and get apart and they had a eye lock)

Baaho ke darmiya do pyar mil rahe hain
Jane kya bole mann, dole sunke badan dhadkan banee juban
Baaho ke darmiya……..

Muted….. Song…. ( “Beta howz this happen”Dp asked..

Swara… Uncle my leg slipped..

Ragini … Kya swara plz be careful and u know u frightened us… And hugged her crying ..

Swara…. I am fine (smile)

Ap… Ok u take rest sanskar take her to the room ok..

Sanskar…. Ha ma..

He picks swara (not in his arms ha ?)
And went to swara’s room… And get her sit in the bed…
And they share a cute eye lock and muted song again starts

Aasman ko bhee yeh hasin raj hai pasand – (2)
Ulajhee pasand
Motee luta rahee hai sawan kee badliya
Baaho ke darmiya do pyar mil rahe hain – (2)

Sanskar cupping swara’s face…. Swara plz next time be careful…. U know i was so sacred seeing u like tht…

Swara…. (Smiling) sanskar i will not die so soon i something happens to me who will irritate u ha (winks)
Sanskar smiles and hugged swara again

Jane kya bole mann, dole sunke badan dhadkan banee juban
Baaho ke darmiya………

Scene faded…

Recap…. Raglak.. Scene… Swara comforting kavita….

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