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bhabi plz give ur sister hand ( promo/ teaser)

Sry guys, I know I have promised I will update on Sunday. But due to some reason I am very nervous, I don’t able to concentrate on anything. Today also I am not updating, yesterday whole night due to nervousness I don’t sleep. And whole day really busy in work. So now I am really tired. Only giving u small promo…
Boy POV..

I will destroy everything. His father sold my mother in market( I don’t able to remember that place where women are sold, if anyone know pls tell me) I will destroy his all life. I will snatch every relation from him also, I will give him that extent of pain. He will become lifeless.
Third person POV…
Now history will repeat. My son will give same pain, which his father give to me. Now game begin


Are u excited for next part…
I have one question pls answer it with honest..
Am I really a worst writer, someone commented on my previous part my story is totally crap. I want know ur views.

Next part : Tuesday

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