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BrahmaRakshas 20th August 2016 Written Episode Update

BrahmaRakshas 20th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Rishab comes to kitchen to drink water and sees Raina there. Raina asks why did not he inform her before about Rakhi. He asks why. She says how can she let her brother Ajay marry Rakhi who does not love him, Rakhi is her best friend and even then she could not knew whhat is in Rakhi’s mind. He says she is the one who was eager for this marriage, he tried to tell his family, but she always interrupted him. She asks what…He reminds her kitchen and other incidents. Their argument continues. She leaves yelling that he will tell her sorry when she helps Rakhi.


Mohini and family walk down for breakfast. Mohini asks Malhotra what will they tell Anil. He says to keep her mouth shut. They all sit for breakfast. Anil greets him and says looks like inauspicious time is going

on. Malhotra says even his Pandit said inauspicious time is starting. Gayatri says they are lucky in this matter. Anil asks what they should do. Yug says Pandit told to do pooja tonight and finish marrriage today itself. Gayatri says nno. Anil says he believes in all this and asks Malhotra to arrange marriage. Gayatri says her relatives and friends are yet to come from US and she has only one son. Anil says they will thrw a grand reception. Ajay comes and Anil congratulates him that his marriage is tonight. Rishab hears that and fumes. Malhotra asks Aditya to arrange marriage in 6 hours. Aditya gives black bangles and white sindhoor to Mohini and says Rakhi will wear this as per custom of this village.

Rishab packs Rakhi’s bag and asks her to get ready to elope, her marriage will happen today itself. Malhotra asks Yug to keep Varun away and keep a watch on Rishab as he can do untrustable. Raina sees Ajay coming and hides. Ajay asks Ved if he saw Raina. He says she is there behind wall. Raina escapes silently. Rishab goes out to check if route is clear to elope Rakhi. Yug sees him and scolds him to go inside and help in marriage arrangements and leaves in car. Raina meets Rishab and says she knows where Varun is. He asks how does she know about Varun. Raina says she heard his parent’s discussion. Malhotra speaks over phone and orders to arrange money right now as marriage is today. Mohini enters and asks why is he doing injustice to his own daughter, how can he call her inauspicious. He asks how can she let her daughter romance a roadside romeo. She says their daughter has grown up and cannot be controlled. He says this marriage is important to them and even Aditya as he will benefit if haveli is bought by Anil.

Raina takes Rishab to haveli where Varun is kept. They see guards and hide behind railing. She hugs him in a worry. He taunts not to rape him She leaves him and acts in front of guards as reporter. Rishab silently moves up.

Rakhi asks Bitto maid/brahmarakshas to wear her bridal and jewelry and marry in her place. Bitto says no. Mitali comes and asks Rakhi why did not she inform about Varun. Rakhi says nothing works in front of dad. Rishab and Raina free Varun and while walking down stairs, Raina slips and falls on Rishab. They both roll down stairs and Rishab scolds her. Mishri’s deadbody is seen on floor, but they don’t notice her and walk out of haveli. Mitali gets Rakhi ready. Bitto’s face changes seeing red bangles. Phone rings. Rakhi asks Mitali and Bitto to go out, she will come down soon. She picks Rishab’s call who says her marriage is today and Varun is found.

Mitali informs Mohini that her Rakhi will come down in some time. Aditya asks servants to keep rajgiraa and kamal aaround mantap and thinks Brahmarakshas will nott come now. Bitto walks in corridor and changes to Brahmarakshas sensing Rakhi wearing red bangles. Ajay sees Rainaa and asks where was she, he is nervous. Raina hugs him and says everything will be alright. She then goes to brin Rakhi and prays god to let marry Varun today. She runs towards Rakhi’s room while Bitto/Brahmarakshas walks in her own pace. Raina says Rakhi let us go from here before someone comes. They fix sari rope and escape via balcony.

Naina and servant see Bitto turningg into Brahmarakshas and get afraid. Everyone aask them what happened. Servant shows Brahmarakshas’s nail marks on his hand. Aditya realizes it and takes him from there. Everyone then enter Rakhi’s room and see her missing. Ajay finds her letter and says she eloped as she does not love him and does not want to marry. Gayatri says now she realized why Malhotra wanted his daughter married today itself. Anil asks if he wanted Rakhi to marry Ajay for a business deal. Malhotra stands bending his head.

Raina gets Rakhi out and sitting on scooter calls Rishab and says hawk came out. He asks who. She says Rakhi, it is their secret code. He asks her to bring Rakhi soon. Raina rides scooter and says she does not know to ride scooter. They both slip and fall. Brahmarakshas is seen walking towards them. Raina gets leg cramp. Rakhi sees Brahmarakshas moving in lightning speed and says someone was there. Raina saays let us run from there. Aditya takes servant outside and says he should hide this wound from everyone and says he does not know how he escaped from Brahmarakshas’s attack. Aditya’s son informs him that groom’s family is gooing. Malhotra tires to convince Anil and family, but he does not want to stay back. Mohini says they should search Rakhi and ask her what is happening. Aditya says he knows this village well and will bring baack Rakhi. Ajay says no need. Yug says even Raina knew about this, then why did she hide. Aditya says they should search Rakhi first. Rakhi gets afaid seeing Brahmarakshas in jungle. Mohini sees broken red bangle and says Rakhi lefft wearing this. Aditya says he will gather villagers and they will search Rakhi together. Ajay says they will not and will go from here. Yug tries to convince him and says why did not aina inform them before taking Rakhi from here. Malhotra says their answer is Rakhi and they should find her first.

Raina takes Rakhi to temple and tells Rishab that she saw a big animal/Brahmarakshas. Rishaab says she thinks even cat meow as roar, even other day she tought his bike sound as roaring. They all get into temple. Brahmarakshas stops near door. Mohini gets worried for Rakhi. Mitali says phupaji will not harm Rakhi. Mohini says she knows he will not. Mitali asks who will then.

Rishab asks Rakhi to hold one hand, if she holds right one, he will let her marry Varun, else not. She chooses right hand and gets happy seeing mangalsutra. He gives her sidhoor also. She emotionally hugs her and says this time nothing wrong will happen. He says no, if he did right. She says yes, thank you so much. He says he wants her to watch movie with him and ties chuda on bangles. He then waits for Pandit and wipes tears. Raina looks at his tears and says at least he is emotional with someone. He says he has 1000s of things which she does not know. She says she knows him better. Pandit comes and asks if they are marriage. They both say no way and point at Rakhi. Pandit gets afraid and says this marrriage cannot happen, seeing her red bridal atttire. Brahmarakshas roars outside temple.

Precap: Pandit tells this marriage cannot happen with chuda, sindhoor, etc. Rakhi marries Varun. Aditya tells Rishab that Brahmarakshas will not spare anyone easily. Rishab tells Raina even he is fearing now. Rakshi shouts seeing blood falling on her face.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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