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Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 11th August 2016 Written Episode Update


Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 11th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in


Dharma comes to Bindu’s room. He says my own son is playing such games with me. Dharma says if they believed they could not then would they have done it. he asks her to understand what
She corrects him. Ask why instead of what. You need to find answer to that. He has no patience of riddles he says. She says even I cannot hide things from you anymore. It is my son’s ill fate as he never gets his father’s trust. He is our son. he is the best amongst all your sons. That daasi putra did his duty. He loves you, respects you even after you sent him away 14 years on exile. Whatever he has done till date, he did everything to make you feel proud. He does everything to prove himself in your eyes time and agian. How did you prize him? You prize him by blaming him for anything that

goes wrong even when he isn’t at fault. Bindu keeps thinking about what she says. Dharma says he had a pure intention yet you raised sword on him. I would have lost either my son or husband today had I not intervened. My son never had any wrong intention. He has always proved that his acts, decisions are for Magadh’s good. You don’t trust Acharya Chanakya? Would he have chosen Ashoka if he dint trust him? No, he chose no one else but our son Ashoka. It is his destiny. Acharya trusted him even when Ashoka was a kid. His faith never wavered in Ashoka yet Ashoka was always accused for something or the other by you. Do you know whose weakness is that? Yours! Our enemies always knew you will not waste even a second to take a stand against Ashoka, to blame him even at the slightest time. They have made full use of it. He is still standing strong though. I am surprised to see the father of such a kid not trust him. Is this what you mean by calling him your beloved son? If this is love then I believe it to be more of a curse than blessing. Parents give their kids their everything. Sadly, I cannot do it alone. She cries. Bindu asks her to call Ashoka.

Ashoka comes to his father’s room. He folds his hands before him. BIndu says if what your mother said is true then you have a lot to say to me. Ashoka says you had to be embarrassed today in front of everyone because of me. Bindu says it isn’t about me but you today. Tell me entire truth, the truth that has been hidden from me till date. I want to know about the enemies staying near me who I could not recognize even after seeing them. Dharma too tells Ashoka to speak up. Ashoka says Guru Chanakya left a message for me just before he died. He had written that our worst / biggest enemies aren’t the ones outside the palace. They are inside the palace only. It clearly hinted at my brothers, Charu, Helena and mahamatya. Past incidents are shown. Dharma cries. Ashoka adds that he had no proof against them so they have been roaming around carefree. They have tried to kill me many times, to make me weak and to harm my family. He related all the instances to his father. I dint let them win though. Their attacks only strengthened my mission. Bindu asks him if he missed anything. Ashka thinks about Siamak’s truth. Dharma signals him against it so Ashoka does not tell it to his father. Bindu asks Ashoka what he would have done if he was in his place. Ashoka replies that those who have killed Gurudev are culprits. They should be killed asap as they are the biggest traitors of Magadh. I wouldn’t waste even a minute in doing it. Bindu says not now. kaurvaki was right. Killing culprits isn’t as important as saving the good. Hope no innocent gets caught in this. Kaurvaki isn’t responsible for what happened. First the wedding will happen and then the decision. I pray that no one gets stuck in the same situation which I have to as a father, as a husband. I promise you today I will give you full freedom to do what is right after your marriage. Not even one traitor should escape then. Be it Mahamatya, Charu or my sons! You will kill them all. You will free our motherland from their sins. I was your biggest obstacle in your dream till date. Now I will become your first ladder in your dream to united India. I will make sure you become Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat to fulfil Acharya’s dream, your mother’s dream. That will build united India after all! Ashoka touches his feet. Bindu blesses him to be victorious. Dharma is touched. Father son duo share a hug. BIndu wishes to tackle Jagannath first so the wedding can happen without any glitch. Ashoka asks him if Jagannath will agree. Bindu is sure about it.

Jagannath asks Devi and Kaurvaki if they still think he wasn’t right. The father and son dint waste any chance to raise swords at each other. Dint you see it? Do you still think this place is safe? Kaurvaki’s mother too tells Kaurvaki to come with her. This place is not right for you. You will never be happy here. No mother would want her daughter to stay in such a place. Devi says if you really cared about Kaurvaki then you wouldn’t have been saying this right now. Jagannath tells her to stay out of their family matter. Devi says you will be surely punished by Samrat. If you get to live then you will not be free from the sin of killing your daughter ever. Jagannath asks her what she means. She says I have not come to that Raja Jagannath who I saw breaking apart on that river shore that day. I have come to that cruel, ruthless father who does not want his daughter to marry Ashoka for his own selfish reasons. Kaurvaki will die many times if you do that. Do something that she wont feel responsible for your crime. Bindu says it isn’t necessary.

Kaurvaki greets Samrat. Surely my marriage will break because of the truth coming out. I will lose everything. My dreams will reamin incomplete. I will be living lifeless. I accept your every decision but I request you not to mistake Ashoka. He is innocent. You got your treasury back. I will leave from Magadh for forever. I will never come back. Forgive my father. he did it all to stop my marriage. He wanted good for me. Let the dream of Magadh and Kalinga be fulfilled. It will be a big step in Ashoka’s dream of united India. Please don’t punish him. Bindu tells her to stop. You have said enough. Let me speak now. He turns to Jagannath. The moment I came to know you are the one who stole the treasury I felt like killing you and hanging your body on Magadh’s crossroad so everyone can know how a traitor is punished. Then I thought to punish you in the worst way possible – by marrying Kaurvaki to Ashoka. Jagannath says you will do so but Ashoka wont go ahead when I will say no. Bindu reasons that there must be something which will change his decision. Jagannath says the biggest thing is that I hate your son Ashoka. Bindu tells him to think through. I am ready to pay any amount for it.

Precap: Bindu says I have made sure not to let any doubt come in the mind of that evil mother and her son. Charu is happy. You have come to realise that your elder son is your deserving heir. Bindu gives some task to Sushim who assures him he will do it well. Charu hopes Sushim gets the throne once. We will see everyone then.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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