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Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 12th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 12th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Jagannath says you will do so but Ashoka wont go ahead with the wedding without my permission. Bindu reasons that there must be something which will change his decision. Jagannath says the biggest thing is that I hate your son Ashoka. Bindu tells him to think through. You wont get this chance again and again. Let me know when you make up your mind. I am ready to pay any amount for it. He pats lovingly at Kaurvaki’s head. I am fixing the marriage date. He hugs Jagannath calling him his DIL’s father. Jagnnath looks irked. Bindu leaves. Devi is happy for kaurvaki and hugs her. Kaurvaki is looking all confused yet happy. Devi is thankful to Lord that He accepted his prayers. Baba’s words dint come out to be true.


Ashoka asks his father if Jagannath has agreed for the wedding.

Bindu denies. Ashoka still has doubts on Jagannath. I don’t think we should trust him completely. Bindu tells him to relax. Leave it on me. Dharma goes to meet Devi. She went to meet some Saadhu. She will know the date.

Sushim wonders what Dharma said to Bindu that he agreed for Ashoka and kaurvaki’s marriage. Charu says she very well knows how to make Samrat dance on her tunes. Sushim reasons that this way they will lose out everything. We will soon be sent to exile that ways. Do something or I will begin to think you have become old. Bindu asks him if he does not respect his mother anymore. Is this your etiquettes? This is the difference between Ashoka and you. He respects his mom and you don’t. I came to tell you you are worrying for no reason. what you thought wont happen. I have taken every decision thinking about my family. I have realised it might put magadh in a risk but it is enough. I wont do it anymore. Sushim asks him why he agreed for Ashoka and Kaurvaki’s marriage then. Bindu replies that he is going to give back what he has received from his enemies. They have cheated me. Now it is my turn. I have made sure not to let any doubt come in the mind of my enemies. I will not just punish them but destroy them! Charu is happy. You have finally come to realise that your elder son is your deserving heir. You have now realised the truth. Bindu nods. I have made sure the evil mother and son don’t get any doubt in their minds. You wont do anything till wedding happens. It should go smoothly. Sushim assures him about it. Bindu goes. Charu says once you (Sushim) get married to Chanda then no one will be able to keep you away from the throne.

Chanda is plucking flowers from the garden. Someone is watching her. She senses it and turns but doesn’t see anyone. She shrugs the idea away but then hears footsteps. She turns and smiles. It is Sushim. Her finger was wounded by a throne. He sucks at it. She gets all shy. He says I don’t like it when you get hurt. Take care of yourself. She says why people can not see this good side of yours. he is confused. what do you mean? She shares what kaurvaki had said to her the other day. He thinks I was right. Kaurvaki did try to poison her mind. He turns to go but she stops him. You don’t have to worry about what others say. My love for you is pure. Let anyone say what they have to. I believe in what I feel is right. Now I only wish to get married to you asap so we can become one. He smiles.

Dharma is surprised that Devi left the mahurat paper somewhere and forgot it. You have been so much excited about it and you forgot about it? Do you remember the date? Are you hiding something from me? Devi tells her what Baba had told her. Dharma says I don’t believe it. Devi tells her not to believe it. God is above fate. He has heard my prayers. Samrat has agreed for the wedding even after what all happened. Nothing can go wrong now. Dharma nods. No problem will come now. My God cannot snatch my son’s happiness like this. I will speak to Acharag RG. We will figure out something. Devi is confident now.

Purohit ji says the good date for wedding is in a week’s time. Bindu asks for date. Purohit ji tells him. Bindu announces that the preps should be made. I wont like it if anything goes wrong in the wedding. Sushim thinks not just me but someone else too who does not want this wedding to happen.

Someone looks at Magadh from far. Palace will be busy in preps for wedding. This is the perfect time to fill the corridors of palace with blood, to take it down! He laughs.

Mahamatya welcomes the Purohits.

Dharma helps Bindu gets ready. Bindu compliments Dharma. She says I never thought ashoka will marry some princess and you will be there to bless him. I only hope everything goes smoothly. He assures her about it. They share a hug.

Charu helps Sushim gets ready. He is upset with Jagannath for they lost the treasury. Kaurvaki is filling Chanda’s ears against me. Charu tells him not to think about it. Samrat has assured us he will take care of Dharma and Ashoka after the wedding. He will tackle everyone then. Sushim says I cannot see Kaurvaki and Ashoka with each other for even a second. I want to kill her right before his eyes so he is forced to die. Charu agrees to fulfil his wish. Don’t worry. Concentrate on your wedding. I will do what will actually make this wedding memorable and historic!

Kaurvaki is all ready. She comes face to face with Ashoka. They smile. He asks her if her father will agree for their wedding. Kaurvaki tells him to have faith in God. He brought us till here. He will take it forward too. We have to trust our love. He nods and extends his hand. She keeps her hand in his and they walk together. O Priyatam plays.

Vit checks the preps. Devi pulls his ears. This is for puja. Don’t taste it. Vit says I am getting eager to see a royal wedding. Devi says I too am waiting for the same. Let the puja happen first.

Everyone has gathered for Satyanarayan puja. The puja finishes. Sushim does the ritual followed by Ashoka. Devi and Dharma are tensed thinking about Baba’s words. Bindu asks jagannath if he made up his mind over the matter. Jagannath denies. Bindu gives him time till the wedding date. I promised you for Ashoka’s sake. I will give you whatever you will ask for today. His wife walks up to Ashoka with a plate. There is something in it. Ashoka is about to touch it when Dharma shouts blood. Everyone is taken aback. Bindu asks her where blood is. Dharma points at the cloth in the plate. Jagannath calls it a bad omen. Devi tells Dharma is it Kumkum. It is a good sign for Mata’s blessings for a happy married life. It means that nothing can go wrong when Mata blesses someone. Dharma hopes no problem surfaces now.

The same person who has been watching over Magadh earlier (Vikatkura) kills some people. I will soon get Paltliputra, then Magadh and then entire India. No one can stop me from doing so. It cannot be even that Ashoka who is destined to fulfil that dream of united India. I will kill him and his dream. He laughs evilly.

Precap: Dharma is grinding turmeric but sees blood in it. Everyone gathers hearing her voice. Jagannath advises Bindu to call off the wedding. These are all bad signs. Bindu stays put on his decision.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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