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But….i love him (Epi-2)

Hey!!how r u all this is me fatima w

This epi will be short as i have a test tom sorry….


Epi 1
Lets start………..

Twinkle is driving when she sess kunj in a cafe she goes there
T – hi kunj
K – hi baby
T – ur waiting for someone
K – no, are u free??
T – yaa why??
K – i thought we can have coffee together
T – ok

They have coffee and enjoy a lot talking with each othe r
Note – they know each other and are best friends already
K – i heard ur going to london???is this true a if yes then this means ur leaving me no u cant u have no rights to leave me
T – keep quit let me talk and yaa im going to london for 2 years after my studies ill come back
K – but 2 years?
T – (whispers in his ear) ill miss u
K – me too baby
T – (smiles) lets go home
K – no, first lets have lunch
T – okay
K – come
They have lunch together

Waiter comes
W – sir maam their is a couple dance going to held here now would u like to join?
K – yaa sure
T – but….
K – no ifs and no buts?
T – ok
K – thats like my girl?
T – ?

They dance on tere sang yaara from rustom
They were lost in each other, the song finishes but their eyelock didnt?
K – lets leave yaar
T – yaa
( they live in same house as twinkle is a orphan and kunj got her home for giving her a better shelter and life)
Whilw driving
K – why does dad wants u to go to london?
T – so that we dont start loving each other and i dont get married to u
K – who told u this???
T – i heard him talking on phone?
K – ( but i will marry u only my love) thinks
T – where are u lost now drive carfully
K – yaa sorry baby
T – why do u call me baby???
K – my life my rules
T – ok

They reach home
U – welcome back
T – ty aunty
K – thanks mom?

Twinkle goes to her room
K – why doesnt dad wants me to marry her?
U – shes an orphan
K – so what i dont have to marry her parents i want to marry her
U – stop arguing pls
K – ok but ill marry her only

To be continued………

Hope u like it pls comment???

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