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[email protected] OS [Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi & Ek Duje Ke Vaaste]

Hey, this is DevSona and I’m here with my first ever OS named [email protected] interesting na? ? Let’s read to know more….
So ladies and gentleman, get ready for the biggest face off of the year….
Put your hands together for Sonakshi Bose.

*crowd went crazy and applause were uncontrolled*


The song started in the background and Sonakshi entered the place with kala chashma on. The crowd again went crazy seeing her. She was dancing freestyle.

–Tenu kala chashma jachda ae
Jachda ae gore mukhde te
Tenu kala chashma jachda ae
Jachda ae gore mukhde te–

Her moves were mind-blowing and energetic. The kala chashma was cherry on the top. No one knew that she could dance this well. The crowd were enjoying each and every second of her performance.

–Sadko pe chale
Jab ladkon ke dilon mein
Tu aag laga de baby fire
Nakli si nakhre tu karein
Jab dekhe humein jhooti liar!–

At this time, Shravan entered behind Sonakshi and starts matching her steps. They both were looking too good and the dance was superb. Both danced in sync and a smile was seen on both of their faces.

–Tenu kala chasma jachda ae
Jachda ae gore mukhde te—

And the performance ended with a bang! The cheers were heard from each and every corner of the place. Sonakshi and Shravan were so happy that all the people liked their performance and Sonakshi hugged Shravan excitedly.

“Shravan! They liked…no they loved our performance! I hadn’t even thought about the response this wild…”
“Yes Sona, me too. But don’t get over excited because the next performance is also there. And I’m pretty sure that they will also do their best…”
“Let them do their best, but I’m 100% sure that only we’ll win.”
“Hope so.”

‘Wow Sonakshi and Shravan, you both gave a mind-blowing performance and now it’s time for our next performance. It’s none other than Suman…so let me hear some great applause for her.’
Crowd applauded whole heartedly and were waiting for Suman to start her performance.

The song started and she entered wearing casual western clothes. And indeed looking beautiful in them.

–Aankhon ko teri aadat hai
Tu dikhe na toh inhe shikayat hai—

She started doing contemporary dance and her moves were perfect. The crowd went silent and were just focusing on her each move. It was a treat for all of them to watch Suman in this avatar.

–Yeh jo ab ho raha hai
Kuch ajab ho raha hai
Kya yahi hai pyaar ka hai ehsaas
Sau aasmaano ko aur do jahano ko
Chhod ke aayi tere paas—

She flauntly danced and it was seen in her face that she had practiced much for it and now she’ll show the world. Show all of them who the real Suman is.

–Tune mujhko diye hai
Pyar ke ye tarane jaaniya—

When the male vocals started, Dev also entered and started dancing with Suman. Now the crowd again went cheering and motivating them. Who would have thought Dev could dance this good? No one. But he proved all of them wrong with his brilliant moves. Even Sonakshi and Shravan were in awe when they saw both of them dancing like professionals. They hadn’t thought that this competition could reach this height.

–Sau aasmaano ko aur do jahano ko
Chhod ke aayi tere paas –

Their song ended and now was the time for real showdown. All four of them will dance together in one beat. Seems interesting! All four get ready for their last performance and the song began-

–Nachde ne saare ral mil ke
Aaj hil dul ke
Le saare ke saare nazaare
Nachde ne saare ral mil ke
Aaj hil dul ke
Le saare ke saare nazaare–

The song was great and the dance too mesmerized each and every one. Both the girls, Sonakshi and Suman were in the middle and Dev was on the right of Sonakshi and Shravan on the left of Suman. They literally complete each other and it was really the biggest and the most amazing face off you’ve ever seen.

“Wow! I mean, did you see that….oh my god! All four of you, you guys rocked the stage and now I’m tensed to see what the judges will decide.”
“There’s one information to you all that the judges have decided to give their results after the “Dahi Handi” competition. So, guys, are you ready?”
“YES” The whole crowd cheered.

The ‘Dahi Handi competition is held between two teams who were equally compatible for each other. The first one was of Shravan and the opposing team was of Dev. The first turn was of Dev’s team and they started preparing for it.

