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BrahmaRakshas 7th August 2016 Written Episode Update

BrahmaRakshas 7th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Rishab and Ajay’s families travel in train towards Kamalpura. Anil says brahmarakshas’ soul enters another body after killing it. Brahmarakshas’ body enters bride’s body whom he killed and she gets up and grins. Rishab says chudail is even in train and taunts chindi chameli/Raina. Raina fumes. Mitali and Raina shout seeing foot prints. Train stops. Raina and Rishab get down to get water and fight for change. Train leaves. They both fight. A man asks where they have to go. Raina says Kamalpura. Man says they will get taxi outside and should not go via jungle. Rishab says Raina is a big danger. Raina says let us go now. They both walk out of railway station.

A village lady warns Aditya/Mohini’s brother how can he think of marriage in this village

again, if he forgot how brahmarakshas killed a bride 1.5 years ago, he is inviting danger, somehow lotus smell is keeping brahmarakshas away till now. He orders servants to kick her out and thinks with the new bride he will sell his land.

Rishab and Raina come out of railway station to catch taxi and see Shyam and Mishri there and asks even if they missed train. Shyam says no, they just needed privacy. Raina stops taxi and gets in saying they need to go to Kamalpura. Driver gets afraid and says he will take long route. Rishab says okay. Rishab’s family reaches Kamalpura and Aditya greets them. Rishab’s dad introduces Ajay’s dad to him. Mohini asks where is Rishab. Ajay calls Rishab and says Rishab and Raina missed train and are coming via taxi, even Shyam and Mishri are with them. Rishab sees diversion for Kamalpura and asks driver to take left. Driver says he told he will take long route. Rishab says they will go by walk then. Driver gives them lotus and asks them to keep it with them to protect themselves from Brahmarakshas. Rishab laughs. Raina takes lotus. They all four walk in jungle. Shyam and Mishri part ways. Raina says they are missing. Rishab says they needed privacy, so must have gone alone, they will reach home in the morning. Brahmarakshas comes there, but hides seeing lotus. Raina falls down and says she senses someone here. Rishab jokes and they both continue walking. Family gets worried for Rishab and Raina and discuss they should to go jungle and check. Rishab and Raina enter. Mohini asks where are Shyam and Mishri. Rishab says they are coming separetly and must have stayed back somewhere, not to worry they will come back in the morning.

Shyam and Mishri walk towards cursed haveli and get in. A man enters and asks who are they. Shyam says they got lost in jungle, saw this haveli, so came in to spend night here. Man says he does not like anyone here and asks them to go. Shyam says okay. Man says they look like good people and says they can stay here, says they can go up and change themselves. Man goes to kitchen to prepare something. Shyam comes down and sees man siting on chair sipping alcohol. He says people say this area has Brahmarakshas. Man says possible as if someone is killed by animal and they were betrayed by someone, they become Brahmarakshas. Shyam looks at portraits on walls and asks who are they. Man says one is house’s owner whose wife betrayed and killed him, another is caretaker who also died. Shyam sees another portrait with dust on face and clears it, is shocked to see same man. Man says even he came here with his wife and Brahmarakshas killed him, he is cursed and will never leave this world. He turns into Brahmarakshas and kills Shyam’s and Mishri and gets into Shyam’s body.

In the morning, Rishab’s family gets worried for Mishri and think of searching them in jungle. Shyam comes and says Mishri got a call from her family, so he dropped her to railway station. Raina asks how can she go like this. Shyam says Mishri is fine. They all get in and asks Shyam to come in. Shyam tries to enter and is thrown far away due to lotus tied on door. He changes into Brahmarakshas and fumes.. Rishab and Raina’s nok jhok continues. He calls her chindi chameli. She says her leg is paining again and tries to go out. He says she has go in. She says she is going to call Shyam. They both go out and asks Shyam to come in. shyam says he has to get items for marriage arrangement. Raina asks if he is missing Mishri, not to worry, she will help him in his work and asks to come in first. He says he will go to market right now and leaves. Raina and Rishab go in.

Ajay sees Rakhi tensed and trying her phone repeatedly. He asks Raina to help him get closer to Rakhi. Raina plays music and starts dancing. Mitali joins her. Rishab says she is a bad choreographer. They both dance senuously and get lost into each other’s eyes. Family enjoys their dance. Rishab then drops Raina and says he told she is a bad choreographer.

Ved brings liquor from market and unloads from car. His brother says mom will scold. He says they have to hide it from mom. They both walk towards home. Brahmarakshas in Shyam’s body sees liquor cartoon and reminisces Apu throwing alcohol on him after pushing him from terrace. He roars. Raina sees Ved carrying cartoons and asks what is in cartoons. Rishab comes and taunts her chindi chameli, bad choreographer. She runs in. Ved thanks Rishab and takes liquor cartoons in. Rakhi speaks to her boyfriend over phone and says she will come out somehow. She gets afraid seeing Raina standing behind. Raina asks if she is talking to Ajay and says she will help her go out with Ajay bhaiya. Rishab comes and taunts again chindi chameli is everywhere. Raina asks why can’t he knock and come. He says it is his sister’s room and he can come any time. She says Rakhi wants to go out with Ajay and they have to help her. Rakhi silently tells Rishab she wants to meet her boyfriend Varun. He takes her out but stops seeing Mohini scolding her husband and Ved for bringing liquor. He rushes and handles situation. Mohini goes in and dad thanks Rishab. Rishab takes cartoons in. Mohini tells Aditya that they brought liquor here. Aditya asks his BIL how can he bring liquor here. BIL says if he has to sell his haveli and shift, he has to bear this. Aditya says he should have waited until Rakhi’s marriage finishes.

Rishab hides liquor in store room and then takes Rakhi to market to meet her boyfriend Varun. Raina follows them. Rakhi says she even came here. He asks her to meet Varun while he keeps Raina busy. He takes Raina to temple and they see river barrier. Villagers keep steps on river and asks them to cross and says this river will stop Brahmarakshas from coming near temple. Rishab holds Raina’s hand and crosses river taunting her. Shyam comes there and Raina asks him to cross river. Villagers pull back stairs. Raina contines calling Shyam. Shyam hears someone playing provoking music in temple and then river and thinks everyone is provoking to show his real form and turns into Brahmarakshas.

Precap: Mohini asks servant if rakshas came back. Servant says yes. Raina runs in jungle to protect herself. Someone captures her in net and ties her to tree for Brahmarakshas. Brahmarakshas walks towards her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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