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But….i love him (Epi-1)

This is sidmin ff

Epi 1…….
A girl is shown singing boom box ( by laura marano) in an concert?? shes ….wait let me see her face shes twinkle..
She leaves from their and reaches home….
She was driving when she saw a man and she was staring him like this ? ?
She came out of the car and went inside the cafe he was sitting in.
T – hi
Man – hi
T – im twinkle taneja
K – im kunj sarna
T – ur hot
K -ty?
T – can we be friends????
K – yaa sure
They shake hands
T – started searching something
K – what happened?
T – i lost my phone can u call it
K – say the no.
T – 98………
K – (calls her)


Twinkle takes it out from her purse
And says ty
T – ( thinks) i did this to take his no.
At night
She calls him
K – hello whos there??
T – hi kunj
K – oh twinkle…hi
T – will u come for a movie tomorrow with me
K – who else is coming
T – no one just u and me?
K – ok be ready at 6 ill buy the tickets
T -ok sure?

To be continued…

Guys sorry for this short epi but… i have a test tomorrow so i have to study pls comment hows it sorry? pls tell if the mera ishq confusion is cleared now?
A messege for halima – im not ur cousin, i asked dad also he said no we dont belong to ur family and im not zuha also pls understand bye….?

Ill post next soon inshallah

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