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Constants.. A Love Story..

Hi guys I’m back!!
I am SOOOO SORRY that I didn’t post my ss, “Destiny Decides”, in such a long time, but actually I was shifting to a new apartment and as I live by myself (because my parents live in India), there was no one to help me and it took like one + half a month for me to shift, as I did it slowly.
Now that everything is set here, I may upload my ss but not regularly as my really very important exams are coming up and I have to train for them… In the meantime I might give you guys some OS or maybe one or two posts of my ss.. For now I’ll upload an OS. I read this OS on another site but 80% of it is molded and written by me (concept is same).. Enjoy!!! And this is actually for Varun’s Bday ??!



Sanskar Maheshwari and Laksh Gupta’s eyes fell on their long-time best friend, Swara Malhotra, walking towards them with a frown on her face.. Well the frowned-face was not at all the first thing they noticed… Swara was wearing salwar-kameez, that to pink!! The girl who always looked and acted like a tomboy was now actually looking like a girl!!

“Is that really Swara?! Please pinch me!!”, Laksh said shockingly to Sanskar while his eyes were still fixed on Swara and her “unusual” dressing.

After not getting any response from Sanskar, he looked at him only to see Sanskar lost in his lady love, Swara.

“Well well, love is in the air!”, Laksh said chuckling; “Waise aag toh dono taraf se lagi hai lekin in dono mein se toh koi propose karne hi nahi wala.. Lucky ab toh tu hi apna dimaag laga aur karde in dono ko ek”, he thought smiling.

While he was talking to himself, Swara approached them with a big frowny-pout on her face but after looking at their faces, which were like everyone else’s, she ignored them and went to her locker. Frustrated, Swara threw the door open and it hit the locker next to her’s, resulting a “bang” with which everyone came back to their senses and started gossiping.

“Umm.. Swara.. This.. Please exp-” Sanskar said but was soon cut off of Swara.

“Well the thing is that my MOM said that I HAVE to wear this or else she wouldn’t let me leave the home…”, she said frustrated and angry..

Soon they heard Laksh laughing out loudly… Swara glared at him but he didn’t stop and soon Sanskar also joined him.

“Guys can you freakin’ stop it!!!”

“Sorry sorry..” Laksh said taking his hands up, trying to control his laugh whereas Sanskar was looking at the floor trying to suppress his laugh..

“Ugh!! Sanskar do you have any clothes in your locker that I can borrow.. please!!!” Swara said hoping that he says yes.

“Actually I don’t keep clothes in my locker… so, sorry..”, Sanskar said giving a “sorry” look; “But I have to admit, you do look cute in this outfit! Pink suits you as well as this traditional style”

Swara started to blush but her “glary” face won the battle and soon she was back with her scowly face.. Laksh smiled as her blush wasn’t unnoticed by him.

“Guys leave all that, what class do we have now??” Laksh asked confusingly.

“Um.. we have.. yeah, we have English class with Roy sir.” Sanskar answered him.

“Oh no.. I didn’t even do the homework that he gave us.. I’m dead, 100% pakka!” Swara said with fear on her face.

“I don’t care about him, can we please skip the class.. his classes are sooooo freakin’ boring!!” Laksh said with a boring face

“Lucky no! You two have been bunking his class since the last three days and because of you two I have to lie to him saying that you had some important work..” Sanskar said with fake anger trying to convince them.

“Alright we will come today… But his classes are so boring yaar I swear I’m gonna sleep through the whole lesson..” Swara said as they started heading towards the classroom whereas on the other side…

“Well then, if that’s the case then I’ll have to spice up things a little so that the students won’t sleep in my class… Chalo Roy sir kaam pe lag jao..” Mr. Roy said to himself after listening to the complain from Swasanlak…


“So, good morning guys! Today we’ll learn about constants..-” Mr. Roy, the english teacher, said entering the class.

“Umm.. isn’t constants used in mathematics??”, a voice was heard from the back of the and it turned out to be Sunil Saxena, the class nerd.

“Well yeah Sunil, you’re right, it is used in mathematics but not ONLY in mathematics. Constants are used everywhere, even in everyday life… for example, sun will always rise and set, that’s a constant” Mr. Roy said, trying to explain them but it seemed that the students were least interested in it and started to doze off.

“The fact that Laksh is a techno-geek that’s a constant too…” As soon as Mr. Roy said that, he heard some chuckles coming from the students and saw many students getting interested.

“Ms. Kavita will always put on tons of makeup every half an hour, that’s a constant, right Roy sir?” Swara, who was sitting at the back along with her two friends, said smirking, earning some glares from a Kavita and the other students started laughing.

“Sanskar is and always will be a handsome hunk, that’s a constant..” Kavita said smirking at Swara and then at Sanskar, making Swara jealous.

“Yeah… um… some more examples..?” Mr. Roy said to the class.

“The fact that Laksh’s flirty one-liners will never be able to woo a girl, it’s a constant” Sanskar said getting a glare from Laksh but soon that glare was changed into a smirk making Sanskar confused.

“The love-birds Swara and Sanskar will always be in denial… that is, what I believe, a constant.. Am I right Roy sir?” Laksh said smirking..

As soon as Laksh was done with his example of a constant, Swara and Sanskar began to deny that they were NOT together and all… things that two normal love-birds do and say…

“See” Laksh said and the class started laughing louder making Swara irritated..

“Well that’s not true Mr. Laksh Gupta” Swara said smirking making Laksh gulp in nervousness; “Right now, I can just turn to Sanskar and say (turns to him) Sanskar I truly love you, so Laksh, that’s not a constant anymore”

The whole class fell silent after Swara completed her bold statement, but her face fell from a proud one to an embarrassed one and then to the darkest shade of red as soon as she realised that in order to prove Laksh wrong, she just blurted out something that she shouldn’t have said in front of the whole class.

“And if I say (turned to Swara), Swara, I love you too and always will, then it will DEFINITELY not be a constant, ever…” Sanskar said smiling ear-to-ear looking at Swara.

“Whoa! I did definitely not expect you both to actually confess but I’m really happy that you both finally did, well thanks to me, ofcourse..” Laksh said proudly lifting his collar and laughing.

“Me too” Swasan said together and smiled at each other lovingly.

As everyone was busy laughing, Sanskar held Swaras hand under the table and was just about to kiss when..

“Ahem, ahem.. Back to constants”
Mr. Roy said turning to the chalkboard when suddenly he heard some “oooohh” and “aww” around the class and turned around only to see Swara and Sanskar in the darkest shade of red holding their hands under the table. He smirked and again turned towards the chalkboard.

“I love constants, but not more than you, Mrs. Future Maheshwari..” Sanskar said while pecking Swara’s cheek as everyone’s attention was on the chalkboard.

“I love you more” Swara said looking at him lovingly?..

“I love you the most…” Sanskar said and soon both were lost in each other….


TADA!!! Ok, I’M NOT SURE WHAT I WROTE.. Feels like a piece of sh*t to me, but I tried my best so finally done with it.. YAY!! It took me three long hours to write this and now my hands are paining like HELL!!! Anyways hope you guys like this , soon I’ll post Destiny Decides, but I’m not sure when.. Till then keep commenting.. LOVE Y’ALL!!???

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