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Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 5th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 5th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Acharya RG tells everyone that the treasury is empty. Sushim demands an answer from Ashoka who blames Siamak. It cannot happen till the time Siamak isn’t involved. Siamak acts innocent. Why do you always blame me for everything that goes wrong? Bindu tells them to stop. You all blame each other whenever a problem surfaces. You all leave no such chance ever. This shouldn’t go out of this room. Enemies shouldn’t know about it. Most importantly, it is proved that the treasury got stolen during engagement only so the exits should be sealed. Sushim will look after it. You will say that we are taking precautionary measures as Kalinga and Magadh have become friends once again. He leaves the task of investigating the matter for Ashoka and Acharya RG. I want everything back in its place


asap. Nothing should go amiss. He walks out of the room followed by Ashoka and Acharya RG.

Soldiers tell Ashoka that only the palanquins of princesses and the gifts went out of the palace. Ashoka recalls the incident earlier in the day (when Charu had come up to him to distract him from noticing what fell from the gift boxes). He orders his men to speak to their spies. Get every possible detail. Look in every suspicious corner.

Lasendra pulls Ashoka suddenly. He says this can be wrong and dangerous for us. Don’t you know it? She tells Ashoka that she knows where the treasure is hidden. He is shocked. How do you know about it? Who did this? She takes Sushim and Siamak’s name. He says why them. Lasendra replies that she asked them to do it. it was my idea even if it was wrong. He warns her of consequence. Where can I find it? She says you can impress Samrat by telling him about the real culprits. If you both will come to that location then I will also force the brothers to come there at the same time. You can catch them red handed. Ashoka asks her why she dint involve him in her plan earlier. She apologizes to him. He warns her not to cheat him. You very well know the consequence of cheating me. He leaves. Lasendra smiles.

Lasendra fills Sushim and Siamak’s ears against Ashoka. He got to know about the location where you have hidden the treasure. We have to do something real soon. The brothers decide to shift treasury to another place asap.

Bindu is angry. Who can dare to keep treasury in a temple? Who can stoop so low? Ashoka reasons that such person only wish to gain things. They have no good intentions. Bindu demands to know the name. Ashoka says it is Sushim and Siamak only. Bindu gets upset but Ashoka requests him to accompany him to temple once. You will know their true faces, their truth then. Bindu nods.

Devi comes to meet a Baba. Please tell me a good date for their wedding. He matches Ashoka and Kaurvaki’s kundli’s.

Bindu and Ashoka come to temple in disguise of commoners. Lasendra is already there. Acharya RG also comes there in disguise. Bindu loses patience. You have wasted my time by bringing me here. I cannot see them both. Ashoka tells him to be patient. They will come soon. Sushim and Siamak come to temple as well. Ashoka notices them and so does Bindu upon his request. Ashoka says why they would have come here in disguise if they weren’t involved in it. Bindu steps in between. Sushim ask him to step aside. Bindu asks him if his treasury is being looted here Sushim. Sushim is shocked to realise that it is their father only in disguise. Bindu asks them why they did this. Sushim takes Siamak’s name who fumbles. Ashoka remarks that they both will be punished even if the plan was made by either of them.

Acharya RG’s soldiers check the said place but don’t find anything.

Bindu rebukes their sons for going against them. I never thought I will see this day. I made such a big mistake in recognizing, understanding my sons. Acharya RG tells them that they dint find anything there. Ashoka says how can it be. It should have been here. He questions his brothers who act innocent. Sushim lies that he came to temple to visit Devi Ma. Ashoka asks him about it. Siamak covers up saying that his would be wife belives in God so I brought him here. I wanted him to have faith and God’s blessings as he is going to enter a new phase of life. Bindu asks Sushim why he changed his appearance. Sushim replies that he dint want to attract unnecessary attention. Rajmata was right. You believed Ashoka way too easily. Bindu walks out upset. Ashoka is angry. Acharya RG leaves with his soldiers. Ashoka goes to lasendra who too is clueless. I don’t know how it happened. Trust me it was here only. Ashoka wonders who it is then.

Jagannath is shown to have stolen the treasury. I wont let Magadh and Kalinga unite. I will turn it into a bloodbath if I have to but I wont let this happen!

Devi is in disbelief but the Rishi says I see bloodbath and problems all along. Someone will create differences between these two. It will not be an outsider. Someone who is close to them will only separate them.

Jagannath sets fire to Ashoka and Kaurvaki’s photo.

Devi still cannot believe it. they both love each other a lot. Rishi insists that the process has already begun. They will part ways. Devi refuses to accept destiny. I will support them in every way possible. I will see who wins – destiny or their love!

Ashoka says it felt like my brothers too were shocked. They too don’t know where the treasury is now. There is surely some third person involved in it. It isn’t an outsider. But who can it be? He finds something on the floor which belongs to a Rajvanshi only.

Jagannath is with his brother. I only wanted one chance to take revenge from Bindu. I dint know I will get this chance so soon. my daughter paved way for me. I hadn’t imagined it ever. Chanakya wasn’t wrong. He used to say that you only need to set one tree on fire to light up the jungle. Bindu has two sons who are big sinners. God wanted this only maybe. I was lucky to eavesdrop on their convo. Ashoka has doubted his brothers since childhood. I am sure Sushim and Siamak will doubt each other now that the treasury has gone missing. They will die. Later on, we will create havoc in Magadh. We will destroy it. no one will find out we are behind it. he laughs evilly.

Lasendra says only we three knew where the treasury was kept. I wouldn’t have been here if I had done something. Your mother and Mahamatya can do this too. Sushim thinks of Siamak. How can he do it though? Lasendra reasons that the one who can kill his own loved one to save himself can do anything. He wanted to shift all of it to Takshshila but you opposed his decision. He must have thought you will not let him take it so he might have stolen it. sushim gets thinking.

Siamak is sad that he disappointed his parents once again. sushim attacks him. where have you hidden my money? Siamak tries to explain him he is with him only. Why will I cheat you? Sushim points out that it is in his blood. Did you forget what your mother and Nana did? Siamak gets upset. They continue sword fighting. Sushim gives him a last chance to answer him. Siamak says I wouldn’t have told you even if I knew about it. Siamak drops his sword. Charu comes there just then but Sushim ends up cutting Siamak’s 3 fingers. Charu reprimands them both. You got such a golden chance to trap Ashoka but are fighting amongst themselves. Sushim looks at Siamak who is in deep pain because of his wound.

Precap: Ashoka says it is some experienced person who has done this task. He dint leave anything behind. Kaurvaki is sure even experienced people leave clues behind. Ashoka shows her the ornament that he had found on the floor. Kaurvaki recalls it to be her father’s and is stunned.

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