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Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 26th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 26th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Devi recalling Ashoka. She looks at the mirror and sees memories of Ashoka. She adorns herself with the red chunri and looks at her reflection in the mirror. She thinks of Kaurvaki’s words and shouts no. She throws the chunri and says no, I won’t do sin of separate Ashoka and Kaurvaki, I can’t break promise. She gets a bottle from cupboard, and recalls Dharma’s words, that this liquid is medicine and poison too, its two drops can cure person and extra dose can make a person die. She drinks the liquid and holds her head. She thinks of Ashoka and falls unconscious.

Kaurvaki waits for Devi and wonders why did she not come till now, Devi would have told me how I m looking, I m feeling restless today, I wish everything happens well and no hurdle comes.

Dharma comes there and sees Kaurvaki in bridal dress. Kaurvaki sees her and asks Dharma is she looking good, my heartbeat looks really fast and sometimes slow, I feel happiness and fear in one moment, its good you came. Dharma says every mother in law would be blessed to get a bahu, you did not just understand Ashoka but explained him too. Kaurvaki says don’t worry, I will be with Ashoka in every phase of life, I remember the moment when you took my vow that I will always protect Ashoka, I m going to fulfill my promise today. Dharma looks at her.

Kaurvaki’s mum Vasudha and dad Jagannath come there and ask Kaurvaki to come, its time. Dharma nods to Kaurvaki. Jagannath asks Kaurvaki to think, there is still time. Kaurvaki says yes, there is still time. Kaurvaki goes. Dharma says before Kaurvaki reaches mandap, I have to make Devi sit in Kaurvaki’s place. Dharma goes to Devi and gets shocked seeing her unconscious. She says don’t stain me with your death, I did not wish to sacrifice your life, I won’t let anything happen to you. She makes Devi have water and wakes her up. Vit comes and asks what happened, I will inform Ashoka. Dharma takes help of Vit to make Devi lie down on the bed, and asks him not to tell anything to Ashoka. She says nothing will happen to Devi, we have to make sure Devi should not get sleep, we should rub her palm and sole.

Sushim walks to the mandap, with Charu, while princess Chanda comes with her parents. Bindusara asks Ashoka to come, Dharma would have gone to mandap already. Radhagupt greets Ashoka and says if Acharya Chanakya was here, he would have been glad seeing you like this. Ashoka says even if he is not physically with us, his deeds, thoughts, ideals and promises will always be with us as his blessings, he has lightened united India’s diya and I have to spread that light and fulfill his incomplete dream. Bindusara leaves. Radhagupt asks what happened. Ashoka says I don’t know why Maa is not happy and excited about my marriage, I felt she is hiding something. Radhagupt asks him not to overthink.

Man announces about Sushim, and Chanda coming to the mandap. Sushim and Chanda come face to face and see each other. Sushim thinks Chanda will obey my every command after some time. Sushim sees Kaurvaki coming and tells Charu about it. He asks will your magic work. Charu says yes, when right time comes, now focus on your marriage rituals, enjoy these moments.

Man announces about Ashoka and Kaurvaki coming to the mandap. Ashok greets Kaurvaki’s parents, and Kaurvaki greets Bindusara. Bindusara asks them to enter the mandap hall together. Ashoka holds her hand and walks in. Everyone get seated. Ashoka and Kaurvaki see each other and smile.

Pandit asks Sushim to come in the mandap along with his parents. Sushim goes with Charu and Bindusara. Sushim sits with Chanda. Bindusara and Charu get the other side. pandits start the mantras chant. Jagannath thinks Dharma is not here, will Bindusara keep his words or not. He asks his minister to be here and assure if there is anything wrong. He leaves. Ashoka says Maa should have come here till now, even Vit and Devi are not here. He tells Radhagupt that he will go and see Dharma. Radhagupt says no, it won’t be good to leave, Dharma will come, I will send someone to find out, don’t worry, sit.

Dharma tells Vit that she has to go in mandap. Vit asks how will I manage alone. Dharma says you are my son, Ashoka’s brother, Devi has to survive for Magadh’s good, you are responsible for her now, remember Devi should not sleep, be here till I come. She leaves. Charu does ghatbandhan of Sushim and Chanda. Everyone else look on and smile. Kaurvaki coughs. Someone does black magic and Kaurvaki gets unwell by it. Charu thinks I m tying ghatbandhan for Sushim’s good future, Ashoka and Kaurvaki’s relation ending started. Everyone rush to Kaurvaki. Ashoka too gets worried. Khallatak asks Ashoka to sit, I will see Kaurvaki, maybe she is feeling trouble by smoke, take her away from mandap for some time. Kaurvaki is taken away by her mum. Charu thinks I will see how this marriage happens now.

Vit runs to Ashoka and asks him not to marry, else we all will become servants of Kaurvaki’s father. Everyone get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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