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Arjun was shocked. He couldn’t believe his eyes. He saw her getting hit by a truck. He couldn’t digest this fact. His mind and heart started to shout. He slowly took steps and went near the crowd. He then pushed one by one and came to the centre. He then rolled her and saw it was his love that was lying on the pool of blood. For a minute, his mind stopped working. He was staring at her in disbelief.


He then shouted for ambulance. The ambulance arrived after 5 minutes. He then took her in his arms, close to his chest and carried her inside ambulance. By the time he took her to ambulance and laid her on the bed, she stopped breathing. He panicked severely. He then patted her on the cheeks continuously and asked her to wake up.

After 20 minutes they reached the hospital. The nurse came with stretcher outside and laid her on it. They then pulled it inside. As soon as they reached inside, arjun started to shout for doctor. All other patients were looking at him as if he was a mad person.

Hearing him shouting the doctor came outside. He then checked her pulse and asked the nurse to take her inside the operation theatre. Sensing emergency in doctor’s voice, arjun felt heart broken. He got angry and held the doctor by collar and shook him hardly. He then said “I don’t know what f**** you will be doing but I want her to be saved at any cost. If you fail then I will fail you understood “saying this he shoved him.

The doctor knows that whatever he said he meant it clearly. Arjun handsomely donated to this hospital and would never bear any delay. He too owns this hospital and would chuck out anyone who never works properly without thinking twice. The doctor called many other assistance for help and went inside the operation theatre.

Here arjun sat on the nearby bench and kept his hands on the head . Tears started to roll from his eyes. He just wanted her to be saved. He then would take her far away and would give her beautiful life full of love. Each and every time the door of OT opens he becomes anxious and whenever he see’s any nurse running out with emergency, he would lose his hope or his heart would beat fast.

After five hours, the doctors came outside. seeing him arjun quickly ran to him. The doctor asked him to come to his cabin and asked the nurse to shift her in ICU. Hearing this his heart ripped into million pieces. Tears started to roll down. His eyes have become red due to continuous crying and he in total became messy. No one would believe this is the business tycoon MR. ARJUN MEHRA whom they see in tv or newspaper or magazines.

he then followed the doctor to his cabin. the doctor asked him to take seat. he then took a deep breathe and said to him “look mr. mehra , first i request you to hear me. i think you know i am not god . actually the patient had suffered a severe injury in her brain and some major and minor wound in some part of the body. other than brain no internal injury. that is some what relaxing. now coming to the brain part, she has severely lost her blood. it is very difficult to tell her condition now as she has not gained consciousness. so we have kept her under observation. as per now she really need to gain her consciousness within 24 hours. if she didnt gain consciousness then she will be declared as brain dead and if she gains consciousness then she will lose her memory or she may go blind or any of her senses may get lost.

hearing this he got shocked. he got so angry and felt like thrashing the doctor to tell like this. but he was aware as they are not gods and they did their jobs well . he just didnt utter any word and came out. he then stood by the door of ICU and looked at her through the whole. there she was lying lifelessly with tubes running all over her body. her head was covered with bandages.seeing her like this arjun completely break down.

the whole night passed. the next day one of the staff woke him and asked him to go home to fresh up. initially he refused, but due to the staff’s insistence he decided to go. he came back within half an hour, by the time the doctor had checked her and said there is improvement in her and there are 80% of her to survive. arjun felt pleased to hear this and felt as if some light entered his heart. he then went to the ganesh’s idol and kneeled down.

he then prayed to god to save her life and said “you have snatched everything from me. when i was small u snatched my parents from me. then u send ramu kaka, who loved me like his own son. he never made me miss my parents. i was so happy, but then you didnt like y happiness and snatched him too from me. after a long time, i fell in love with someone, whom i never knew. and now u too snatched her from me…pls give her back to me…i promise u that i will keep her happy all time and will never allow her to shed her tears…..pls give her to me…i really want her …plsss” saying this he broke down.

