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” Caught In Love Embrace Of A Wild & I Can’t Stop Loving U”… ( PROMO AND A MSG FOR ALL READER’S)..

Hello everyone!!…. Guy’s I know today my words can hurt many of my readers but I’m sorry for that in advance only…..

I wanted to share my thoughts with u all…. I know many of my readers will be hurt but I have to do dis for my future… My career… But before that let me give u the promo for the upcoming track of the ff’s…


#PROMO 1..#
( I Can’t Stop Loving U – Twinj Love!! “)

Alisha -” Kunj hug me.. Kiss me.. See I’m so hot…. I’m not a typical behenji girl like ur wife.. She is so boring… ”

K-” Twinkle why did u got drunk?.. R u mad… Just look at ur conditions u r not able to stand properly “…

T-” Ssshooo…. U go nd romance with ur gf cum half wife Alisha….I’m ur wife only for name sake…. U think that I’m not hot nd s*xy just wait nd watch out.. Still I can make many boy’s go bowled on my looks… ”

Twinkle inebriated state dance romantically with many boys in the party while kunj to fume in jealousy……


# PROMO 2 #…
( Caught In Love Embrace Of A Wild Beast – Twinj Ff!!!)”…..

T-” Ma ; Papa u both r here to see How’s ur Twinkie health is!!…. I’m fine plz don’t take tension…. ”

Leela speaks while controlling her tears” We came here not see whether u r dead or alive but we came here to make u recall the my words which I said to u during ur marriage… Remember what I said… That u will never get true love ; throughout ur whole life u will crave for it but u won’t achieve it nd see coz of ur folly u r lying on death bed…. U r already dead for us… Whether u stay alive or die doesn’t matter to us “…..

K-” Stop it…. Just stop it not a single word again my Twinkle.. U all want to know the truth so listen…. ” I DIDN’T RAPED HER… INFACT I LOVED HER SINCE LONG TIME ; IT WAS YUVRAJ WHO COMPELLED ME TO DO ALL THE WRONG THINGS”….

So this was the promo.. I hope u all liked it..

Now let me tell u all the decision I have taken nd I want u all to support me….

I don’t know why but now a days many of the things r completely messed up in my life…. I don’t have an idea how the things r taking turn for me…. Many of the personal issue’s.. My professional career… My promises nd lot of more r making me restless….

From September till Nov I’m completely busy with my official work coz of audit…. Nd then my law first semester exam….
Coz of my busy schedule I won’t have enough time to post my ff’s…..

I know how much sacrifices my parents have made for my studies…how much labor they did to make me educated…. When earlier I started writing my ff my parents were unaware about it nd every time I felt a guilt of cheating them coz they were having complete right to know what I’m doing…
Few days back I gathered all my courage nd finally I told them that I write nd post my ff’s…
I thought that they won’t be supporting me but I was wrong infact they were very happy…. They told me to go ahead with my passion but my father just told me one thing…. ” That no matter what I should never compromise with my career objectives…. Coz my goal is far away from me nd to reach to it I have to give my 100%…It should be my priority nd whenever I feel distracted from it ; I should close my eye’s nd recall all the moments when they came to know that their daughter means me ; cleared her half of CA course… How happy they were at that time “….

Many of the promises are to be fulfilled… Nd now the time is right to do it..
Since long time I was struggling to take a right decision for me nd now finally I reached to conclusion…..

Very soon my second ff will be ended.. Only 3 episodes r left for it…. I promise I will be completing the whole story of that ff..

About my first one… I thought that I will be ending it very soon… Though I have a long story to carry that ff forth long but then at the same moment I realised that many of the readers r not liking my first ff as comments r reduced drastically….. So its good to end it rather than dragging it unnecessarily…

Though I wanted to continue with my first one but then I won’t be able to give u all regular updates… If I try then also I will be post it once in a week only….

It’s very tough for me to stay away from TU nd u ppl but now I’m determined that I will do it…

Nd all ff writers I’m sorry in advance that I will be able to comment on ur ff but I promise whenever I will have time I will surely comment… I hope once my exams gets finished I can again be active on TU like before… I always tried my best to extend my support to ff writers nd my silent support will always be with u all…..

Plz everyone don’t get miffed with me…. Again I apologise for hurting u all… It was very difficult for me to take this step….. I’m also very sad but I hope you all understand me….

Though earlier also I tried to stay away from TU but I failed in it.. But this time it won’t happen…

Guys I will be posting the last 3 episodes of second ff very soon….


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