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3 months later
Nandini is in the club laughing with a guy no one knows who.both are drinking.
Nandini-you know raj this is the best day of mt life sitting here with people you don’t know and drinking.its so great!
Raj-yes baby same with me.so you live here alone?in usa?
Nandini-afcourse dude.my mom and dad I sent them to india by emootinal blackmail[both of them laughs].noe more jacky[said to waiter] Raj-great!me too.actually I came with my mom but then you know same story..
Nandini-I know !!I know !!dude.telling them they cant afford its stresful and we can mange and they are gone.
Both of them laughs.
Nandini-one sec I will come
She comes in washroom.looking at the mirror she feels proud.beautiful face with lots of makeup pink face one piece and high heels this is nandini urf natty what her friends call her.erfect girlso finally I am here now away from parents and boring people.
Nandini comes in the club and joinss the dance floor.everyone is dancing.
Rose-hey natty lets have a drink
Natty[nandu]-oh I had it.3 pegs.
Rose-only 3?
Natty-strong one
Both laughs
Sam-natty rose where are others?
Natty-dono maybe with those girls
Natty-shutup dnt cal me that ok
Rose-its really nice name yr

Sam-no natty is best.guys call others we will go to long drive
Natty-oh yes.rose go yr and bring everyone.
Rose-can I ask you one think sam and natty.are you both in relation?
Natty-what?he is like my bro miss rose.
Sam-haha and rose its none of ur…..
Rose went showing him middle finger.
Natty-you know she likes you
Sam-but I don’t.i don’t belive love
Natty-nor me.
Manik’s house
Manik keeps the phon reciever down.
Nynonika-why don’t you tell them?
Manik-no mom I cant.it will be a shock.
Nyonika-but lying..
Manik-sometimes its good for good cause
Nyonika-manik we don’t even know the city
Manik-ya but its not the right time.
Nyonika-manik this is insane.why we should do this?
Manik-cz they trust us
Nyonik-but we are lying

Manik-mom plz stop the subjet
Nyonika-no manik I don’t want my son to lie anymore
Manik-so tell them truth?their hearts will be broken
Nyonika-no truth even bitter is truth
mAanik-mom plz stop it.i know what I am doing.
Nyonika-no you are not.we know nothing..nothing manik and if they come here then?
Manik-they wont
Nyonika-and if they?
Manik-then I know what to do
Aliya-mom let it be na.whatever bhai is doing is right I think.we don’t want to break anyones heart.
Nyonika-you both..i don’t want to talk with you.and manik next time they calls I will tell the truth.you have 2 montha.
She leaves
Manik-I know what to do.

Nandini house
Nandu comes home.her home her own house which she has purchased but how god knows…
She gets changed and sits on the couch bringing noodles packet.she eats the noodle packet and throws it there.urf what the condition of my house!!it needs cleansing.
She getsup and starts cleaning.she opens the old boxes in the store room and finds her old stuf.she never opened it cz she never liked those days.these days were better.atleast she was free independent girl …….
Inside a box she finds a photo of her manik aliya dhruv..she remember it well.it was on that freshers party.that act the strangers and friends.she smiled to herself.manik she remembers him too well.he was hot good looking and a true friend like dhruv.but manik was special right?.
But it was not her destiny..destiny is a secret.life unfolds many things as time passes..and we need to get with it.nandini the shy girl is bold now.she remember it too well that why she opted this way.those incidences she can never forget in that library….
But now its different.mom and dad are gone.she is alone to have full freedom.she don’t care a shit to see newyork that university and those friends….she is happy in this life.she works in telecommunication company with per month 80,000 and she needs no one.she has wealth fame friends everything.
Naandu getsup and throws the bos.no past memories she lives in present not in past right?
Door bell rang
Rose comes with cristine.
Cristie-hi natty how are you babe
Both hugs..
Natty-fine dear.look at my rooms they are full with litter.needs cleansing girls.
Crsitnie-yess but first pizza.
Rose-yes girl lets have fun now with music
So everything is forgoten and party time for girls!!!

so guys how was it?do coment.ad 1st of all soryyyyy I psoted so late.but cz of fever….but now I am fine thnx everyone…
so so so whatsthis climax?new nandini?what happpened?wheres manik?and to whom he is lying?and why nandu left evetyting?and so much changed!!but its destiny right so destiny is a secret!!
Hey piya mahi manan anandi anweesha sindhu tash sunita.k sunisha aliya nestle joseph thnkuuu my friends for your valuable comments.thnx a lot.you are all best motivating me with your words.thnxxx..and all my silent friends thnnxx for reading and do comment friends plz…and if you all don’t like this new concept I will change it my frinds cz I am writnig it for you all….lvuuu frnds and once again sorry for late posting.
So guys see you soon tc lvuuuu keep smiling always…

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