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brokenhearted (Intro)

kaala teeka at its worse therefore i am back,back with a diff story..remember me?
thi time the show will take a leap marking the exit of kali in yug’s lif…i must say yug is the worst person–like kali didnt say anything to yug for gauri’s baby n sacrificed alot..but he is rude
n basically in this new story is rather a way that gives me happiness by showing what tv serials dont–showing women as strong instead of being a vamp or a needy….i will show kali to be strong…n i might not guarantee their reunion after yug has given her so much pain…
a bit of intro….

yug threw kali out of the house n vishwa took her…the last thing told by kali to yug was that “look at you! u r not a man!u never loved me n u too like others hated me..n when u got chance u went with someone else”
yug got pricked but gauri started her drama again…
kali went with vishwa..they were standing near the cliff..same cliff where kali saved gauri n yug…kali was crying n vishwa was giving telling her tht even u were pregnant..tht clicked kali..how did her father knew..she went into thought but just then vishwa pushed her off cliff..n said a final goodbye to her….


but she was strong enough,strong enough to save herself n she knew she could because afterall she could save the two important yet worst people of her life-his so called husband n so caled sister…

(5 yrs later)

PRECAP:kali was in delhi n yug was where he was with a family:his daughter,him,n his wife gauri

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