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Brahmarakshas-The Demon Has Awaken (Intro)


Hi guys i Siddhi hope some of u know me so let’s start with intro.


Rishabh:He has got married to Raina.

Raina:She is Rishabh’s wife.

Jagat:He is Rishabh’s brother.

Brahmarakshas:As you all know.

A forest is shown where a dead body of girl is shown.

The girl is in bridal dress.

Brahmarakshas comes there and takes the body of the girl in his hand and puts fire on her body from mouth and he is very angry.

Brahmarakshas throws the body of fire away.And goes from there making sounds of gorilla.

Two boys are seen playing tennis.They are Rishabh and Jagat.

Rishabh:Jagat now see I will loose you.

Jagat:Let’s see who will win and loose.

Both play and finally Rishabh wins the game.

Rishabh:Told you that I will only win.

Raina comes there

Rishabh:Chindi chameli did you brought our juice?

Raina:I told you not to call me that.

Rishabh:But I will call you that only.


Raina keeps the glass of juice and starts running behind Rishabh.Jagat laughs seeing them.

Precap:Jagat:Rishabh you know it is to be told that at night we should not go near the forest which is near to Lake as brahmarakshas will kill us.

Rishabh laughs listening this.
So how is the intro?hope u like it and I am the first to write ff on brahmarakshas.

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