The whole group of boys started arranging themselves to make a structure which will reach to the dahi handi and then the leader of the group will climb it to break the dahi handi.
As per that, Dev started climbing them and when he was just inch far from his destination, the boys started falling and with them he also falls down.

“Dev!” A scared scream escaped Sonakshi’s mouth.
Suman ran towards them and asked Dev if he was alright and Dev nods and tells her not to worry.
Dev and his group lost the chance to break the dahi handi and now it was Shravan’s turn.

The same procedure of making a structure began and Shravan also start climbing it. They were doing great and all of the people get excited to see Shravan breaking the handi. He reached and also took hold of handi in his hand, but suddenly one stone thrown from the crowd hit his head and it started bleeding.

“Sonakshi, someone hit Shravan!” fearful Suman came towards Sonaskhi and informed her.
“What? Who?” Sonakshi inquired.
“I don’t know, but it hit his head and its bleeding…”

Dev heard their convo. and immediately looked towards Shravan. Shravan was now struggling on the top as the bleeding was making him dizzy. He tried his hardest to maintain his balance, but at one moment he went blank and was just leaving the handi, when Dev came beside him and helped him to balance himself. Shravan smiled towards Dev and Dev eyed him telling that everything okay, he can do it. Dev took Shravan’s hand and they both break the handi together. All the people watching were amazed to see this scene and thought that today not only Krishna, but Balram also helped Krishna in breaking the ‘Dahi Handi’. They all start clapping and wishing each other.

Suman and Sonakshi were also happy, both of them have tears of joy in their eyes, hugged each other.

“Today we surely saw the best sportsmanship and friendship ever. Dev could’ve left Shravan falling, but he didn’t and helped him. We got to thank you Dev because today we saw the best ‘Dahi Handi’ competition ever. We appreciate you.”
“Now it’s time for the RESULTS everyone! The much awaited results are out and now I’ll announce the winner!”

All Sonakshi, Suman, Shravan and Dev holds each other’s hand and kept their eyes closed.

“And the winner of dance competition is SONAKSHI” as the host announced, Sonakshi’s face fell and she looked towards Suman. But Suman was celebrating, yes, Suman was celebrating Sonakshi’s success and as she saw her, she told her to go on stage and take her prize. Sonakshi denied saying that Suman was more deserving than her.
“and SUMAN!!! Ladies and gentleman, it’s a TIE” the anchor completed and Sonakshi became happy and hugged Suman. They both together went to take the trophy…
“And the second announcement is about ‘Dahi Handi’ competition. As we all know that Dev and Shravan both together break the handi, the judges’ decided not to give any special price to anyone. You both teams played like one and we congratulate all of you for that.”

After this, Shravan and Dev smiled at each other and the girls also came with their trophy and all of them stand by each other.
“Finally.” Sonakshi and Dev sigh.
“Finally!”Suman and Shravan mimicked. *All of them laughed*

“We can’t be separated from each other”
“Even if we were in opposing teams, we ended up being together”
“And also winning it”
“At first I was so nervous that who’ll win and will it break our friendship?”
“But it won’t happen. We are best friends and will be best friends”
“And ever”

After their convo. Sonakshi hugged Dev and he hold her firmly in his arms.
“Dev, don’t touch my sister. I’ll sue you” Shravan jokingly warned Dev. *Sonakshi giggled*
“Whatever” Dev replied, ignoring him.
“I’m serious”
“Shut the hell up Shravan, she’s my girlfriend!” Dev told Shravan.
“Oops, Sorry I forgot that” Shravan smiled and he also embraced Suman in his arms.
“Shravan, now what are you doing? Leave my sister.” Dev started to play along.
“Dev!” Shravan warned.
“What? She’s my sister, isn’t she?”
“She’s my fiancée Dev. Isn’t she?”

And all of them again burst into a heartfelt laughter.


A/N : How’s it??? Please, please, please comment your views ? I’m so excited for your feedbacks. Please forgive me that I’ve taken all the songs of “Baar Baar Dekho”, but what to do? They are my recent addictions. ? ?

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