after some time he wiped his tears and went near her. he then sat beside her and held her soft fingers in his and slowly caressed it. with other hand he caressed her hair. seeing her innocent face full of scratches and wound he became sad. a tear dropped from his eyes and fell on her hand. suddenly she made slight movement. arjun at first didnt notice it. she then started to make some movement. arjun who noticed it , pressed the bell which is kept to call doctor in case of emergency. the doctor and the nurse came running.

arjun then told them how she made movements. the doctor asked him to go outside while he examine her. after 20 minutes the doctor came and said she had gained consciousness, but she is so tired so we gave her anesthesia. she will wake up in two hours. after two hours, the girl woke, arjun was so happy. doctor examined her and waited for her to speak.

she stared at the ceiling and then turned to see the people standing beside her. she gave them look as if she is seeing them for first time.She looked at everyone with a contemplating expression on her face. All the faces looked so unfamiliar, where were they? Where was she? What was happening?!

Arjun with a huge smile on his face, sat besides her and cupped her face in his hands.

“Oh God!!! Thank God your fine! You know how worried I was?!Arjun cried in happiness.

“Ji..aap?” she looked at him questioningly.

“Woh..aap sab? Main?” she looked at everyone with questioning yet confused eyes.

“What happened ?” Arjun caressed her cheek.

. “I don’t know you all, I mean who are you and where am I? “what’s my name? she asked. Fear of not able to recognize the people surrounding her made her heart”sank.

what happened ?? dont play with me please…pleaded arjun

“Main sach keh rahi hoon. I am trying to remember but I am not able to. Aahh!!” she clutched her head in pain and cried out. Everybody rushed towards her. The doctor was called and after examining her for few more minutes, the doctor informed them that because of the head injury, she suffered memory loss. She had forgotten her whole life.

this saddened arjun but he was happy too as she can begin her life freshly, forgetting all her past. maybe this way god wants to protect her. after a week she was discharged and was taken to mehra’s mansion. one night as arjun was making her sleep, she asked him to tell about her. arjun tried to escape, but she told “today u hab=ve to tell me and there is no chance for escaping. arjun then decided to tell her. he then told her that her name is radhika and him arjun. they met each other in a friend’s party and soon became friends. we would then meet each other daily. soon after a year our friendship turned into love. then one day i proposed you and u accepted for marriage. before the day of marriage you met with an accident. then you suffered memory loss. radhika who heard this became sad and apologised to him. arjun felt guilty for not telling her the truth he silently asked her sorry.

Arjun and Radhika got married. It was a court marriage as Radhika was still recovering and Arjun just didn’t want to burden her with anything. Radhika was happy to get to know about her life and Arjun’s care and love towards her was enough to make her believe that he was the right one for her.

Few days later Arjun and Radhika boarded the flight to London. Everything was going smooth.Arjun gazed lovingly at his wife of 5 days as she slept soundly on his shoulder. Though she doesn’t remember him or the moments they had spent together but at least she was happy. Soon they will land in London. Arjun wiped the lone tear that escaped the confines of his eyes. The new phase of their life had started and Arjun had no interest in connecting his new life with his past. Everyone can handle themselves but he couldn’t do that without Radhika. So it was a better option to leave everything behind and start afresh. Arjun kissed Radhika’s head who responded with a sweet smile. He entwined his fingers with hers. Life now was perfect.
ARU…ARU…dont run …u have to drink ur milk…come…today u cant escape…did u listen…come fast. radhika was runninG BEHIND HER 3 YEAR OLD CHILD..WHO REFUSED TO DRINK MILK. aradhya arjun mehra was sweet and beautiful like her mother and intelligent like her father hated milk like her father. she ran and jumped on her papa’s lap. radhika came to them. aradhya showed her tongue to her mother and said “now let us see how you will make me drink the milk” she then turned to her father and pleaded him. arjun melted seeing her daughters innocent face and turned to see radhika, who was staring at him angrily. seeing his cute wife getting angry, he took the milk from her hand and asked aruadhya to drink the milk and said “my gudiya wants to become strong girl like her papa na…then drink this milk….if you drink it then today i will take you to the park.

hearing the word park she became happy and drank the milk quietly. seeing this radhika smiled and sat beside them and started to play with aradhya. seeing them arjun became so happy…….. he feels completed…..

the end
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