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Can you guess the mysterious blackmailer in Swaragini?

Colors’ Swaragini has got a mystery track once again, which has captivated the viewers more. The blackmailer is after Ragini, who made her hurt Swara and get all relations tangled. Ragini wanted to get Sumi’s baby from the orphanage, but she had to get Sumi along. Ragini hears someone has adopted Sumi’s child. She checks the baby adoption record, and reaches the person’s house in disguise to get the baby. Ragini gets her brother and happily takes him along.

The blackmailer kidnaps the baby and runs away. Ragini could not get the baby back and hides the entire chapter from family. Parineeta calls Ragini and sends video of Ragini taking the baby. Parineeta also blackmails Ragini that she will blame Ragini for hiding the baby. Parineeta falls in the river while Ragini tries to take the phone having the video. Ragini fears that everyone will think she has pushed Parineeta. Later, another blackmailer calls Ragini and is threatening her to slap Swara and humiliate her infront of everyone. He tells Ragini that he has proof that she has pushed Parineeta in the river. The truth is something else and Ragini is innocent. Ragini has got under big pressure and obeying the blackmailer to get herself saved from wrong blames. Ragini is cheating the family by manipulating tenders. What do you think about the new negative character in the show? Can you guess the mysterious blackmailer? Let us know in this poll. You may leave a comment as well.


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